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  1. IMHO a small diesel will take more "abuse" than a gasser of comparable size/displacement, it will for positive have way more torque than gas. I believe the biggest draw back is the up-charge for the diesel compared to the gas, hard to justify the extra cost initially AND the higher cost of diesel fuel. I just LOVE my Cummins Turbo 6.7! The power and the torque are all I could ask for. Dan
  2. Dapperdan

    GY 114 Tire

    Last fall I noticed ply separations on two of my tires while on a trip (we have a MS too). I called GY claims department and received a claim number. After letting them know our location I was they referred me to a GY dealer near me. The dealer inspected my tires and contacted GY for an adjustment. GY replaced ALL 4 tires and I had to pay $1,000. I had NO blow-outs or damage so it was just an exchange. I was happy with the results. Our old tires were dated early 2014, we took delivery from our dealer in April of '14. I can't remember just how many miles were on them at that point but I'd have to guess around 15k. Dan
  3. Thanks for the update Hill. I’ll be very interested to know if your new service will work from your RV. That would be a huge plus but for us here we have AT&T internet service (In home) and it’s not very good, 50 mbs tops while Spectrum customers are enjoying 200 mbs in this same area but for a lot more $$$. Dan
  4. Thanks for the info Hill. I wasn't aware of this program, it appears this program was rolled out in March of this year. We are T Mobile customers currently, have been for over a year now. I went to their website and signed up to be on their waiting list, I'm hoping it won't be too long of a wait. Please keep us informed as to your experiences with this new service! Dan
  5. Babysitter, I'd like to add there are some of us DRV owners that haven't experienced ALL the problems mentioned above. They are legitimate concerns for sure!! You are buying a "lightly used" DRV, look closely at the points of others' failures to see if this unit you're interested in has similar issues. We have a 2015 38 RSSA, we've had NO leakes, nothing falling off the ceilings or experience "under performing" braking. Do your due diligence and check the unit out. We're happy with our purchase. Has our trailer been problem free? NO, we've had the Lippert "front jack failure" problem along with some other minor issues that were corrected under warranty. Our experience has been, for the most part a positive one. Good luck with your search! Dan
  6. I do have the "new" style rams. They definately have a shorter stroke, we've gotten used to that. Lippert had to re-configure the way our jacks are mounted. There was cutting and welding going on but when it was all done Lippert did a fantastic job! They also did some work in the pump area too but I can't remember just was was changed/eliminated. That was over two years ago and we haven't had ANY issues since! Good luck with your situation, I hope you find resolution..... Dan
  7. Ryan is wanting Lippert to "own" an inherent problem DRVs are having with the front jacks. Lippert replaced ours two years ago N/C. I had already made an appointment with Robets RV Repair prior to Lippert stepping up to the plate and covering our problem. Sorry to hear you're having problems Ryan, good luck!!!!!!! Dan
  8. If you are in the area or can travel to MORryde have them check your springs, their service shop is second to none! We were just in for a "routine alignment", the tech spotted two bad (torn) springs, we had to have them replaced. Keep in mind there's a 5 year warranty on those, they replace "N/C" if you're within warranty! MORryde treats you like royalty while you're visiting their service shop! Beautiful waiting area, beverages supplied, lunch IF you're there that long AND a T shirt! Oh, and WIFI too. Dan
  9. I was in there about a year and a half ago and it didn't look like there was any designated RV section to me. Dan
  10. We have 3:73's in our '15 RAM, gets around 18 mpg around town and about 9 mpg on the highway towing our Suites. We weigh in at 27k to 28k depending on the amount of "stuff" we have with us. The '15 has the HO Cummins and Aisin, it does a fantastic job towing up as well as down grades! LOVE that EB! Our '06 RAM had 3:73's in it and when we still had the Montana which was significantly less than the Suites, it pulled great! The newer pick ups are awesome and rated for a whole lot more than the older models. IMHO you'll do great with either choice, 3:73's or 4:10's, 4:10's do give you more towing capacity. Dan
  11. The same thing happened to us. Called Winegard, the tech told me the short cable (from base to LNB) was probably bad. I looked at it, it didn't appear to be damaged, I even took a multi tester up on the roof and checked for voltage (we had 19 volts). I decided to try a home made "jumper" I made myself. Sure enough...... the old cable, which "looked" perfect was bad, we were back in business! I called Winegard back and ordered a replacement figuring my hame made cable wouldn't hold up for long. My replacement worked for a couple of months.... In the mean time my "jumper" turned out to be just a tad short (my fault) and pulled loose so I got the "no LNB voltage" message again. Went back up and replaced with the factory replacement cable and we're all good now! 😃 Dan
  12. We took the "leap" to T-Mobile back in June of this year. I've been watching T-Mobile for a couple of years and I believe they are tend-setters under John Legere, he (T-Mobile) was the first to roll out "no contracts". Now nobody has them and buy outs can be had from all cell companies to switch service providers. T-Mobile has greatly improved their network in recent years (IMHO). We've all heard the stories about nonexistent coverage in rural areas but when we decided to make the change back in June I switched carriers first, my wife and I traveled through rural Iowa and I have to say I was impressed with the coverage I experienced! We were US Cellular customers which in most places in Iowa service is just fine but I have to say my T-mobile phone worked well too. After our trip to Iowa my wife switched to T-Mobile as well. In late September we took a three week trip to the UP of Michigan, there too we had pretty good coverage, although I'll admit most of the time we were actually running on AT&T's network. We had data, limited though being in "data roaming" areas but for the tree weeks we HAD data! We're paying $70/mo for unlimited talk, text and data (50 GB cap), NO extra fees or taxes for our two I Phones. We can turn our phones into hot spots too (at 3G speeds) or for $10/mo each we can bump up hot spot speeds to 4G. So far we're very pleased with our service! I believe T-Mobile's network will only continue to improve and I'm looking forward to them rolling out 5G service in the future. BlueLghtning has it right IMHO, the 600mhz spectrum will totally enhance their service by better range with less towers. Here's a link to an article from Yahoo about T-Mobile's progress in the 5G arena. Dan
  13. We have a Samsung TV in our house, I use these so I don't disturb the Mrs in the morning while she's sleeping in. 😀 They work great! Our TV doesn't have bluetooth connectivity so I had to buy the hard wired type, hard wired to the TV NOT the headphones, the range is very good BTW. Dan
  14. Yeah Joe, Lost Dutchman. We love that area! Our trailer tires looked fine when we left Southeast WI. By the time we arrived in Manistique I could clearly see weird tire wear. I really didn’t think it was alignment issues as we had 2” risers put in at MORryde in August of 2016 and suspension was aligned at that time. GY determined ply separation, I probably could’ve finished out the trip on those tires but I “was” going to switch out the tires at the end of the season next year anyway. All is good now. Dan
  15. Not to high jack your thread Joe but I have a short tire story. I replaced all 4 of my tires on our Suites Oct 1st after filing a claim with GY, that was on a Monday. I discovered the unusual wear by the time we arrived in Manistique MI (tires were good at the beginning of our trip) a week earlier, that's when I contacted GY. My experience with GY was good and fair I feel. We paid $1k for 4 tires out the door. The following Thursday (10/4) we had a break in the weather as it had been raining a lot up in the UP and decided to check out the colors near Marquette MI. While on CR 510 outside of Marquette I "located" a rock or large piece of wood, not sure as I NEVER saw what I hit but I took out the outside right rear tire! Best part of it was I just had 4 new tires (Michelins MS2s) put on the back of the truck in May. There wasn't even 4k miles on those tires!!!! Just DARN it!!!!! 😡 Dan
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