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  1. More great info! Thank you so much. I am new to the forums but they have been really great so far.
  2. This is all really great info! Appreciate everyone's time and contributions. I feel a lot more prepared now.
  3. Thanks so much Rob! This makes me feel a lot more comfortable. They have great rates and service and I've been glad to be with them through the years. Now I have better idea where to start the discussion.
  4. So I'll be honest with y'all... I'm a newbie to RVing, a newbie to full-timing, AND even a newbie to towing a travel trailer (or towing anything at all really! yeah, I know, gasp!)... but I'll be doing ALL THREE in about 4 weeks. I went through RV Online University already, and I'm graduating from Escapees Bootcamp tomorrow at the Escapade in Sedalia, among other classes I've completed, so I think I've done as much video and word-of-mouth and classroom educating myself as I can at this point (and I do have an in-person driving class tentatively scheduled for my trailer pick-up date too). However, there are several very specific electrical and security-related mods that I want done to my travel trailer (it's a tiny econo-20-footer, FYI), and I am looking for recommendations from people who have had mobile RV tech work done in Arizona and can vouch for the both the trustworthiness of the tech and the quality of the work they had done. As a solo female, I really find it critical to educate myself ahead of time and get as many recommendations as I possibly can, never really taking the first, second, or even 13th person's word on anything... because... I mean... it's a wild world out there (even if you aren't Cat Stevens). And traditionally, I was never the used-car-dealership-savvy-type, if that says anything about my vehicle acumen. I didn't even know it was possible to negotiate the price of the very first USED car I bought (as a lowly Air Force enlistee). So I just paid them what they asked. Yeah, I know... cringe, cringe, cringe! And yeah, I do know a *bit* more now. I know enough to be skeptical of everything, at least. But I also know that there are some really good people in this group. So please, help a girl out if you can? So to be honest, the potentially most expensive mobile tech work I'm looking to get done (and I don't have an unlimited budget) include: a solar panel array (160 watt x 3) + inverter (3000 watt pure sine) + replacement battery bank (200-300 Ah lithium ion bank) install (and making sure that the wiring is compatible with all of the existing appliances) so I'd need someone who can do all of that... on a 20-foot travel trailer (roof space is at a premium, but I really don't want to do portable/foldables, and I think the 3 160s would fit, even if with brackets to raise them above some of the roof structures/appliances). Also... a smaller matter... but an RV-specializing locksmith... I want to put a deadbolt on my door, among a few other security-related things. Any recommendations in that regard, whether in AZ (maybe near Tucson or Phoenix)... or even better, in Indiana near Nappanee, would be great! Thanks for reading! Any constructive comments are much appreciated!
  5. Second Chance... how do you start the conversation with USAA about this? I'm about to start full-timing for the first time ever (in about a month) with a travel trailer, and they gave me a quote for insuring the trailer, but I hadn't asked them about full-timing rates yet. What do you say about your "residence address"? I think I am kinda worried about setting off red flags (I have no idea why, maybe just because I perceive a certain stigma attached to mentioning full-time RVing). All of my belongings will be carried with me, nothing in storage. But I currently have a rental insurance policy because I've been sticks-and-bricks with them for... over 14 years now. Do I need that still? In addition to these questions, I guess I'm just wondering what to say to the agent so that my needs and intentions are completely clear and above-board.
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