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  1. 5th time trying to post so apologies for brevity. New fifth wheel, water draining slowly in tub and gets backed up when trying to shower. There is a hard plastic inline piece in the plumbing with what appears to be a very small hole. Anyone know how water is supposed to go through this small hole in drain? Also curious what large round cap is on top. Thanks in advance! I would attach pic but can't get past size restriction.
  2. Hi Sinbad... see your truck is available again. Can you send pics to boilr2@gmail.com? Thx
  3. Thanks. Looks like you have a buyer already? On a side note, is there a way for me to set notifications for new postings so I can jump on it when there is a good fit?
  4. Thanks guys. Appreciate the feedback. Found one in Indiana but it sold before I could get to it. Definitely open to one without the bed and likely will need to go that route but shooting for the stars 😊
  5. Hi everyone - if all goes well, we will be hitting the road full-time end of January/early February 2019! I have fifth wheel all picked out and just need a tow vehicle. The Volvo 780 seems to be the best fit for us (family of 6, I will be working full-time as we travel and plan to use workstation as my "office") but would be open to other options - workstation and seating for 4 kids (ages 5 to 12) is key. Budget is $20-$25k and would like to stay under 800k miles. Ideally one that has a bed that could accommodate a smart car or be set up to do so. Would love to take over one that has been well maintained from someone that is getting out of the RV lifestyle. Thanks in advance!
  6. Matt

    Options for family of 6

    Thanks for all of the comments, feedback and input! It is pretty clear that a HDT is the way to go! Ideally, I would like to find a HDT already converted or needing minimal adjustments and want to stay below $60k knowing that will likely come with at least 500k miles. Wife mentioned the possibility of me using the area in the cab (set-up with table) for my day job which I hadnt considered before. Might get a little claustrophobic but would give me some space to work away from the 4 kids as I am on conference calls quite a bit. At least it could give me another option than using the bedroom. But I digress.....other than Volvo, any other brands that are a good bet? Any brands that should be avoided? Thoughts on Sport chassis? @Moresmoke That Schwalbe is a sweet set-up but a little rich for my blood.
  7. Matt

    Options for family of 6

    Thanks for replies. Keep them coming. Not able to do conversion myself. At weight we will pull, seems like I at least nees a 1 ton diesel dually. Ive seen a few 3 row truck conversions but so far none with big enough to pull 17k lbs. I understand some states allow passengers to ride in 5th wheel but not all. Not sure I would be comfortable with that.
  8. Matt

    Options for family of 6

    Newbie here. Feeling a bit overwhelmed with decision on what to use for tow vehicle. We are a family of 6 (four kids ages 5 to 12) planning to go full time traveling US and Canada for at least a couple of years once we sell our house. Will be purchasing Jayco North Point fifth wheel weighing in up to 17k lbs loaded. Is a 1 ton dually diesel enough to pull safely? Down side would be having a kid in front row. Considering HDT but not sure about practibility for driving around when unhitched. Prefer to only have one engine to maintain but not completely opposed to small car on HDT bed although wouldn't be large enough for the whole family. Wife doesn't want to drive separate car while I drive truck when we move from one spot to the next. I know we aren't the only large family doing this. Appreciate any insight, advice, pros/cons. Thanks in advance!
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