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  1. palmeris

    Toll Roads in FL

    X2 sunpass. They have a peel and stick tag that goes on your windshield for vehicles but that wont work on a motorcycle windshield so they have an active tag with suction cups for bikes, trikes etc.
  2. palmeris


    Saw your posts on the new horizons owner's forums, I am interested in following your journey with this custom concept. I spoke with Marcia couple years ago regarding a 5ver toy hauler build very similar to the new 2020 grand design momentum 376THS , and she said to budget 500lbs per ft plus 4k additional cargo which put my design at 25 k and 5000 pin. Can't imagine what you're looking at doing being any lighter than that, probably needing even more cargo capacity for all the toys? I know Marsha sold the company but you should reach out and contact spacecraft directly regarding your design , they may not be able to do it in a 5ver but be able to do that design in a semi trailer frame. I think you're looking at minimal a mdt, 550 for those weights, maybe bigger but spacecraft can answer your questions. Please post back your experiences and best of luck !
  3. At the super show in Tampa earlier this year, I spoke to Brian at the NH show trailer about that, he said they no longer will install them as they had too many complaints of bikes being damaged " shaken apart " is what he mentioned.
  4. I was curious as to how you would be hauling it if you still had one...I hope your future is full of smiles and many miles...Harley or not
  5. Nice write up, and nice NH rig you got there but wheres the Harley?
  6. The rates link are password protected. What kind of discount % are you seeing as an average?
  7. What a great idea, nice looking rig too!
  8. Your lame attempts to somehow justify what you presume is some nefarious presumption on my behalf are pathetic. Sorry if those are big words but I typed them real slow so there meaning would not be obscured. No one asked for your thoughts, your emotions or your opinions, but you seemed destined to expound your ignorance level to all. What was learned is the high level of your bigotry and the reason the police are neither judge nor jury in our judicial system
  9. With neither malice nor contempt toward you , perhaps a suggestion that you adhere to the post specific inquiry and not interject your opinions unless requested to do so is in order? ( but that's just my opinion)..Which as a reminder was "Did you have to pass through a metal detector, be wanded or pat down, body cavity search,etc?" When a travel partner is wheel chair dependent, has prosthetic's and other assorted cumbersome medical equipment and will be traveling across a US border in an RV one might be curious and ask such a question relating to others direct border experiences. Forgive my faith in the public , should of known better.
  10. No offense perceived on my behalf , however I would categorize your bias, judgments, and thoughts as inconsequential to any derived intelligence quotient of mine or any others inquiring on this forum.
  11. Understandable since you were crossing border by foot carrying the back pack. Thanks for sharing your experience.
  12. Im not concerned about anything illegal, nothing to hide in that regard. Although having no need to explain my concerns to you let me just say that some of us are not 100% organic with special needs. Interesting hypothesis you have, perhaps your responses will also trigger the same profiling of everyone that's posted to this thread? Thanks to all that have shared their border crossing experiences without injecting biases nor passing judgments.
  13. Thanks for the responses but keeping back to the original question regarding rigs and pepole, it doesn't appear that anyone has had any horror stories about personal searches , just a few rigs subjected to random casual secondary searches where they were in close proximity to their rigs and not separated from it.
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