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    Replaced my oem central vacuum..

    I have Purvac Barracuda now, but have had several brands in different homes. The important things I consider. 1. Get one with a disposable bag. It is cleaner, easier to empty, and protects the motor. 2. Do NOT get a contractor's special. It was inferior to a brand name and did not work as well. 3. You can get a power brush in two different methodologies. If electricity is supplied to the hose, a power brush with be activated by plugging it into the wall outlet. If no electricity, you can use an air-powered model. 4. To prevent marring the walls, especially around corners, buy a "hose sock" which fits over the hose and protects walls and furniture from abrasion. 5. New wans are expandable with the push of a button to reach the ceiling and under deep spaces. I really like this feature on my latest model. 6. If you put a hose outlet in the garage purchase a special hose so not to get the house hose dirty. Same thing applies to the basement. 7. You can hang the hose on a small plastic garden hose reel in a closet.
  2. cowolter

    RV shower head

    We replaced the original showerhead with Oxygenics Body Spa head. The Body Spa head is definitely an improvement over the original shower head - BUT, I'm not thrilled with how narrow the spray pattern is. I'm now starting to see other Oxygenics shower heads out there that can be adjusted to provide a narrow spray pattern or a larger spray pattern - such as the Thunderhead High Pressure Rain. Anybody have any experience with these "adjustable" Thunderhead models?
  3. cowolter

    50 or 30 amp?

    Definitely go 50 amp and pre-wired for a second A/C if you have the option. We added the second A/C to our Laredo one year after we bought it and it saved our bacon when we broke the Kenmore Smart in Nebraska in the dead of summer. Both A/C units ran constantly to keep up with the 90+ temps and 80%+ humidity. Water from both was streaming off of both sides of the roof for the three days we stayed there waiting on truck repair parts and the labor after the parts arrived. (Now there's proof you got the trailer leveled correctly!)