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  1. Thank you JPL. I live near Lynchburg. I may take you up on a phone call. I am still in the research stage but like the idea of a Volvo over a F-350.
  2. Thank you RandyA. It sounds like I need to speak with one of these examiners prior to the purchase. It sounds a little like the process for titling a replica vehicle. I will have to read up.
  3. DvdAnimalvt

    HDT in Virginia

    Hey All, We have a Sundowner horse trailer with camper section that weights ~10,000 pounds empty. I am researching HD trucks vs 1 ton pickups like the F-350. I want to get the most value for my investment. I understand from another member's topic that a HDT must be registered as a private truck in Virginia and cannot be registered as an RV. Do any of you have a HDT in Virginia and can offer me any insight into the state regulations that I must comply with and the cost for title, registration, and taxes? I have an email into VA DMV and have not had much luck online with Virginia specific information. Thank you in advance for your help and advice. DJ
  4. I am a newbe who is interested in a heavy duty truck to pull a Sundowner horse trailer with camper section. I live in the commonwealth of Virginia and would like any information and advice available on titling a HDT for private use. Thanks in advance for the help.
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