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  1. Sorry I didn't make the first post very clear and I apologize if I offended anyone. All I was looking for input not grammar check or sarcasm (FB) . Not saying I know everything about anything. My father owns a trucking company with avg an of 15 -20 trucks and I have never had any class of license other then a class 1. I am 65 years old retired and have a very strong trucking back ground and have raced off road vehicles over 40 forty years which requires and extensive knowledge in suspension setup. My 84 359 Pete was purchased new by the family and I have operated and maintained since new. Class 8 trucks have their spring rate frequency set for heavy loads (any type spring or air bag ) and they also have their dampening (shocks) set at that spring rate frequency. This is all I was trying to say about putting a movable 5th wheel plate or spring box on a incorrectly sprung truck .... not hating just pointing out a problem that will destroy a RV pin box. I'm sure these movable hitches, pin boxes help and would work even better if the truck was correctly with spring rate and damping . Please keep an open mind and watch these two short videos about spring frequency and damping of the movement. Spring rate frequency (springs any type) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FZp_oDGQNY&t=1075s Comp. & rebound damping. ( shocks movement control) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Wx2yH8fFbs
  2. GEEEZ what a bunch of nice people. I was just trying to get a few members input on what I'm going to do to old MY Truck. I have owned and operated this 84 359 Pete for thirty years and know every inch of it. I'm now retired and would like to modify it for my wife and I can travel. I don't even have facebook account or want one. People like Big5er's childish comment does nothing but spread hate and BS drama . Looks like I found the wrong site I don't have time for games.
  3. Changing to the STD 5th for a smaller with air bags one doesn't make a lot sense. The problem isn't a rigid 5th wheel plate it's the stiff rear suspension designed for heavy commercial loads . Putting a band aid with a very expensive light duty (compared to STD) after market 5th wheel on airbags isn't addressing the problem. The correct and by far less expense method would be to put the correct spring rate in the leafs for the lighter loads and add better shocks to control the compression and rebound of the axles. Added bonuses would be your HDT would ride like a Cadillac, be far more safer (better road contact) and think about all the money you would save not having all your fillings jarred out.
  4. Thanks for the response Randy Love your "Great White" rig very nice
  5. He said pete air leaf (bags), 13 sp, 250" WB, 12k front axle, 40K rear axle and he said he PTO and pump for a wet kit (no tank at this time). It's also has a rebuilt cab operated adjustable holland fifth wheel.
  6. GEEZ just taped the bike it's almost 40" at the widest and just over 103" (8' 7") long. Add a smart car (unknown width) might have to leave the bike idea out without a real long bed. LOL I want to put my 60" wide x 40" high toolbox (800lbs) with storage tubs on shelving above that inside a cabinet (bed width x cab height x 24" deep) attached to the headache rack behind the cab . Looks like I need to define my requirements. I like this forum getting great response from those who have walked the walk. Tks again Ray
  7. WOW what a great forum. Lots of info. Thank you guys very much. I have a good chance at getting a 1985 359 peterbuilt from a old retired trucker which he has owned since new. He has now restored it from the ground up it took him 5 years but it's now almost mint. It has 10 brand new goodyear tires on polished rims, 425hp 3406B cat with a 13 speed both have less then 10 hrs you on them and you could eat off the engine and frame. He's asking around 25k which is less then he has in the restoration. Still talking about the price but I know he likes the fact it would be pulling a light 20k lb trailers and still on the road. I just might want to leave out the fact about cutting his baby up if I go that road ..... LOL Tks again Ray
  8. Cool tks for the reply. I was thinking along the same lines (Tires and Brakes).
  9. Sorry I'm sure this is an dead horse. I'm in the market to purchase a HDT to pull a large fifth wheel. I can see the advantage of the ET hitch getting the pin height and necessary movement not available with the class 8 fifth wheel. The question I have is why convert to single axle? I plan on adding a smart car and my Harley bagger on a platform behind the sleeper with a stinger for the ET. Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated. Tks Ray
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