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  1. ET156

    Redwood trailer

    I think the Redwoods are built by Keystone now
  2. ET156

    Triple towing, legal where?

    I manage a RV park in Long Beach WA. and have had people towing a 5th wheel and a boat behind their 3500 Ram. They came through Ca. and Oregon with no problem so I am thinking that both states have changed their ways. I am a retired owner operator and was surprised to see people towing doubles. Actually Wa. considers it to be triples due to the weight rating of the pick up trucks.
  3. ET156

    MDT to tow 24k GVWR Teton

    try horse trailer world.com they have all types of trucks that's where if found mine.
  4. ET156

    M2-106 Air leak

    I had a leak that doing the same thing I could never find to source so pulled my dash a part and there it was my dump valve for the rear air bags was leaking at the solenoid. installed a new fitting and now no leaks psi stays up at 120psi.
  5. ET156

    Fuel mileage

    I have a 1998 international with the DT530 , 300hp and 4:10 gears and average 14mpg empty and 11mpg towing 17000. lbs
  6. ET156

    1998 international steering

    I have a 1998 international with the stabilizer shock kit brackets that were installed by the people that had the truck before me. They removed the shock and now I am trying to find out what type of shock and what size shock I need to install. does anyone have any ideas. the truck runs and drives great but I am thinking the adding of the shock would make it better.
  7. ET156

    1995 international 4700

    I have the DT530 @300hp and 4:10 Gears and it pulls the hills out here on the west coast just fine. My total weight is 29,500