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  1. no shotgun second half to travel with & no plans to get another one anytime soon but a dog may be added later but as of now it will be just me & no grandkids or kids of my own to travel with at this point thank you
  2. no i didnt forget but thank you i was looking for more input & added some additional comments from my original post but thsnk you!
  3. I am a new member & semi retired active duty combat veteran who is very interested in buying a bumper pull travel trailer for my light duty 2017 silverado in order to use it as a temporary home as well as travel the next few years both up north & southern areas of north america. I attended some rv shows but i really want to make the right choice the first time by getting something that has a low or little maintenance roof instead of the flexible membrane i had before which rotted during my deployment in 2005 only to be salvaged due to water damage uppn my return. I prefer to try to keep the weight below 6k so i can not push the truck as well but i understand the ultra lights are not made well or very durable or suitable for living in either. thank you
  4. i am new member & active duty soldier pending retirement in september 2018 i would like to buy a good travel trailer to travel / live in off & on full time in both hot & cold climates but wish to avoid the problems associated with flexible membrane roofs if possible since a previous trailer was ruined due to a deployment & water seeping into it. i have a light duty chevy silverado 1500 w v8 engine & it is only me who will be using it other than an occasional family member who may tag along now & then but no grandkids or kids of my own will be coming along thank you for your support & advice as i really want to get the purchase right the first time
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