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  1. My lci system seems to have diff landing gear and rear jacks. My front legs are about 6 inches in diameter. Similar to the jacks you see on Continentals or semi trailer. The rear jacks are about half the size of the front but still larger then most. my system is a little slow going down in front. But lifts the nose no sweat. Replaced a hydraulic line a few months back and the front left gear never moved while down and lines disconnected. I have the corded control with each jack indvidually selected or with others together. I wonder if the lippert or LCI pump is straining to manipulate these jacks.
  2. save yourself future repairs go to 17.5 wheels and tires and be done with it. 16 inch tires on a heavier 5ver equals months in the shop doing exterior wall, electrical and who knows what else repairs when a tire blows.
  3. Well thanks to OK storms. A piece of aluminum siding or the like hit my slideout roof. A tear happened in the membrane. Come to find out it has the PVC roof on it. Of course the insurance company will cover. So anyway i pulled the slide in....in the next storm something grabbed the torn material made it worse. I eternabond taped the tear and flooded the roof with water. No leaks. 20 minutes of full stream water hose should rule out a leak. Any opinions. A few estimates i got were for EPDM which i dont want. Only 1 would replace and repair with PVC material. Does anyone know if installation is the same for felt backed PVC? On a side note 88 degrees today and it continues to surprise how easily the rig stays cool. 120 degree exterior wall temp 73 inside same wall. Full sun no shade. 70 degrees in here. 3 rigs this is my 4th and this Teton is the coolest. Any other owners surprised by the ability to stay cool.
  4. speaking of interesting tetons. i seen one online for sale with 2 water heaters. the sticker on cabinet door said two SW12DE heaters so it came that way from teton. interesting i thought. 2 furnaces common, 2 air conditioners commonly you see but 2 water heaters was diff. the idea of double the hot water is nice
  5. 13'6 is legal height max. Over that and overpasses become an issue. Nearby on interstate 40. Many and i mean many are posted 13'6. you get to 14' and your air conditioners will meet asphalt and natural skylights you will have. i guess you could get off every exit and get back on to avoid the lower overpasses
  6. 4 inch risers id be really leary of overall height. I dont know exactly how tall the drv are. but just looking they sit awfully high up to begin with.
  7. Im wondering if anyone has tried the deaver spring pack on the front of there kodiak or topkicks. It changes the 2 leaf stock pack to a 9 spring pack. im guessing progressive rate. From what ive read its a dramatic improvement in ride quality. the front air ride systems place the bag near the shackle making them ineffective. There pricey so just checking to see of there is anyone here using them.
  8. get a dehumidifier that comes on and off on its own. set the humidity level around 40% and leave it be. bought mine at walmart. works great.
  9. hmm thats about an hour and half away. Might rjde over or perhaps bring thw teton and stay a couple days
  10. Opposite view. My jack feet pivot east to west not north and south. I'm wondering now whose gear it is
  11. This topic and descriptions of landing gear has me puzzled a little. The landing gear on mine are massive. The outer tubes are prob 6 inch square tubing . Almost like on a commercial stock trailer. But there still hydraulic. I know i just replaced a blown hydraulic line.
  12. Okay so you replace the OEM Iota with the newer 4 stage IOTA?
  13. The quick charge plug jacks are empty. There seeing 13.48 to 13.5V at the batteries. In an effort not to boil them over anymore. I've put a pair of 12V series 31 batteries in there until I can figure out this issue. I'll look into getting the IQ4 smart charging modules asap
  14. Consolenut

    Tires for towing

    I had a slight wobble in the steering wheel. Tires were balanced and checked two different places. The only thing that removed the wobble was truing the tires. Tire wear has been excellent as well. I thought tires were much better. But apparently molds are round but excess rubber in the mold contributes to tires not being perfectly round. Either way to each his own. This is just my experience.
  15. Yes the mini splits are totally silent. But generally speaking as far as RV air conditioners the Penguins are top of the list quiet based on experiences
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