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  1. Thank you guys for these suggestions. We will be towing the small camper trailer from MN to AZ in mid-November. We purchased it directly through a small builder (Escapade Campers) in Dassel, MN. We looked through a RV trip website ( I believe it was Good Sam) and could not find any campground that will be open during the time of our traveling. Rest areas and Walmart parking lots seem like a good alternative to a motel as they will provide the needed facilities. We'll be staying at a few motels on our drive up to MN and will check out if their parking lots are big enough to park the trailer and the truck and perhaps we can stay at the same motels on the way home.
  2. Hello; First time travel trailer owner to be. We are picking up a small camper trailer (basically a bed on wheels) in two weeks and will be traveling 2,000 miles to bring it home. We have never towed or owned a trailer before, so this is new to us. We'll be staying at motels on our way home for several nights while the trailer is still hitched to the truck. What's the best way to ensure that someone doesn't unhitch the trailer from the truck and take off with it while we are sleeping in the motel? The trailer only weighs about 1200 lbs. I know there are anti-theft devices out there for when you are camping and the trailer is unhitched, but I can't seem to find anything on securing the trailer while it is still hitched to the truck and parked in a parking lot overnight.Thanks in advance.
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