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  1. Thank you for all the input. We have been researching and are comfortable on the payload issues, hitch issues, etc. and aware of changes in mileage and speed. Just looking to hear if anyone has done it. We're only considering the pop-up style truck camper for profile and weight. We plan to use it for outings when our rig is set up for the summer. We do volunteer work summer seasons and once we get set up for our summer home in the rig we usually tent camp or stay in cabins. Looking for an alternative. Again, that everyone.
  2. Sorry I wasn't clear. Our tow vehicle will be a pick up truck with a camper on it. The camper on the truck is called a popup because it is a low profile with a popup top to make it tall enough to stand up.
  3. We are considering purchasing a truck with a popup truck camper as a tow vehicle. We are considering the popup style truck camper because of weight and the lower profile. Does anyone have an experience towing such a truck camper? We have a 40-foot Phaeton.
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