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  1. Did you have questions or is this just a statement?
  2. Made it to Best Buy and purchased the IOGear device, I will install that later with the Roku. My question, they were showing us 4K TVs that had fantastic pictures, these are store demo loops. 1. Is 4K really that good at home and how much 4K content is out there? 2. What does it take to stream 4K content? 3. Way back when Bluray players came out they showed demos similar to what 4K is now (from what I remember), what is the difference between 4K and Bluray? 4. What does 4K mean, 1080P to 4000P or something different?
  3. I think I understand, I think you are using it with an app because I could not find it otherwise and a google search turned up little to nothing. I normally use Safari on the iphone and watch youtube from there or maybe you are saying there is an icon in that screen, I will take a look. I don't want to be annoying just not up to snuff on this, bear with me and I will get it.
  4. Okay, let me see if I can locate this stream/cast menu on my iphone. I went to Best Buy and they were closed for Easter, good to see that, I will try another day this week. I do understand the issue of pirating and at this point do not wish to partake in a debate. I will say this, if Netflix or any other paid site I subscribe to had the movies for me to watch I would not have to search elsewhere.
  5. Thank Doc, I know I can stream through the Roku but the movies I find are not on a particular steaming site, I need a browser to search for the movies, these are pirated movies someone has uploaded on a rogue site. My TV or Roku would need to have a browser built in and one I can do add-ons to eliminate the viral popups or overlays that redirect you to another rogue site. I use Chrome browser where I can add the add-ons otherwise it is hard to get to the actual movie, hince why I use a computer and through it onto the TV.
  6. I bought he Roku last night, Green box sku 3800RW, the one the guy told me I need w/voice remote. That will allow me to stream Pluto TV, Tube TV among other services. Heading to Best Buy today to purchase the IO Gear device NDBirdman told me about. I need that for movies I find on the computer to watch on the TV. There may be better ways, being a cable subscriber for the last 18 years I am new to streaming and the IO Gear seems to fit the bill but I am open to other ideas.
  7. NDBirdman, What a great job, I think you covered most everything I needed info on and a link as to what to buy. The little I looked around the Apple TV seemed to be around 180 dollars and I don't know what limits there are being a Apple product. My preference was not to buy something proprietary that limits me, the I/O gear does not seem to do that and the price being reasonable. I would be doing it from a computer with Win 10 from my home wireless wifi network. I have thought about using my iphone in my bedroom and using this setup (I/O Gear) in the living room. The bedroom is secondary and not as important, just in the thought process. I have bluetooth on the computer but not the TV, I read video would over task Bluetooth, idk.
  8. This is a Vizio Smart TV from 2010, it does not have Bluetooth. I currently run a HDMI cable to the computer to TV. I am looking to buying a Roku but still do not understand how to through my computer picture to the TV w/o a HDMI cable. Thank you for your help.
  9. How can I have a movie on my computer and through the picture to my TV without a cable?
  10. It is not good to double post like that but when you make a mistake, you can ask a admin to move your post or double post. This topic is not Boondocking specific.
  11. Sounds interesting, I am in for the comments. You may want top post this up in General though to get more responses.
  12. Dutch, I am thinking I need to get what you have ( Unite Explore hotspot ) to do the change on the SIM card. I will look to see if I can find what model you have.
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