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  1. Not knowing how old the unit is, my guess would be the fuel line from the gas tank to the generator. They are usually a rubber which with age will begin to deteriorate letting air into the fuel line.
  2. It isn’t necessarily about voting. It could be people trying to claim Florida residence to avoid income taxes. With states access to data bases, they are getting more aggressive at tracking people down. The mail forwarding services are at the top of their radar.
  3. AGM is the way to go. Don’t forget to check out Trojan. They make a great Deep Cycle AGM.
  4. Allstays is a great app that lists just about every RV park and campground. It has links to the campground website and to reviews. It also list low clearances, gas stations, Wallmarts, Cabellas, RV repair places, etc. You can filter what you want results for. It will also route you to the park using turn by turn directions using either Apple Maps or Google Maps.
  5. We also purchased a TravelScoot mobility scooter. It is an incredible unit. Fits perfectly in the back of our 2013 Honda CRV. While the scooter is expensive, it would certainly give more options for towing 4 down. You could probably find a used Honda CRV up to year 2014 that you can tow 4 down.
  6. Here is a link to all the places Reserve America does business with. https://www.reserveamerica.com/campgroundDirectory.do
  7. Reserve America is free to use for state parks. Most state parks use it. Recreation.gov is a division of Reserve America that takes care of National Parks, etc. It is also free to use. They both charge for online reservations. Active Advantage is an additional program that gives you discounts on some things including camping. You pay a yearly fee to join Active Advatage, but you do not have to join Active Advantage to use Reserve America. Also some state park reservation systems use Reserve America but brand their own state on the site.
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