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  1. awesome thank you all as usual great info for the uniformed like myself.
  2. Would a progressive industries 30amp EMS be sufficient protection and if I check with voltmeter what should I get 120v on each hot when probes are in a hot and a ground?
  3. The previous owner of my home had a Tesla, and installed what I assume is a 50amp outlet (can receive a 4 prong plug, says 50amp on it) for charging. If I dogbone down from 50amp to 30amp off this receptacle, can I charge my 30 amp RV on this outlet or is the voltage something different than regular 50amp service at an RV park? Thank you.
  4. Great responses all, thank you very much!!
  5. My insurance company can't tell me and I am desperate to know at what point does insurance not cover me if I am considered overwieght? What is the legal definition of overweight...my SUV has a GVWR of 7300lbs and my (potential) trailer has a GVWR of 6869lbs which totals 14169lbs. The GCVWR of my SUV is 14000lbs. Is this legally overloaded? I don't ever intend to travel at those weights but if I get in an accident, are those the numbers insurance and police are going to refer to? Its an issue because my wife REALLY wants this particular trailer and it is causing some issues between us! If someone could chime in it would be greatly appreciated. I have gotten excellent guidance in the past on this forum. Thanks!
  6. So if the GVW of the tow vehicle is 7300lbs, each tire needs to be minimum rating of 1825, correct?
  7. Hello, can someone enlighten me on what load rating tires one would need for GCVWR of 14000lbs? Do the tow vehicle tires need to be rated at 3500lbs each (x4=14000) or is that the wrong way to look at it? Thanks in advance!
  8. Thank you both so much...I have used that changing gears site and it is the most restrictive I have found, which is fine with me...I am rather conservative.
  9. Is it safe to say another way of looking at it is to use the 6530+UVW(5595)+potential cargo in rig, say 1000=13125-which is under the 14k GCWR? I understand the logic of using the GVWR of trailer 7495 and I agree it is a sound practice, but a more practical and real world number would be the dry weight + cargo = 6595 in my example....THANK YOU....!!
  10. I'm sure this has been addressed, so I apologize for the question, but I have not found it here. Every single website/worksheet I check gives me a different answer! I am looking for a travel trailer that we can pull legally and safely, but I cannot figure out how big it can be. Please help! Tow Vehicle: 2015 GMC Yukon Denali 6.2 liter, GVWR=7300, GCWR=14000, advertised towing capacity is 8100lbs, max tongue weight rating is 1000 lbs, RGAWR=4200, Curb Weight of TV=5780 I am looking at a Grand Design 2400BH which is 5595 dry and has a GVWR of 7495, but we will not load it with much or at least can travel as light as we need to. We are a total of 4 people and a dog which together weigh roughly 750lbs. Given this info, can I pull said trailer and if so how much stuff can i put in it? (I call dry weight not including batteries and propane, of course no water or stuff). Thanks in advance...I just don't want to hurt anyone and / or be liable for it.
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