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  1. Some good advice has been given hear. If you are looking for a class C RV only I do not believe Tiffin/Allergo or Newmar are making a class C, could be incorrect (not wrong). LOL When Newmar made 5th wheels they were one of the best on the market owned two of them. If You are looking for class A both are highly recommended. You get what you pay for. Winnebago is a stand alone company. I other words they make a sell their brand. After that Forest River makes about 90% of the other brands. Thor owns and make Jayco. It take a lot of research to get through all the brands and who makes what. That being said someone mentioned the RV world is about trade offs. I now have a class C W/O jacks and have not felt that I should have them. But again I tend to stop in level campgrounds or don't stop. I do use the 2x10 trick if required. This subject is just wide open you could go on and on, so take my advice and do as it please you and your budget.
  2. This project has been more expensive than I expected from the beginning. But that is nothing new. The first thing I did was go to a RV dealer and got a price for everything installed. Got a quote of $4500.00, base plate, brakebuddy and all installed. For me that was out of the question. I have been working on everything from jet engines to tractors all my life. I am a DIY type of guy. I thought the base plate was high but you cannot find them used. Bought one and installed it with the help of Youtube. Bought most of the items I needed from others that had used them but not damaged them. I got the equipment to wire the tail lights, easy to install via Youtube. But when I got to the fuse part and they had a wiring harness for $90 with switch I bulked. Too expensive for what it is. I can make that. Also with the charging equipment, I can do that. So thanks to all the replies, Youtubers and Google. There is so much information out there on any subject, if you are an average DIY type it can be done. Again, Thanks Gary
  3. I want to say thank you to all that responded to my questions. Very informative and has helped me decide which way I will go. I proves one thing, there is more than one way of doing things. As someone said I seldom travel 300 miles in a day and I don't think I have much to worry about. Thanks again
  4. Thanks I should also ask what size wire did you run? I was thinking #10 however, a 12 might be heavy enough.
  5. I would be interested in the part number. However, this is O'Riley country in Branson. Does this relay just wire in line or where is it connected.
  6. Question Number 1. Charging the CR-V battery, Since the Motorhome charges the house battery is there any reason I could NOT run a ten gage wire from house battery (or motorhome battery) to the seven pole plug and then on to the CR-V battery? Question Number 2. When towing you have to turn the key on, I understand that. It says to remove two ACC fuses to keep from running down the battery. If you set up a charging wire do you still need to remove the fuses? I have found a wiring harness to install to add switches in the circuit but it is $90. I think i can fabricate a wiring harness for far less. So far I have removed the bumper cover and installed the base plate and break-a-way switch. I have my tail light harness will install next week. Have my Brake Buddy ready. I just have to work out charging issue. I have even thought that since I don't travel long distance in a day without stopping I could start the CR-V and charge the battery. You are required to run the car every eight hours of towing anyway. Thanks for any help or advice.
  7. Need to sell 2003 Dodge Ram 3500 two wheel drive truck. Quad cab long (8 foot) bed. Alum wheels, fender flares one owner 5.9 diesel well taken care of. Has 208,300 miles all highway. Has 20,000 lb fifth wheel hitch, plate with ball to pull gooseneck trailer and tool box. Single rear wheel. Nothing wrong with truck sold fifth wheel now have Class C motorhome. Located in Branson, MO asking $11,000 Can not up load pictures if interested I can email them to you.
  8. Will anyone admit to towing a small car i.e. Honda CR-V behind a class C E350 motorhome without a Brake Buddy or some type of braking system. I do not want a argument just asking. I have read all state data, and understand the reasons why you should. Just asking.
  9. Does anyone have a used base plate for a 2014 Honda CR-V? If so I am in need of one. Thank You Bought a new one Ouch!
  10. What type of brake control do you use in your toad behind a Class C unit? OK bought a Brake Buddy Classic
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