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    What business is it of theirs if YOU are paying for the inspection? I didn't have my used TT inspected, but I also bought from a reputable, family owned dealership, who gave us a 90 day warranty - and they already gave us a new radio, which was the only thing they said they found that didn't work. They also spent the better part of 2 hours giving us a thorough walk-through, testing every system in front of us. No way would I buy from a private seller who didn't agree to an inspection.
  2. Eh, maybe, maybe not on the lights. All I know is until I had hubby turn them all the way on, we had no camera. He might have skipped over that setting. It's safer to run with headlights, even in daylight, so it's all good. As for the battery/jack - I'm glad to see I thought of everything LOL because we tried that! But, no, didn't work. Not even a little and yes, the truck was running. We killed that battery good and dead and nothing was going to work until it started charging apparently. The truck did nothing. All the way there we got an annoying little chime and a message that the "Trailer Battery Is Not Charging". It took hooking it up to shore power to get anything to work and thankfully, to charge the battery. Once it had a charge, on the way home, we didn't get that notification, so I guess the little charge from the truck was going into the battery then.
  3. Tried. Have too be fully on, not just on auto. I assume you can't use the heated mattress with a topper. And this sucker has to have a topper.
  4. Our trailer is in a storage facility, so we can't plug in to run the fridge. It definitely did help to cool it down though. I thought about trying to do it on propane but didn't like the idea of leaving it on. As I understand it, the battery still needs to work for propane to run the fridge, and we killed it, so it wouldn't have worked. I did hook the pressure regulator, then filter, then hose. I just assumed it was the hose but i bet it was the filter now that you mention it.
  5. Thanks. Ours runs off the lights at the top of the trailer and those don't come on unless we turn the headlights on. I meant when parking it for weeks. All the little things like the microwave lights and other little energy sucks killed it. (I edited) The mattress is a heated mattress...and hard as a rock. It will have to be replaced or at least topped, with memory foam.
  6. Turn off the battery when you park her for weeks, or it dies. How to bypass an electric tongue jack and hand crank it. Buy any necessities before the day you are supposed to leave. There’s always a Wal-Mart within a half hour’s drive. Other drivers suck. When buying used, flush all the water lines – thoroughly. Pre-cooling a fridge and freezer with jugs of frozen water really helps – and also gives you good drinking water when you buy a used trailer, do not flush all the water lines thoroughly, and your water smells like sulfur. Turn on the campground water for a few minutes before you attach your drinking water hose and filter. Run lots of water through that hose – even brand new – before you hook it to the trailer! (Thankfully, I did this as black nasty gunk came through.) Even ducted AC is loud. Camping is fun. Camping with air conditioning is more fun. No matter how many times you say you're not going to watch TV and post on Facebook when you're camping - you will watch TV and post on Facebook. A heated mattress may sound nice for fall and winter – but memory foam sounds way better! Even on the best, heavy stoneware pan, turn the biscuits half-way through cooking or eat black-bottomed biscuits. If you don't run the exhaust fan when cooking, you will set off the smoke alarm. Tank sensors are just totally guessing and they aren't very good at it. Get a good checklist for set-up and break-down that says things like... Raise the tongue jack before you start driving! Furrion backup/observation cameras only work if you turn your headlights on. 20. Sanidumps LIES! Verify before you leave. 21. Dumping your tank isn't nearly as bad as I expected. 22. Those sewer hoses do NOT fit in the bumper. - Alice
  7. If there's one thing my husband is adamant about it's that the awning comes in at night or if we're not there using it. After all, what purpose is there to leaving it out when it takes minutes to run in? That's one I'm not worried about. He won't let that happen. That and locks. We're ordering combination locks for the storage doors. Working for Dept. of Corrections for 27 years has made him super security minded. He's been known to lock the car and take the keys with me sitting in it!
