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  1. Hello folks, I am a performing songwriter. My husband and I are planning a yearlong trip around the USA for his retirement. I plan to book at least one show a week while we are on the road, and it is likely that I'll be selling CD's. Question 1: How do I deal with sales tax in multiple states? Can I just continue to charge FL sales tax and report to my home state? Question 2: I perform mostly for kids, families and seniors. Any tips on booking gigs in campgrounds? Thanks! Mrs. Kate
  2. I appreciate everyone's input on the spare tire issue for a Class A. I had a 22.5 replaced tire mounted on a rim. But now I cannot find an undercarriage rack to mount it underneath. Does anyone know where to get such a rack or how to make one? Thanks!
  3. We have never been to Acadia National Park. Which campsites in the park would you recommend as ideal for great location for view and stay experience with a 36' Class A?
  4. This discussion is why I am so glad to be a part of Escapees! Thank you all so much for helping this neophyte!
  5. New at RV camping and I find that a lot of state parks have a 35' limit. I have a 36' Bounder and some tell me that the campgrounds really don't hold tight on the limit rule for a foot or two. I wonder if that is true? What has been your experience?
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