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  1. Hi Jesse! My husband or I could have written your posts, except for the part about kids. We're empty nesters, looking the full-time in retirement in about 4-5 years and have looked and looked for the right rig to do that in. We're pretty sold on the Grand Design toy haulers too. Have you actually been in a 351M? - Very nice. We like the toy haulers for a lot of the same reasons you do. Large tanks, on-board generators, fuel tank that will be mainly for the generators. We plan to do a lot of boondocking and those things will be fantastic. Unlike you, our garage wouldn't be a bedroom, just storage and a place to work on hobbies or to just get away from each other for a bit; a "man-cave" if you will. I'm really taken with the idea of a patio. Of course, in my opinion, the secret of a happy marriage is two bathrooms! Anyway, all the best in your search! You've gotten some awesome info that is helping me too!
  2. I almost had a heart attack at that monthly average. My husband and I don't exceed that by much now, gross! We'll have about half that as retirement.
  3. Thanks Matthew, but it isn't as bleak as you made it sound! We have more than enough income to pay for the trailer we were looking at - a small TT, the 5th wheel isn't until we retire and sell our house - we have quite a bit of equity. It isn't "hopes of promised money" - the State of Missouri damn well better come through with our retirement benefits we've been working for 30 years! LOL! It's all academic now as we decided to wait. We paid off the credit cards with a low-interest signature loan, are paying more on everything else to get it all paid off before we retire. We'll likely still get a small trailer in a couple years...just not yet. We've been talking about that! We'll have quite a trip to make since they seem to never be around here, but I think we'll do that. It'll likely be next year though. And Thanks!
  4. When the time comes, Grand Design is the front-runner so far in our list. In fact, we're seriously considering one of their smaller Toy Hauler 5th wheels. We can live with a smaller living room, for the storage and space the "garage" gives you and you get a patio too!
  5. Well folks, I thank you all so much for your patience and your counsel. I didn't talk myself out of it. My husband and I talked ourselves out of it. We tend to be spenders, and impulsive, and kind of...I don't want to say irresponsible with our money and time... but we need to concentrate on a whole lot of other things so we're ready when the time comes to retire. We could spend the money and buy the trailer now (or more accurately borrow the money now) but if we did one of two things would happen: we'd either not use it enough to justify the expense, or we'd use it too much and not accomplish other goals that are more of a priority - which would be great fun, but foolish. That's just how we are. So we're going to wait, get some stuff done, and save money for now. Maybe in a year or two we'll find one we can afford to pay cash for. Still looking forward to excapee-ing some day in the not too distant future. 😁 I am so very ready to retire!
  6. @NDBirdman It was my absolute pleasure to impart a bit of my useless knowledge. Love that Joe Cocker song too. But I thought he suffered from some debilitating nerve disease the first time I saw him perform. He does have odd body language.
  7. Bobby McFerrin wrote that song in 1988. Marley was, sadly, dead by then. Maybe you're thinking of: SOOO many good Marley songs.
  8. Thanks again for that link. Dry weight is well within the max trailer weight even with the 20% margin. This TT has a cargo capacity almost equal to its dry weight, be we are never going to put 3,300 lbs of stuff in it...this is a weekender. Maybe a week at most. We've got 1,400 lbs before we hit the max with the 20% margin. We're talking a few pots and pans and paper plates, food, bedding, a change of clothes and fishing poles. I think we're good. Of course, we'd get a weight distributing hitch. Not from the dealer though. The only one they sell is $800. I'm sure it's awesome...but geeze! Anyone care to chime in with a recommendation for a good hitch for a small trailer - it won't be exceeding 5,000 lbs I'm 100% sure, and about 23 feet long? I want a good one, but not necessarily one that costs that much!
  9. Dude! That is SO not Bob Marley! That's Bobby McFerrin! I know my reggae! My son says the only people he knows who listens to it are stoners and his mom. LOL!
  10. Yeah. I'm a Pancho. It's not just money. I am a worrier as a general rule. I guess the other worry is: Will we use this enough at this point in time, to be worth the money. I think we need to do a cost/benefit analysis. Objectively, I know the TT is a good price. With the options on it, it's below "Low Retail" on the NADA site. For some reason, I'm calmer about the whole thing today. I'm going to double check with the calculator you've linked, but we're pretty sure the Colorado can handle this particular trailer. We have a tow package, etc. Short of being a diesel, our truck is as good as a Colorado gets for towing. We can't trade it in yet, so yeah...that would change everything. Thanks again folks.