  8. This is a really good idea. We usually keep notes on my phone. Going to have to find a good "set-up/tear down" checklist. Our trailer came with an outside propane grill and table that hangs on the side. Looks like the only piece of equipment the prior owner ever used besides the soap dish in the bathroom. But it's been all cleaned up and tested...so I think we'll use that and not have to worry about the charcoal. Our home grill is propane, so we're used to it. We have most of that already, including a 9x12 rug we actually bought for the floor of our medieval wall tent. Long story. But now it can be used for it's intended purpose. I have a small tool kit on the list already. We have so many tools laying around, I'm sure we can find spares. LOL Nice List! We have most of those, the dog-bone, 15 amp plug adapter, 25 foot extension, the slinky, the pressure reducer, water filter and there's also a filter in the RV. I only have 1 water hose, but the camp host said that will be enough on this site. We still need to get a regular hose for the black tank flush and I think we have a circuit tester, I'll have to ask the husband. With all the talk of blue dawn...is that in addition to the tank chemical for the black tank? Or do you just do that instead? I'm confused on that point. Gosh you guys are handy! I'm excited! Time to shop!
  9. We're quite a way from the park's restrooms, so at least part of the time we'll use ours. That's the point of having one! No firewood - BIG no-no in these parts - there's been some bad bugs. Hubby with nix the hot dogs - I'm thinking steaks. Our RV dealer gave us a bottle of wine, so we'll definitely be using that. We best put quite a few bowls down it. I'm sure it's bone dry at the moment. Dishwater is a solid idea. I'll have to remember a pan. We're in Missouri. I guarantee, we don't need jackets. I'm excited about the air conditioning!
  10. Boy are we ready to get the trailer and GO! We picked up our TT on July 27 and it's just been parked. We can't even park it by our house thanks to the tiny, steep lot we've got, so it's in a storage place nearby. Today I reserved a spot in a campground about an hour and a half from home. It's got great reviews and our spot has a big "yard" area around it so we're not going to be stuck up against another RV. There's a little fishing (catch and release) lake and some trails and a pool etc., but mostly, this is just us learning what we can. The only downside is there is no dump at our site, water/electric only, but that's okay because the RV Storage lot has one and we can dump when we get back. It's just a weekend...won't be like we'll fill her up. So...any pointers for us rank amateurs? What do you consider "essential" for a little weekend jaunt?
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    Excellent idea! Thanks!
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    First, Thank you all! We are excited! Now if we can just find time to USE it! LOL! But working full time, funny how just overnight almost sounds like too much work for too little fun - but I WANT to use it! I think we may have to pay just for an overnight at our local park or in the driveway of a friend's house! We have to pay storage since our lot isn't level or large enough to keep it and our drive is just really steep. The rear door was one of the reasons we liked this one. The bathroom is HUGE on this trailer. We had three fairly large adults in it at once and we could move around. It is big enough to use as a mud room, which will come in handy I'm sure! It really is. I can't believe it was just 6 months ago I freaked out and talked us out of buying one less expensive! But this one just seemed meant to be. Now to buy all the little things you need...levelers, hoses, chocks, etc., etc. And we just got a 2016 3.5 L F150 with Ecoboost. LOL! We were going to use the Colorado, but went "looking" the night before we picked up the trailer and found this truck and just kind of fell in love with it. Same year and practically the same mileage as the Colorado and changed our payment by less than 50cents... We were sure the Colorado would pull the trailer, but heavier and more control just seemed like the best idea for the novices. Of course, three days later - after towing the trailer home (which it did beautifully) the master cylinder blew and the brakes went out! BEFORE the extended warranty we bought kicked in! But all is well, the dealership made it right free of charge - which, legally speaking, they didn't have to. We really do love this truck.
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    We not only got our trailer yesterday, we got a new(to us) truck Friday night! We decided we were worried enough about the weight of the trailer to trade up and our payments didn't change so... Tried to post a photo, but apparently I'm incapable of making it small enough, skk instead here's a very bad, shot sideways video, on you tube.
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    Fresh Water

