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  1. TLRam1


    I use this and these are people with scanners who broadcasts on this site I believe, still does not pickup my city for police.
  2. Curaleaf Holdings, Inc Charlotte's Web Holdings, Inc HEXO Corp. Aurora Cannabis Inc. Well I sold my pot stocks above but not before I lost 20 percent, on paper I have made that back plus some on AMD I bought about 3 months ago, it is up about 33 percent. I have researched AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) and the stock has increased by 1200 percent sine the woman took over in 2015. Still watching the pots stocks, not sure when or what to purchase right now as all have gone down significantly in 2019 other than Curaleaf Holdings which has retracted the least amount percentage wise from the benchmark price I am tracking.
  3. I still watch this stock but it has tanked for 2019, hope everyone sold when the stock was close to the high.
  4. I use the Nighthawk M1100, the 2.4 MH is the first result and 5G is second, I normally get faster speeds off 5G.
  5. Picture of the guy driving the truck. https://www.yahoo.com/huffpost/persons-of-interest-butler-texas-deaths.html
  6. I will wait until this thread starts and watch that.
  7. So what stock should be bought that will excel?
  8. FYI this post was from February.
  9. That is incorrect, if you pay as friend it is like paying cash and as stated above you lose buyer protection.
  10. I am watching them, waiting for a possible Buy-In again. Can't handle the losses though.
  11. TLRam1

    5 Can Soup

    Sounds easy enough.
  12. This may not be the same but I have registered my off-road dirt bike for use as on-road, this is done often in Texas.
  13. Other than the outboard occupants everyone else is stuck in a U-shape dinette.
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