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  1. In all my years of Direct TV(25+), not once have I realigned my dish antenna. Come to think of it, even when I had that huge 12 foot mesh dish receiving everything before encryption....never once adjusted that either. Yes, Satellite has been good to me especially the early days of it(big dish wise) LOL
  2. Baker's Hole...one of the half circle pull through sites would be excellent for you although they are electric sites which makes the cost go up to pay for electric(no discount on electric even with Geezer). Love the place though!!
  3. I keep telling a buddy of mine what a perfect truck this would be for him. He recently retired, wants to get a Nice but heavy 5th wheel and he'd have no worries towing it with this beautiful truck. Even told him I'd drive him back to pick it up....so I'm trying real hard!! LOL If I was in the market for a 5er, I'd be all over this. Maybe if I sell the MH and my 96 Dodge 1 ton dually in my drive way(only 26,000 original miles)...yep, it doesn't get used much.
  4. Ok then....Excellent information on that IRV2 Post. Thank You for researching this to the extent you did. I'll have to refer others to this Topic...to coin a phrase, I'll be a Happy Camper if things go the way explained although to be honest, after 30 years with Direct, I might consider a change. Thanks again...
  5. With all Due respect Doc, I think I covered that with my last statement regarding my Post being a question. I understand that we are talking about the 101 Sat and my single LNA/LNB dish can only point at One satellite, that Satellite being 101. If what you say is true, then the only thing I'll have to do is upgrade my receiver and hope that they keep enough programming on the 101 Sat which as I understand, we don't know how many channels that Satellite will carry! There are plenty of people saying that the Sky is falling over this whole deal...does anyone really Know? I've heard just now that 2020 is the new date the change is taking place. My assumption regarding my Dish was because before this change, to receive HD you needed a multiple LNA setup...I'm certainly happy that HD will be available on a single Sat for Direct TV just as Dish has accomplished all along. Finally, I will check out the IRV2 thread...Thank You
  6. Having our 4 doggies with us at the Tucson event a few years back, I can say that in fact it was warm in the afternoon BUT that doesn't mean it will be this year. I did have 30 amp power when there so I was able to leave the kids in the MH although between the seminars I wanted to attend and what my wife wanted to attend, we could have switched off(and we did) taking turns babysitting the doggies. I guess that could be an option if traveling with someone? The entertainment generally occurs later in the day into the early evening...so that's a good thing! In closing, all I can say is we had so much Fun at the Escapade so if it sounds doable for you, you won't regret it!
  7. OK, so I've been a loyal DTV user for almost 30 years so I do still have some older SD receivers that I use in the MH in conjunction with an ancient Datron SD dish and also a King Dome in Motion 9762-LP dish. I don't really care about getting an HD signal to my current HD TV's but IF I'm understanding this issue correctly, my dish's on the roof of the RV will still be viable, my SD receivers will no longer be able to receive a signal and become paper weights. In order to continue using my SD dish's, I'll have to upgrade to a HD or compatible Receiver in order to still receive a now, new SD signal to my HD receiver??? In other words, even though I may have an HD receiver, my viewing will still be limited to SD because of my LNA/LNB feed horn on my SD Dish? Hell. I'm confused even typing this!!! For me right now its a wait and see attitude. Honestly, if I thought I could benefit from eliminating SAT dish's completely, I'd go the Data route and concentrate my efforts on getting those things needed to ensure a Cell signal(boosters, cell phone plan with unlimited data etc etc) but I just don't know yet. I even told the wife yesterday, that maybe we should get rid of our home phone, get rid of our FiOS 100/100 plan and instead get another cell phone on our current plan, apply our home number to that Cell phone and use Data streaming off the cell phones at home to take care of our viewing pleasure?? I could see a savings by doing this, but Frontier Communications does not make it easy to view Data usage..I know my wife loves to watch Net Flix here at home. I can get fairly good OTA signals here at home for the major networks …. I know I'm rambling on here and most everything I've written is more a question than it is a statement...HELP??? 🙂
  8. You diagram looks correct and I agree, I don't think there are any Pull Thru 50 amp sites. One other note, on your diagram, the furthest roadway to the Right in the green section, against the wall is pretty much Seasonal Sites but the inside of the roadway sites are the larger back in 50 amp sites I was referring to. For your size Rig, that would be the row I would check out first if a 50 amp site is desirable(I'll assume that it would be preferred) but this time of year, is easily done with 30 amps in PS if need be. Just another note, if you enjoy Thrift Store browsing, PS has a ton of stores to look through.
  9. It can be tight but that is all going to depend on how busy they are. I was just there in Sept/Oct and I wish I had looked further before grabbing a site. The 30 amp pull thru's will handle just about anything. Over on the East side near the RV dealership wall, they have a number of large back in 50 amp sites. You will also find other larger sites sparingly in each loop. I had a Great time there....check out the Italian Place down the street for their Happy Hour Glass of Wine(good food too). Wish I could remember the name but its family owned and they have about 4-5 locations in PS. Have Fun...
  10. Thanks Kirk, I remember you well from my time at Pima a few years back. I had an electric/water spot back then but guess I waited too long this time. I just can't recall the dry area.....its all good though. I'll pull out the ice chest for a few days if I have to(residential fridge) or maybe have a little solar by then. Thanks again!!!
  11. I called this AM and it seems no hook up sites are available so Boondocking it seems. I don't recall how the dry camping was handled at Pima Country a few years back? Are you directed to a particular spot of the Parking area or do you just locate a empty space and park there? While I have a Residential Refer, I won't be running the Gen constantly, may even use an Ice Chest for the 5-6 days of the Rally. Any pointers, idea's, suggestions ???
  12. Don't they say, "if you haven't been to Silly Al's, you haven't had Pizza" LoL 🙂
  13. We have never attended any of the Hop's but I do enjoy the many and varied Rally's sponsored by the different Forum's. My first Escapade was in Az a few years ago, No Sewer but water and 30 amp's and quite Frankly, we had a Ball! Met lots of like minded RV'ers, attended numerous seminars and learned a lot. To me, camping and then RV'ing has been about socialization which I know is not everyone's cup of tea(rather be out by themselves)...Not us and Pima County is a Great facility. Enjoy!!!
  14. Ummm...No Doubt, "Q" is not for everyone but during the RV Tent Event, 10's of thousands of RV'ers could/may have a different view of the place, even those with the most organized of garages besides the ones with extraordinary rigs! Just my observation from many years of going to "Q".
  15. I have an interest in this Dolly but not sure how my logistics would work. I'm headed to St. Louis with my brother Saturday by truck only. I suppose we could retrieve it on the way to St. Louis or work something out to get it on the way home after Thanksgiving? I guess if I decide on it, I'll give you a call. When did you purchase this Dolly? New at the time? Thanks, Dwight
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