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  1. acker1

    Ending fulltiming

    WELCOME HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. acker1

    Ending fulltiming

    Many thanks RV. Even tho we've never met I feel like we are good friends. I think you are in Co now. Might get there sometime. We are in S. Illinois if you ever get this way, let me know. DICK
  3. acker1

    Ending fulltiming

    FL-JOE--a couple of issues are AO related.
  4. After 18 years of fulltiming, medical conditions are forcing us to stop. Bought a house in S. Illinois and will be selling our MH as soon as I can get some pics. It's been a great 18 years. We had planned on fulltiming until we died (came close 2 times this summer). Met a lot of good friends in person and thru RV forums (Hi RV!). Got to visit more family and friends than we ever did with a stick house. So sad but it had to be. DICK
  5. I got this far!!!! Can't find the switch that says "allow". Now what? Thanks DICK
  6. I see it now!! Thanks DICK
  7. Only thing I see there is the copyright symbol.
  8. Where is this 'bubble'?
  9. I want to check out their mapping program. Haven't been to the site in a long time. Been a member for 17 years. They sent me a verification code but when using I get this message: " Your password reset confirmation failed because the verification code was invalid. User not found " If I try to register again I get a message that my info is already in the system. Don't what to do now. Any ideas? Thanks DICK
  10. acker1

    The Wall

    If I remember correctly the first KIA is top of panel 1E which is the right hand panel when standing at the "V". The last KIA is on the panel to the left of the "V". That completes the 'circle' of the war. DICK
  11. acker1

    Cloning software

    Thanks Derek, understand a bit better now. I'll read the article too. DICK
  12. acker1

    Cloning software

    Thanks Derek but I am still lost. Also, is clone better than backup? Clone is for restoring your computer right? Been awhile since I did a backup. I backed up to an external HD. Thanks DICK
  13. acker1

    Cloning software

    Hi Derek, Can the Apricorn package clone to an external HD. I was reading about it and it just confused me. Cloning better than backup? Thanks DICK