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  1. jlc1988

    Getting Parts

    Greetings! Any recommendations for getting spare parts for 1995 Southwind Storm? Also there are some parts that are generic to the MH that I need (basement door latches). Any recommendations for generic parts as well? Thank you Oh Wise Collective Mind.
  2. jlc1988

    Hooking up house current to MH

    First off, thank you all for your wealth of RV knowledge. I'm learning by reading and experimentation. 🤓 I did hook up Babs (RV name) to an outside 120 VAC outlet. As expected, I cannot run all of the electrical devices. I like having it hooked to house current primarily to keep the fridge cold. I can run the AC, lights, and fridge. When I turn on the fresh water pump, it trips the circuit breaker in the house.
  3. jlc1988

    Hooking up house current to MH

    So no AC I assume?
  4. jlc1988

    Keeping RV Fridge Cool While Driving

    That seems too easy. Isn't there some type propane lighting ritual or something?
  5. jlc1988

    Keeping RV Fridge Cool While Driving

    We're learning how to turn the silly thing on...
  6. Hi y'all. I'm still learning about our MH and its various features. Y'all should've seen us trying to unfurl the awning😂. Anyway, I was curious if it is possible to hook up electricity from the house to the MH. The run from the nearest outlet to the MH is about 35'. Can you use a regular extension cord or do I need a special cord? Thanks in advance!
  7. jlc1988

    buying an RV

    Because we're new to this lifestyle, we chose to get an older RV (1995 model year) that was in good shape, low miles, and affordable. Paid for it outright. If we like like the RV life, we may consider a newer and nicer one. We were initially ready to jump into full time but I landed an excellent job and relocated. We were wanting a new coach that had a W/D + toyhauler. It's out there but it's $$$$$. We found that RV dealers also will give deep discounts off of the asking price. Don't be afraid to negotiate.
  8. jlc1988

    Hello everybody!

    Ours was named Storm from the factory. It has a cute graphic of a happy coach on it. Much rather have that than an aggressive name.
  9. jlc1988

    Have You Named Your RV?

    Babs. Acronym for Big A** Bus.
  10. jlc1988

    Hello everybody!

    I hear ya. New paint styles are a bit too loud for my taste. What I find amusing is the names on some these rigs that the factories give them. Venom, Vengeance, Nitro, and the like. My current hypothesis to the naming is the effect they may have on one's bank account. 🤣
  11. jlc1988

    Hello everybody!

    We got the reservations for Sturgis about a month ago. We were lucky to get them. It's probably sold out by now.
  12. jlc1988

    Hello everybody!

    Hello all. We're new to RVing. We're so new we haven't took her out on her maiden voyage. We got a 1995 Southwind Storm 31H. Mileage wasn't high (40k) and the interior looked good and we got a good deal on her. Our first long trip with her is going to be Sturgs, SD for the rally up there. However, we will be taking some mini excursions to get used to her. We will be posting up questions as they arise. Thanks for letting us in! 😀