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  1. I installed Win 10 on a desktop and the desktop turns on by itself every night, has anyone else experience this and what did you do?
  2. I was in to the cannabis but pulled out once I lost about 20 percent. Hope you got out when the price was high and re-bought on the low end. I am not sure when to get back end or why they all tanked so low.
  3. I don't know if it is placement or something else but never had these speeds before.
  4. First off I am not using the Mobley, I have the SIM card in a Netgear Nighthawk MR1100. Since I connected the MR1100 to a router I am getting speeds as seen below.
  5. I need to do the same Dutch, thanks for the update. Did you have any issues getting the codes?
  6. RV, How many shares of Tesla do you buy in total?
  7. Bought a new router and followed the directions for the router and some from the internet for the Netgear, all is good and working!
  8. I tried to connect via ethernet to my linksys router but it did not work, maybe the router is not good, I don't have the router disk any longer if it needs to be setup. I am going to buy another router to see if that is it, I thought you could connect to a router via ethernet and the router would be live.
  9. It was up Kirk but right above me was a rogue member that had 56 spam posts I reported to the admin, thinking mine was accidentally deleted also.
  10. Looks like my post was deleted, lets try again. How do you hook your hotspot up to run through a router and what router are you using?
  11. Put it on a credit card, you are pretty safe there, yes? Get it back easy that way if you have a disgruntled seller.
  12. I am ready to bail, down 10% and I don't want to follow it down anymore.
  13. Another video from CCO. https://finance.yahoo.com/video/aurora-cannabis-cco-details-path-184444167.html
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