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  1. They didn't and I was after other questions and did not go back to ask after our conversations. I did go through the questionnaire for "after hours" trading.
  2. I do have accounts setup with those two I listed, while I was on the phone discussing afterhours trading I failed to ask about penny stocks which he told me I could not buy. Not a problem until I saw pot stocks below their threshold.
  3. I got off the phone before I asked a representative who told me I was not allowed to but penny stocks, how to get approval. Does anyone know the procedure? I was either talking to Fidelity or Merrill Edge for a self directed account. Tilray, Inc. (TLRY) has gone from 4.00 to 9.00 in the last couple of days. Aurora was up 13% today. These were penny stocks and I can't purchase. Oil is at 22 a barrel down from 60, do you purchase and sell just like a stock? I know nothing about how to conduct a transaction if I were interested which I could be. CL.1 U.S.: Nymex Crude Oil WTI (NYM $/bbl) Front Month
  4. With fuel cheap does that affect Tesla sales? Do they have a protected market?
  5. Chevron up to $70 from 54. Chili's up to $15 from $10 BJ's up to $16 from 9 Sysco up to $42 from 30
  6. Chevron (CVX) was 115 now 54 paying 8-9% dividends.
  7. OTOH the Pot stocks have gone down to nothing, literally.
  8. Yes I would agree on the whole rynosback, the thing on a corporation like Chili's (Brinker) they have the infrastructure to go back where they were quickly. I don't know how long it would take the stock to recover but if it was running 40 and now 10 don't you think you could fairly easily get 20 or 30 price point back rather quickly. Let's say it took 2 years to hit the 40 mark again, that would be 4 times your money in two years, 30 would be three times your money. You know what I am saying. Sysco who yesterday (Thur) hit 26 was at 41 when I checked then out on Friday, closed at 35. They are in the same boat as restaurants as that is who they supply. I am watching and waiting, hoping we can all make something off this. Thanks for your input.
  9. A couple more people gave me today. If any of this interest you, a couple do me and look attractive. (BUD) as in beer, was 90.00 now 36.00. Chili's (EAT) running 40.00 now at 11.00 BJ's Restaurant (BJRI) was 40 in Feb now 8.00, up 22% today 3-19 with about 6% dividends to boot. The last two look attractive to me, check these out and if you see an issue with them post up. There show be a chart of stocks somewhere that shows the ones with the highest losses I could look at and choose maybe even better ones from that list, had not had time to look for that though. Tesla was down further today but maybe a few above offer grater gains and less volatile. Post up your opinions.
  10. Thanks for the info, 6% is attractive, the stock has recently seen a high of 39 down to 20 now, looks like you could easily hit 30 per share. I didn't know Tesla was so low, I will need to watch that one closer also and the tip on Disney is down from 145 to 93. I will throw another company out that I just noticed it is so low, I worked for the back in the 80s and 90s, held their stock up until 18 months ago. They are the largest food service distributor in the USA that caters to the restaurant industry and chain establishments. They are a solid company who knows how to make money, nothing exciting just a steady company. There stock hovered around 65 to 70 with a high the first part of the year at 84, now it is at 35, could not believe this when I saw it. If you see a reason why not to buy this post up. Analyst had a sell at 85 and a hold at 75. SYY - Sysco Foods Houston TX. Keep the ideas coming for us to check out.
  11. Looks like you bought Apple at a pretty good price, not familiar with HASI, what can you tell me about this stock?
  12. In my area it is cable as stated and Spectrum is rebranded, Time Warner is who I write the check to.
  13. I thought when you were a public company and had the eyes of the SEC on you the CEO just could not blow smoke to the public investors or SEC or you could possibly go to jail for whatever reasons. Maybe not?
  14. AMD had their stock forecast report. Looks like the CEO is predicting a stronger forecast the next 5 years. I am not pushing AMD, if I see news of interest I am passing it on, you determine what you get in on your own yardstick. " Chief Executive Lisa Su forecast a long-term compound annual growth rate of 20%. "Overall, AMD looks to be going for a growth play with a 20% CAGR (Compound annual growth rate) commitment, a massive uptick over the 14% CAGR the past 5 years," " The stock has risen on after hours trading and the link is a short paragraph. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/amd-stock-rises-after-hours-on-strong-growth-forecast-2020-03-05?mod=mw_quote_news
  15. The exhaust went back to the distributor and a refund issued to me, no way to eat that money.
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