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  1. I sent a note off to Winegard…..they replied that they would supply the Admin password(I assume that's needed if wanting to change sim's?). They also related that AT&T will still offer plans but Data will be capped. In my case, I bought the TOGO as a back up so one of the plans offered after the unlimited goes away was a 325.00 a year with a 100 GB cap. ….that would work for me or even one of the monthly plans. Guess I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.
  2. So I just sign up for this and looking for some "Party People" to Join..... Party name "RVNTime".....
  3. I have the ToGo and I'm seriously looking at the Visible! My Cell carrier is T-Mobile who also is a Hot Spot. We're you able to get in on the 25.00 per month with Visible and are you currently using it? Just wondering how its all working out?
  4. I have an older motorhome and I'm finally thinking seriously about getting some Solar BUT I plan to keep it rather simple and small(12 Volt Panels vs higher voltage). I figure I can get 6-8 100-160 watt Panels on my roof with all the other junk. My Inverter is built in so no need. I do plan to be in "Q" proper on 1/23 but I'll be in near by Parker the two weeks prior. We'll see how it goes!!
  5. I'll be in "Q" too and if they are still available and the price is right, I'd have an interest also. I'll check back here to monitor the sale/progress.
  6. I just bought one myself...I could have waited to "Q" darn it.
  7. So the complaint is someone asking to pet your Dog? Wow....I can understand being uptight about Kids and/or adults suddenly reaching down to Pet an animal BUT asking first is an issue? Just my take, I'm an animal Lover and dogs are a big part of our lives. So, Yes, when I see a person walking a Dog that is passing close to me, I will ask before I reach, if its OK to pet there Doggie! I know well that some dogs are nervous and can get excited causing a negative contact(I have a dog such as that) that I'm very careful with. Just the same, I would always prefer to be asked rather than Not!!! IMHO
  8. I have mine but haven't installed yet but I didn't know about the Sling TV deal....guess I better read over the literature again.
  9. The Togo is extremely lite....and it comes with an AT&T sim card installed.
  10. We have done the procedure with the special detergent but I'll have to ask the wife about the frequency she is doing that wash. Thank you..
  11. Doc.....I've been following your lead on all things Direct TV and like you, I'm ready to throw in the towel and after 20+ years with Direct, get out altogether. I wrote over on IRV2 about this weeks talk with Direct regarding upgrading equip(namely H24 receiver)….. 7 Rep's including three supervisors and close to 90 minutes on the phone produced Nothing!!
  12. Got my ToGo Wednesday, will get it up on the roof over the weekend to install but may wait to activate until our next trip out. In the back of my mind I keep thinking the Data Plan might disappear...so may activate right away! 🙂
  13. OK....so I have the vented combo unit and have had a recurring problem. The first time, I pulled it out and cleaned up the Lint all the down into the machine as possible. The dryer functioned for about 5 loads then back to shutting down again during the dry cycle. With this info about the thermostats, it makes me wonder if maybe my issue was two fold, Lint and Thermostat?
  14. Just to add on to this topic, if I may, I just ordered a Connect 2.0 but I'm thinking I may return it and go with the ToGo unit instead. My phones are T mobile so having an AT&T hot spot for 360.00 a year seems like a bargain? If I could find a data only sim compatible with the Connect at close to the same price, I'll keep the Connect but I believe as of now only AT&T/Verizon are the only ones that will work with the Connect? Help???
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