  11. Yeah...Husband and I have already decided we have to sit down and have a serious discussion about this - in the next 3 days! We're supposed to go buy this thing on Saturday - assuming they still have one. Sorry for all the whining folks! I'm really not good at letting go of money. That is such an understatement. It took me like 7 years to let myself buy a Kitchenaid mixer that I'd wanted for even longer than that and then I stressed over it - and it was under $400! I appreciate the input.
  12. There is that. The fact that it's pretty much exactly what we want, at a good price, is the biggest "pro". What if we wait and can't find anything we like next year as much as this. What if something happens and we can't use it? Not like there's a good resale. Our son hated the outdoors. He didn't do sports. He didn't like camping. He liked our medieval reenactment events only because there was stuff to buy and he was pretty good at archery. But he hated fishing, he couldn't care less about nature, hiking, sunshine, etc. And now he lives in beautiful Colorado and still doesn't do any of that stuff. So sad. I don't have doubts about the travel, or even really the RV full-time in a few years, though I might make my husband insane as I'm a nervous passenger in a car, much less a truck hauling a large trailer. We've been looking for a while now and haven't found anything smaller or older that we think is "livable"...but that doesn't mean they aren't out there. Well, there is one that is cheaper we found, but it has a "spongy floor" and I know that means water damage and we're not going there! We're not that handy! It's really doing it NOW - when we have other things to spend the money on. I've considered saving a year or two and we'd have enough to pay cash. But then if we spend it on the projects, we aren't saving it and that's the same issue. I'm not good at this.
  13. Thank you. But I really quoted you to get your attention...you need to make another post now! Look at your post count. Edit: Looks like you were busy! Up to 668!
  14. Actually, we won't have any payments. We are eligible to retire this year. But we're working another 5 years to get the "backdrop" as my state calls it...a lump sum-distribution. Between the two of us, plenty of money to pay for a new(ish) truck and 5th wheel, pay off any still unpaid credit cards/loans, and finish a few projects we need done to our cabin...which will become "home base"...and still have a bit in the bank. Not a lot, but enough, given that we will have a life-time annuity from our retirement + Social Security when that time comes. Our house note will be taken care of by selling it. My only large worry is a student loan we may be still stuck with until we die. As for pulling the TT now, we have a Chevy Colorado that we're upside down on. It has a tow package and will handle a small TT. Since we're upside down on it, we planned on keeping it for a few more years before we upgrade to a much bigger truck and keeping the TT until full retirement and we trade it in on the 5th wheel.
  15. Not forever, I still want to full-time after we retire at least for a while, but I'm getting cold feet about the new TT we found. It's a great TT. Tons of storage, ticks all our "must haves", good price - which actually might even be lower than I originally got quoted. Bank approved a loan at under 6%. We DO need to get a TT and "get our feet wet" and learn the ins and outs of black tanks and living small and hauling even a little trailer. We get it now, we'll have it almost paid off in 5 years when we retire. It won't be our "forever" RV, but it will be fun for weekends and such. And then I start thinking of how much money it is. Now, realistically, it isn't a bad price. Even with a 6 year note, and paying for insurance and storage (because there's no room at our house and keeping it on our hunting property it would probably wind up heavily infested with rodents and bugs) we're talking about $300/mo. But - here's the big BUT - I'm a very frugal (cheap) person by nature. Not in practice, mind you...we have little in savings because we fritter it away - but the bills are always paid on time and the thought of a big debt makes me a little ...I don't like debt. I don't like spending money on things that are unnecessary. Heck, I've been known to mend underwear! I keep thinking of all the things we could and probably should spend $300/mo on. We have SO MANY projects that we should spend money and time on, instead of $300 a month and however weekends we go camping. When you got your first ever TT - how did you all know it was time? Did you have travel plans or extra money just laying around? Was it just spur of the moment? Did anyone else worry they might be spending money foolishly when they needed to spend it on other things...there are always other things after all. I'm making myself absolutely crazy...and probably my husband too.
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