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  1. You can search eBay and get a true unthrottled grandfathered Sim card for a pretty reasonable monthly fee payable to the seller thru PayPal. Buy a 4g Hotspot on ebay for 30 to 50 dollars that matches the company the card is thru (usually AT&T) and you have true unlimited for the monthly agreement. I have run over 200gb thru mine over a month, and it was the same 65.00 as 5gb. With my 30gb on my Verizon phones, I am covered except in truly non coverage areas.
  2. sbpierce

    Texas Class A or B License Upgrade FAQs

    I went to Bowie yesterday to take the written test, and was informed that Texas DPS issued a directive last week adding the Combination test for the Class A exempt. Took the General Knowledge (chapter 14) yesterday, and the Combination (chapter 6) test today. Both pretty easy with the online practice tests. Scheduled for the driving test in Bowie the first week of June. Other than the inconvenience, I am really seeing the value of the additional licensing.