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  1. I'm no expert, just someone looking into these things too, FWIIW. From what I've seen it seems to me that if you are traveling full time, then domicile is a matter of where you intend to return, as well as where you establish everything. So, if your wife intends to return to Maine and maintains her taxes, bank accounts, driver's license, etc. there as well as maintains that she is merely traveling temporarily, then there shouldn't be a problem keeping her ACA in Maine. That said, your vehicle insurance will most likely have more of an issue with you having a different domicile from your wife than the IRS or ACA... so it probably won't work out to have separate domiciles anyway. Usually most states' vehicle insurers have issues about full-timing anyway, part of why the big 3 full time RVer states are so popular. On top of that they almost always require that every adult in your household be included on the insurance plan, and don't really allow for spouses to not be part of your household. This translates to requiring that you and your wife be domiciled in the same state as each other since all but possibly Arizona and Montana require you have your drivers license in the same state as your vehicle insurance....unless you have a residence that it is being garaged for most of the year... and the drivers license is a big part of establishing your domicile. Sometimes you can specifically exclude an adult in your household from your vehicle insurance, but they can never ever drive your vehicle(s) if you do that. This seems to apply even to policies that allow you to have any licensed driver be covered--as it really means any licensed driver that isn't in your household and/or doesn't drive it regularly. Yeah, it sucks. We're running into this too. If anyone has a good legal solution I'd love to see it. A bit about our story: Downsized and got tenants (and a property manager) for our house in Hawaii on a year's lease so we could do a road trip of the US Mainland. (Have been loving it so much we're leaving it open-ended at this point, which works fine for our tenants too). Insurance has been the biggest headache--both vehicle and health insurances, or rather the combination of the two. We've had to change our vehicle insurance more than once because when we decided to make this trip our insurance provider said they wouldn't cover us more than a month or two on the Mainland. We were going to start and stop in Washington, so were told to transfer our insurance to an office there, which we did. We told them what we were doing (traveling the US Mainland for a year) and they were fine with it... until we bought a travel trailer and wanted to add that on. Then all of a sudden they needed the trailer to be in Washington state for more than 6 months at a time?? It's a travel trailer, and we're traveling, of course it's going to go with us and our truck that was fine to travel out of state before!?! So... we ended up scrambling to transfer to SD in order to drive legal as luckily I had looked into things already on full timing enough to know it was quick and friendly to full timers. Only thing was... the health insurance. So, I haven't been driving at all so that I can keep my health insurance until we figure out where to domicile. DH has VA, which sorta sucks in many ways, but at least it's nationwide. Honestly, I don't really care if it's ACA compliant or not, am willing to pay the penalty (which is usually less than a month or two of premiums anyway), but I really don't want to pay huge premiums to not get covered for much if anything until after a huge deductible as well.. and well, I've got some history of what is considered preexisting conditions that exclude me from coverage on other plans as well (even though I don't have any prescriptions, and have less than a handful of doctor's visits in a year (if any))... so it sucks... and I HEAR you. For what that is worth. It's been a few months since you posted, but isn't August yet. What did you figure out for yourselves.. or are you still figuring it out?
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