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  1. I ran into a new one a couple of days ago... We moved to a new location and I do the online chat to change our service address and local channels. The rep tells me he can't change my local channels because my account isn't tagged as a Dish outdoors account. I pushed back and told him I have changed my locals many times through the chat and he finally agrees to do it "just this one time", but tells me I need to get my account tagged as Dish Outdoors. I ask him how I do that and he gives me a phone number that I need to call. After the chat ends, I call the number and the DIsh Outdoors rep is very confused by my request and says she has never heard of that. She says there is no way to mark an account as Dish Outdoors. I asked her how I can get access to change my locals through the app and she said it is very limited right now because it is in testing and they are having some problems with it, but eventually, it will be available to all of us. Obviously, Dish needs to set some rules and do some training.
  2. I normally use chat, but I thought I would call just to see if it would work better (one time I used chat, they told me I had to call). It didn't so I will go back to using chat. I have tried various scripts. Some tell them I want to change my service address, some tell them I want to change my local channels, and some tell them both. None have constantly worked. We may be an incredibly small portion of their customers, but we are still customers. We deserve for them to have consistent procedures that the agents understand. As for using the app, what do you mean by Pay-as-you-go subscriber? I do know that when I have asked, the agents have told me that I should be able to use the app and they are confused when I tell them I don't have the option on the app.
  3. For the second time in 3 weeks, they have changed my billing address to match my new service address and didn't change my local channels. I called this time and was very clear that I was in an RV and only wanted to change my local channels. He said he understood. I don't understand why this is so difficult. It seems like many of the agents you chat/talk to have no concept of using DIsh in an RV. I guess they don't have RVs in India. I wish I could figure out the secret to getting access to change my locals myself through the app...
  4. I have always been required to give a full address. I just use the address of the campground. This last time, they said the address of the campground didn't exist in their system so I gave them the address of the Home Depot in the nearest town. They don't care where the address is, as long as they have a full address and I don't care as long as it is in the spot beam for correct locals.
  5. Sorry Mark and Dale Bruss, I missed your question. Once again, you are correct. I ended up getting a used Supper Buddy 29 for $175 and it is fantastic. Makes pointing the dish super easy.
  6. I can't use the app either and none of the agents I chat with know why. Using chat has been hit or miss for me. Sometimes I have to do 2 or 3 chat sessions before my locals actually change. Also, I have discovered that just telling them to change my service address is not enough. I have to specifically tell them to change the locals too. Otherwise, the service address gets changed, but the locals don't.
  7. I know I'm late to the thread, but just want to point out that the Atlanta Braves only allows parking 4 hours before first pitch until 3 hours after the game ends. No overnighting there. Better to park at a nearby RV park and go to the game.
  8. I just discovered that the Birdog Ultra apparently will also work with the Hopper 3 and hybrid LNBF. I'm still buying a Super Buddy 29. I have found a few used ones at a good price. Thanks everyone for your input. I have learned a lot.
  9. Yeah, Mark and Dale Bruss is correct. You can only use the Super Buddy 29. I have tried it for hours with a bunch of different apps with no luck. I even swapped out the LNBF for an older non-hybrid one and used a cheap meter to get a signal, but once I put back on the hybrid LNBF, it didn't work. I'm going to buy a Super Buddy 29 and figure out how to use it. Hopefully, it isn't too hard to figure out.
  10. BandJCarm, does it work with a Hopper 3 and hybrid LNB? I've been told it wouldn't.
  11. I did a quick look at the First Strike FS-1 you mentioned, and it looks pretty nice. Only $250 on Amazon and appears to have a good support site with a lot of information. From what I read on that site, it appears it would work with my setup. Is there a reason that it won't?
  12. I have the Hopper 3 with the hybrid LNBs. Over $460 is pricey. I was looking at some of the $150-200 ones, but they all seem to be made for overseas and have little to no support. I'm going to be setting the dish up every week so maybe I will need to bite the bullet and pay the big bucks. Thanks
  13. I'm new to satellite TV and recently switched to Dish Network. I'm trying to learn how to setup and point my portable dish and have quickly figured out I need to get a signal meter. I bought one of the cheap ($15) ones, but it was junk and didn't work. I'm ready to get a "real" meter, but I'm not sure which one to get. Anyone have any recommendations for a good, easy to use signal meter?
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