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  1. Jim DeZerga

    State by State licensing requirement

    Thanks, Kirk. After going through the DMV maze, I realize I should have come here first. Would have saved me a lot of worry.
  2. Jim DeZerga

    PA non-commercial Class A?

    http://changingears.com/rv-sec-state-rv-license.shtml This might help. Also, the link you provided has a search. Search "NCDL". It looks like PA has several 3rd party testing businesses. Youight want to call the one closest to you and ask.
  3. http://changingears.com/rv-sec-state-rv-license.shtml I know there's been a lot of discussions on Class A or B non commercial licensing requirements. I've seen two for Texas and Florida. I just completed my skills and drive test here in Nevada for my NCDL Class A for a GCWR of 28.3Klbs. The requirements in NV are pretty much the same as elsewhere with a few exceptions. The link provided is a state by state rundown. Notice that CO and VA only require a Class C. Amazing to me. NV has a J endorsement as well, so my question is, what happens if someone from CO or VA is stopped by a trooper in TX or NV or CA? My understanding is that in either of those states, they cannot apply for a NCDL Class A, if that is what would be required in other states. Anyone with experience in this area? I know I'm good to go. Just wondering...