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  1. Travelergal68

    exterior - Laminate vs aluminum siding?

    I chose Azdel with the fiberglass on top and aluminum framing. So far this is my second trailer (larger upgrade) and things seem to be going well. Shouldn’t have to worry about delamination. https://www.azdelonboard.com/
  2. Travelergal68

    What's Your TT Set-up?

    I have a 2015 Dodge SB 1500, Hemi, 8 speed tranny, 4x. Towing a 2017 25’ Coachmen Freedom Express. Doesn’t even feel like it’s back there. Just traded up from a Coachmen 17x Nano Hybrid. I like the Coachmen because of the Azdel construction. Cosmetic things I can repair. So far I’m extremely happy with the set up. The trailer is still small enough to get into some campgrounds but large enough for one person and and one of my adult children (when they want to go lol)