    Reading these long posts take time, but there are some jewels of advice in them! I admit, I'd have NEVER thought of doing this! Too many years drinking from the garden hose as a kid I guess. Our plan (not full-timers yet) has been to add an in-line filter to the hose at the faucet end, there is also a filter between the tank and the sink...and to use a Brita Pitcher for drinking water. We figured that we'd have to do something after winterizing in the spring to clean and flush that stuff out of the system, but I never thought about the water-only hoses needing cleaned! Love this site!
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    WE DID IT!

    We've planned our first stop too. We're going directly from the dealer the roughly 45 miles to our home town and then to the empty State employee parking lots, where much backing-up practice will be done. 😂 Then well figure out where to go to actually camp. Ha!
  16. Alice

    WE DID IT!

    The TT is backup camera ready. We know where the housing is. We couldn't imagine NOT having one, so we hoped just maybe he'd taken it off and stuck it in a drawer. We didn't really think we'd find one, but it was worth a look and an excuse for us to play around in it some more. My brother in law has had a 30 foot TT for years without one, but we're having one installed before we leave the lot.
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    WE DID IT!

    Jabberwockey is Mr. Alice, in case you hadn't guessed.
  18. Alice

    WE DID IT!

    We bought a travel trailer today, and it wasn't the one we thought it would be!😁 We found a 2017 Rockwood Mini Lite 2503S at the dealer we were going to to look at a 2109S. The funny thing is, two years ago, this was one of the first trailers we looked at. I was afraid of slides at the time and worried we wouldn't like the Murphy bed. We got over that. I'd never forgotten how much we liked it though. It has two entries, a HUGE bathroom (relatively speaking... but it's bigger than the one in my master bedroom), a decent kitchen and storage, and a murphy bed. This particular one has a number of options, like a slide awning, sound bar, etc. So, anyway we found this one online and the price was good. When we got there today and they'd lowered the price by $1,000 yesterday and they came down another $500. We checked RV Trader and it was definitely the lowest price for a 2017 anywhere. We got a great rate and a fairly short loan. Better than expected really. Turns out our credit scores recently jumped! It looks pristine. There's literally one place that looks used; the soap dish. LOL The dealer has a really good reputation. The story was it was traded for something larger because the owner was full - timing. He took great care of it. We pick it up next week, coincidently on my husband's birthday! Its like the stars aligned and everything was just meant to be. 🌟 That poor tech has been warned that we'll be spending hours making him show us every tiny detail.
  19. Yeah, but you can get a decent Airbnb for $50/night. The cheapest RV I've seen (drivable) was $160/day. That's why we still haven't rented one. I can do a trip to see my son in Colorado for about $300 in rental/hotel expense. That wouldn't even get me out there in a rental RV. While I don't own an RV yet... I guarantee we'd never rent one out. We were landlords for several years of a mobile home we couldn't sell. Never, ever, again.
  20. Hi Jesse! My husband or I could have written your posts, except for the part about kids. We're empty nesters, looking the full-time in retirement in about 4-5 years and have looked and looked for the right rig to do that in. We're pretty sold on the Grand Design toy haulers too. Have you actually been in a 351M? - Very nice. We like the toy haulers for a lot of the same reasons you do. Large tanks, on-board generators, fuel tank that will be mainly for the generators. We plan to do a lot of boondocking and those things will be fantastic. Unlike you, our garage wouldn't be a bedroom, just storage and a place to work on hobbies or to just get away from each other for a bit; a "man-cave" if you will. I'm really taken with the idea of a patio. Of course, in my opinion, the secret of a happy marriage is two bathrooms! Anyway, all the best in your search! You've gotten some awesome info that is helping me too!
  21. I almost had a heart attack at that monthly average. My husband and I don't exceed that by much now, gross! We'll have about half that as retirement.
  22. Thanks Matthew, but it isn't as bleak as you made it sound! We have more than enough income to pay for the trailer we were looking at - a small TT, the 5th wheel isn't until we retire and sell our house - we have quite a bit of equity. It isn't "hopes of promised money" - the State of Missouri damn well better come through with our retirement benefits we've been working for 30 years! LOL! It's all academic now as we decided to wait. We paid off the credit cards with a low-interest signature loan, are paying more on everything else to get it all paid off before we retire. We'll likely still get a small trailer in a couple years...just not yet. We've been talking about that! We'll have quite a trip to make since they seem to never be around here, but I think we'll do that. It'll likely be next year though. And Thanks!
  23. When the time comes, Grand Design is the front-runner so far in our list. In fact, we're seriously considering one of their smaller Toy Hauler 5th wheels. We can live with a smaller living room, for the storage and space the "garage" gives you and you get a patio too!
  24. Well folks, I thank you all so much for your patience and your counsel. I didn't talk myself out of it. My husband and I talked ourselves out of it. We tend to be spenders, and impulsive, and kind of...I don't want to say irresponsible with our money and time... but we need to concentrate on a whole lot of other things so we're ready when the time comes to retire. We could spend the money and buy the trailer now (or more accurately borrow the money now) but if we did one of two things would happen: we'd either not use it enough to justify the expense, or we'd use it too much and not accomplish other goals that are more of a priority - which would be great fun, but foolish. That's just how we are. So we're going to wait, get some stuff done, and save money for now. Maybe in a year or two we'll find one we can afford to pay cash for. Still looking forward to excapee-ing some day in the not too distant future. 😁 I am so very ready to retire!
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