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  1. We had 11 inches of the white stuff here about 2 weeks ago. It was very pretty while it lasted. It's all gone now. Higher temps and rain helped wash it all away!
  2. Merry Christmas and a safe and happy 2019.
  3. I whole heartedly agree with Jeri. I remember meeting you and Dave even before the graduation in Q. We were in Needles and had lunch at Denny's. I also remember the second year we were there with the new members of 2009. Everyone had already moved on and we were the only two rigs left and with a little wood left we had one last campfire. These are the memories I cherish. The other Linda
  4. Haven't lost your sense of humor! At my last eye doctor appointment, she said I was developing cataracts. Ed had his surgery a couple of years ago. He very rarely wears his classes any more. That's what I want!
  5. We would love to do a Mississippi River Cruise. Its very expensive though. Travel agent said that the prices may be dropping so we keep watching the prices.
  6. Thanks guys. Just read your blog, tried to comment but wouldn't let me. Glad you are doing good. Grandchildren are a joy and I see a lot of babysitting in your future. We still like to travel and are planning a couple of days on the Blue Ridge Parkway next week and a trip to Boston next summer. And we have fallen in love with cruising so we are going next year to the Caribbean with daughter and family. Never know, we may show up in Ohio.
  7. Thanks, we had fun too. So who's coming to Virginia next??
  8. Hi everyone, We are doing great. We moved to a downstairs apt back in October. So much better. Specially with groceries. I am enjoying my part time job at Kohl's. I usually give at least half of my paycheck back to them! LOL. Ed has gone back to Amazon here in Chester Virginia. He is quitting for good the end of July. We are taking a cruise to Alaska over Labor Day. Really looking forward to that. We fly into Seattle on Aug 30th and get back into Seattle on Sept 7th. We will then spend the weekend with Ed's daughter in Tacoma and fly home Monday. Just enjoying being close to my daughter and family. Son and DIL are coming over the 4th of July so we are busy planning things with them. Sounds like everyone is settling down somewhere and not traveling as much. I do still read a few blogs still. Today I just decided to read a few posts of the forum. Was looking for an update on Marsha. Anyone heard? Paul posted a blog some time back but wondered if they made it to Ohio. Linda and Ed
  9. Since everyone is talking about summer plans, guess I will let you know what ours are. Even though we no longer have our motorhome, we are planning a summer vacation. We will be leaving on August 13th for Albany, New York....quick trip to visit last living uncle who is in an Alzheimer home. Then on to Niagara Falls for a couple of days, down to Philadelphia and then back in Virginia on the 21st. Sure will be different type of travel since it will be in hotel rooms, but we are really looking forward to it. I will be flying to California again in early October to see family and meet my great granddaughter who will be arriving in early August. We are thinking about taking a cruise to Alaska in 2017. Not sure if it will work out but we are thinking about it. You all stay safe with the summer travels.
  10. In January of 2016 we were in an accident that totaled our motorhome. We were not injured. The insurance company paid off around $40,000 and that still left $38,000 on the loan. It was only in Ed's name so he filed bankruptcy since they would not work with us to repay it. Question.....since this was our only residence are there any deductions we can take on our income tax? Not sure....but thought I would throw this out there. Thanks Linda and Ed Lavin
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