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  1. This is a great thread and thank you for asking this. We don’t have much experience yet for we just went full time last week. So far we have been busy doing chores and getting our house in order learning our RV, etc. At the point of comfort and taking in this great lifestyle hiking and getting to really know one another. Living off grid in Burlingame State Park in Rhode Island just no hookups really puts the necessary things as a priority. Figured that was a great way to start. We are to young to retire so we will be working our jobs in CT till the snow flies then we are on the road. Leap of faith. My wife is a photographer and I like learning anything. Rv projects keep me going, usually after extensive research on whatever the project is. For instance on my ajenda right now. Oil change on generator, brakes on motorcycle. We have a toyhauler so getting motorcycle secure in garage is high on list as well. Finishing up solar for Rv. Just to list a few. Many of these projects my wife is there helping me. This way we both know what goes into this lifestyle so we appreciate it more. Not sure if this helps.
  2. We are going full time starting this Saturday. So far we’ve got Apple TV that we have been using exclusively for about 4 months while still in house. As we start our adventures going further we got a Verizon hot spot with unlimited data for $20/month. Yes expensive but still cheaper than cable internet and/or. We think it will be worth the expense for my wife is a starting up virtual assistant business, so internet is important to us. As far as local broadcast goes our Rv was fitted with an antenna and we’ll see how that works out Saturday night. Not sure of brand.
  3. Probably the better choice. It’s always an issue to have people understand that it’s 10-20 years olds do not worth fixing. I always ask them. How many cars have you bought in twenty years? For many here in New England most say about three-five. I then remind them that equipment X runs daily and that is why it’s tired.
  4. I work and teach residential/commercial HVAC equipment for a living as of now. New to this whole RV thing but in my residential/commercial experience if something looks burned out that is not good. As far as diagnosing capacitors you need a meter that reads microfarads. The label on the capacitor will tell you what it should be. ex. 5mfd at 370 vac. Typical fan run capacitor. Start capacitors run in a range of capacitance. ex. 125-175mfd at 330vac. Next is the contactor. If when the coil is pulled in the incoming voltage and the outgoing voltage should be within 2% of the voltage or you will get a drop in voltage and increase amperage which will negate your efficiency. See if the coil for the compressor is getting voltage required, not sure what that should be, and see if the contactor is pulling in. The contactor in an rv could be running on either low voltage ac current or 12v dc current. not really sure. If you don"t have the right meter than it would be cheaper to take the information down to a hvac supplier and just change them out. BTW the evaporator fan and compressor fan typically will have two separate contactors that might be why the fan is running. Hope this is helpful.
  5. First thank you. Mr. Wood I’ve seen and read many of your replies and value your opinion. You are a great asset to this community and did check out your adventure site and saw your KZ travel trailer. Very nice. My thoughts, or better concerns are, finding a dealer to help us if we have an issue on the road. There aren’t a lot of KZ dealers in the New England area, not that we plan on staying here much. As nb36912 stated the quality of the rig is what I’m looking into. We don’t want bells and whistles. We want a simple under 16klbs fifth wheel that is comfortable enough. We are looking in a reasonable price range that a modest budget can afford. It’s becoming discouraging to find exactly what we want in the budget we need to be in. Seems every time we see one the carpet gets pulled from under us but the KZ seems to always be a good fit and available. I’m just concerned of the support after the sale.
  6. Wondering if anyone has experience with the K.Z. line of fifth wheels. Specifically the toy haulers, but any information is helpful. We are looking to escape soon and really like this particular model. There is only one dealer in our area, within 500 miles area. Wondering if there is a reason for this? Any information is greatly appreciated.
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