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  1. AHJ would be the fire marshal for the municipality the vehicle is currently located within.
  2. Reminds me of a lady that lived in the apartment across the parking lot when I was in texas back in 1981 she had a few to many at the watering hole came home and parked against the curb turned off the old ford pickup and went inside to pass out....fast forward to the following weekend when I'm crossing the parking lot to get in my vehicle when she stops me to ask if I could look at her truck as it wont start....moved the shift lever from D to P and turned the key...the shades of red on her face.
  3. palmeris

    2014 f450 platinum

    I ordered the fox 2.0 units, should be here next week
  4. palmeris

    2014 f450 platinum

    Anyone running fox 2.0 ? - From what i see they are adjustable and serviceable. high $ but the last shocks you ever put on, just have to get them "serviced" every 50k... wonder if anyone has any history towing 5th wheel with them. Thinking of the adjustable on the rear and the ifp non adjust on the front https://www.ridefox.com/filter.php?f1=&v1=&m=truck&make=Ford&model=F-450+Super+Duty+Crew+Cab+Pickup&year=2014&position=ALL
  5. palmeris

    2014 f450 platinum

    Hello about 108k and time to replace the factory shocks- all stock, has the off road package( shields underneath) and towing package, factory puck system. looking for suggestions, are the rancho the way to go, are the bilstein or others any better? Most of those miles were every day highway non towing, probaly just 20 k doing conventional towing with an 8 k load. In a few years looking to adding a comfort ride hitch for a fifth wheel, heavy set up in the 20-22 k range and 20% pin basically what the truck was made to do. But will still be some non towing highway trips, some no loads, some aforementioned 8 k conventionals trailer runs etc. Have the money now to do some upgrades, or at lease get ready for the future loads so looking for suggestions, maybe something thats adjustable... maybe consider changing out coils to air bags... dont know much about air suspension , compressors, tanks etc but like the idea of having a compressor not only for suspension but air horns, tire inflation, etc so any suggestions are appreciated. Im fairly handy with tools, have a wide varity of wrenchs, sockets, impact and the like , its just my body that may protest a bit....oh and also going to change out the tank to the titan to up capaicity to 65 gallon Thanks in advnace for any input
  6. 2 Smith and Wesson products are on our persons when dw and I are out for a stroll or ride...an expanding steel baton is in my hand I keep it collapsed until needed and use it as a exercise weight while walking, changing between hands doing arm exercises..a quick flick of the wrist converts to a formidable "stick" makes a loud sound when deployed that gets attention and has deterred 2 dogs on separate occasions. It has a holster that can attach to belt but I find it's less conspicuous just carrying in hands..the other is a 340 pd airlite hammer less in a pocket that so far has stayed there not being necessary..yes they are both lethal weapons but are our choices and we accept full responsibility for being in our possession or use.
  7. Symptoms may have gone away but causes, be it root or probability , typically don't resolve themselves
  8. Are you using off the shelf security DVR with inverters and 12 volt camera ,any details would be awesome
  9. 48 vdc minis.... http://www.geinnovations.net/Specifications.html
  10. Guys i used them as an example of a quality build compared their standard btu offering for a 40 ft 5th...in speaking with them at the Tampa show they will build whatever you want...outdoor units would be located in a compartment in the basement, anywhere but on roof...
  11. Following this and Glenn other post on 48 volt mini splits and not trying to high jack the thread. Will 2 -12000 btu units be able to provide enough cooling for a well built 5ver? In looking at specs for a new horizons 40 ft unit they put in standard roof top 2 -15000 btu units( not 48vdc). Is there a rating factor of how many btu per sq ft in an rv is required? Would think the other advantage of having a 48 volt battery bank and 48 volt panel array is the 48vdc mini split wouldn't need an inverter and be able to run directly from the panels /battery bank thus eliminating any conversion loss or parasitic inverter draw for the 48 volt loads. Obviously an inverter would be needed for 120 volt circuits and 12 volt circuits .. Haven't done all the math and research yet but my thoughts are by freeing up roof space using the minis with the outdoor units not being up there would allow space for 12 panels at 48 vDC or higher should produce 3600 to 4000 watts based on panels efficiently. 4 strings of 3 panels in series..Is that enough power to run the minis during sunshine hours as well as charging the lifepo4 battery bank back to full charge from the overnight drawdown? Edit 1 unit at 13 hrs = 150 ah x 2 units =300 ah would cover either ac or heat pump modes. Presumed 48volt battery bank would consist of 4 -12 volt packs, each pack having 4 -3.2 volt 1000 ah cells. How many ah could that 4k array put back in that 1000 ah battery bank in an hour with no other loads? Edit 83 amphr derated to 70ah = 4.28 say 5 hrs...
  12. We signed up for the Florida skp co op waiting list the first of the year. Currently quoted 6 years wait time with over 100 names in front of ours. At that time frame we will be 65 and 63 years old, so that should fit right in the retirement time period. Who knows what life will have in store for us between now and then but it gives us an option that should fit our goals of wintering in Florida and traveling the country the other seasons. We like to plan ahead and keep our options open . Btw the list for that park is published on their website.
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