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  1. Wow these are TINY. Awesome little campers, but like you said, basically a bed on wheels. So yeah...you'll need a campground open with bathrooms and such since they aren't self-contained. That makes a LOT of difference. Sure, you can use bathrooms in anyplace 24 hour, but do you want to? Truck stops and 24 hour Wal-Marts are best bets until you are back down south where winter isn't off season.
  2. Alice

    jayco vs wolf pup

    Oh I do that. In fact, I take a picture of the model number, then I take the photos of the inside/outside, then I take a picture of the outside showing the big make/model name, so I have the photos of the trailer sandwiched between identifiers. LOL I have way too many photos at this time and am glad I have like 32 g of storage on my phone. w_jimenez - I'm sorry I hijacked your thread!
  3. Alice

    jayco vs wolf pup

    Us too. Looked at probably 6 different models this weekend. Just not right for us, even as a weekender. It's really hard to find anything not Forest River around here locally. I'm excited about a trip we're taking this weekend to Colorado. We're going to stop at every RV place along the way we can manage!
  4. Oh my! Thank God you are both alive to tell the tale. I hope your injuries were not too severe and you are well soon.
  5. Alice

    jayco vs wolf pup

    With only a 5,000 capacity, I'd probably look at the R-Pods or the No-Bo ultra light trailers or similar. One thing I've learned from people on a few different RV boards, is that the tow capacity is not nearly as important as size and hitch weight and axel weight and other things. We have a pickup with a 7,000 tow capacity and we're limiting our search for a weekender type trailer to under 4,000 lb weight. In fact, Wolf Pup 16 FQ is our current front runner...mostly because we haven't found anything else that light that meets our "must have" list.
  6. Alice

    Future Full Timers - We think?

    Thanks! Even since I posted this thread, our plans have "evolved". Right now our main interest is in Grand Design, but we're not ruling anything out just yet. I appreciate the input!
  7. Alice

    Future Full Timers - We think?

    That is exactly why we're doing that, looking at things we really can't afford, and don't even have the truck for yet. That way we know what truck to get for the size/weight/type of trailer we want and we can have some specific ones to look for.
  8. Alice

    Future Full Timers - We think?

    Thanks! That was actually something I had only just started thinking about. In fact, I did some research over my lunch hour, since it's open enrollment time, and learned some stuff about retirement and our insurance. I wasn't at all sure how it worked, but turns out we'll have much smaller premiums than I expected and, at least if we still have the same insurance when I retire, there are a lot of in-network providers all over the country. I'm pretty happy with what I found out. Now if only retirement wasn't still a few years away.
  9. Alice

    Domicile for Part-timer

    Rob, are you in Missouri now and are you going to be retiring from the state? If so, turns out Missouri doesn't tax our pensions unless you are drawing a whole lot more than I will be. You should make a MOSERS appointment if you are a state worker and talk to them. They'll still tax your part-time earnings, of course, but not your pension. If you still live and work (even part time) in Missouri, Missouri will be your domicile. (There are the odd legal exceptions, but I doubt you'll fit into those.)
  10. Alice

    Toilet paper...

    If you have LOTS of time, there is a 17 page thread on this topic on the Forrest River RV forums. RV- TP They finally closed it it got so long!
  11. Alice

    5th Wheel vs Travel Trailer

    We're not dead-set on new, so long as the mileage is low enough. Our Colorado was used, but not very. We got it with only 5k on it. But, we were looking for used when we got it. So long as they'd finance it.
  12. Alice

    5th Wheel vs Travel Trailer

    Truthfully, we hadn't even considered a diesel truck - ever. Why should we?
  13. Alice

    Latest RV Dealer Scam?

    Oh we haven't found anything yet. I was mostly curious after that guy kept going on and on about inspections. Un Huh. Wow. It amazes me that places like that manage to sell anything.
  14. Alice

    Latest RV Dealer Scam?

    Yep, that's the assumption alright. But, if it ever did happen, you'd be a fool to pay for it, however "mandatory" it is, without some kind of contract outlining what you get out of the inspection. Having watched a couple more of this guy's videos, he does seem to be rather anti-RV. On a similar topic, HOW do you even find an RV inspector? I tried the locator on the NRVIA website and there's like 2 in all of Missouri! I bet they'd charge a pretty penny to travel to my area, should I buy my RV close to home.
  15. Alice

    Latest RV Dealer Scam?

    Having watched the video, and yes, being a lawyer, my response to the "mandatory dealer inspection" would be to insist that if I am paying a penny for an inspection, that they will give me an inspection certification that verifies that they have personally inspected the RV at their dealership, outlining everything they inspected, verifying that it is in proper working order, and guaranteeing that they will repair free of charge any defects found in those systems within a specified period of time, or they will take it back and issue a full refund if the defects cannot be repaired. Bet they back down.