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  1. I am ready to bail, down 10% and I don't want to follow it down anymore.
  2. Another video from CCO. https://finance.yahoo.com/video/aurora-cannabis-cco-details-path-184444167.html
  3. He did not state in language I could understand.
  4. What is your take on Aurora whose loss increased from 4 cents per share to 16 cents per share?
  5. Technomadia has it going on and they partake in our discussions.
  6. Thanks for the update, waiting to see how it does when it gets hotter.
  7. I use the Gila Privacy Control Black film in my house, it has worked fine. The Black is not total black-out.
  8. That would be good, I don't know if you can change the title to better describe that to get more people who might want to do this with you.
  9. Yes you are in good shape, I am not in near the shape you guys are, it took a bit to get all the funds situated but I am there now.
  10. I did finally get monies moved around and bought these. Curaleaf Holdings, Inc Charlotte's Web Holdings, Inc HEXO Corp. Aurora Cannabis Inc. Still keeping my eye on New Age Beverages, Harvest Health & Recreation, India Globalization Capital, there are others but these the most serious about. And thanks for the tip on Curaleaf.
  11. Did you have questions or is this just a statement?
  12. Made it to Best Buy and purchased the IOGear device, I will install that later with the Roku. My question, they were showing us 4K TVs that had fantastic pictures, these are store demo loops. 1. Is 4K really that good at home and how much 4K content is out there? 2. What does it take to stream 4K content? 3. Way back when Bluray players came out they showed demos similar to what 4K is now (from what I remember), what is the difference between 4K and Bluray? 4. What does 4K mean, 1080P to 4000P or something different?
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