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  1. Lily


    KbOzke, VERY interesting and extremely helpful information! I've made a copy of this info. including with many, many other resourcful pieces of information, to come up with an educated decision on RV's Thank you...Thank YOU SOOOO much! Lily
  2. Lily


    Awwww heck Linda! Hubby and l just like the idea, that we can hide that big ol' TV! Who knows what we'll finally end up with when we're good n ready! Gotta sell our house first! LOL
  3. Lily


    Thank you Kirk Wood! I'll pass along this information to hubby! Thank you for being resourceful and helpful! Thank you..Thank you!
  4. Lily


    Hiya Joe, Yes it was a 2007 I believe....I'll relay your input to hubby.....I'm so grateful that these forums are available to help give us some food for thought! Thank you...Thank you!
  5. Lily


    THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Hubby has done alot of research, and has gotten turned on to "Country Coaches" or "Newells" as he feels they are a good quality. I trust him since, he used to drive Military Trucks and Semi Trucks? And I HAVE NO mechanical background LOL I will DEFINITELY read your input to him as I have with all I get from everyone else's! Chris n Dennis went through alot of trouble to create an expense chart for us too, so we can stuff that in our hats! LOL Thanks for the wisdom in putting 15% or so of the purchase price aside! in a repair fund. I knew we had to put something back just didn't have a rule of thumb until now! This is why, we are keeping our budget between $150,000 to $200,000, so we can have a $100,000 cushion for starters!
  6. Lily


    Hiya All! This is Lily and Nate again! Thank you all Soooooooooooo much for all of your helpful responses to our RV Fulltime venture! Someone had given us a VERY good advise that before we purchase an RV to get someone to inspect or check out the RV before purchase? How do we go about getting someone to do that, and is there a typical fee when we do find someone to check out our investment? Another wise suggestion is to get some kind of warranty? Any MORE advise on this as well? Finally. We came across an RV that we REALLY are shooting for, but it is a little bit out of our range! We'd like to keep our investment between $150,000 - $200,000 in a "NEWELL" or "COUNTRY COACH". Here is a link to what we found, that is out of our price range...BUT MAYBE....MAYBE a few months down the road there COULD be like THIS in our price range? Here is the link: http://motorhomesoftexas.com/coachrv_images/newell_coach/2007--newell--45Custom--P1288 Again, THANK YOU...THANK YOU... FOR ALL YOUR HELP AND ENCOURAGEMENT! GOD BLESS!
  7. Lily

    Solar Panels

    Thanks 2gypsies! We've been looking at the Newells on Motorhomes of Texas, RV Trader, and BusStuff? We ARE trying to keep it between, $150,000 to $200,000 range. Someone at a State Park did mention PPL. We'll have to look at that sight again. We like Country Coach too. Not sure about Newmar. What our thinking is, picking the BEST quality for resale, like about 10 years or so? Thanks for sharing your solar wisdom too! Going to read this to hubby! Thanks for all your help! LOVE your name btw
  8. Lily

    Solar Panels

    Thank you Folivier! We ARE interested! Hoping to stay in the $150,000 - $200,000 range. We're hoping to have our home sold by December and then try to transition into our new Motorhome by then? Is this PMing you? or is there another way? Here's a couple Hubby and I are interested in: http://www.bus-stuff.com/2004Newell_Premium1129.html https://www.rvtrader.com/listing/2003-Newell-Coach-45--5000048800
  9. Lily

    Solar Panels

    Thanks ! Jcussen! sounds like we ARE on the right track with all the research we've been doing. We're preparing to sell our house. Hoping we'll be ready to transition into a "Newell" around December? Thinking we need to stay in the $150,000 to the $200,000 range, which might be a little tricky since they're an expensive motorhome plus we have some high expectations? LOL, But who KNOWS what miracles could occur then right?? Here's a couple that we've got our eye on: https://www.rvtrader.com/listing/2003-Newell-Coach-45--5000048800, http://www.bus-stuff.com/2004Newell_Premium1129.html
  10. Lily

    Solar Panels

    Yanno, that's what we kinda figured, is most use hookups....so hearing it from you just confirms "Our"thoughts too...but wanted to put that question out there, as it didn't make sense to us. LOL
  11. Lily

    Solar Panels

    Thank you Linda! We've been wondering who the best places are to go to for solar panels!
  12. Lily

    Solar Panels

    Thank you Kirk! Read your response to hubby, you really have offered some good information ! With what you shared, I'm CONVINCED the Newell's are the best choice. BUT we're not looking at the ones not priced THAT HIGH LOL! We'll Check out that link too! So far we've been on RV Trader and Motorhomes of Texas! Thank YOU! Nate and Lily
  13. Hiya Guys! It's us again! Hubby and I are looking into both the "Newells" AND "Country Coaches" for FULL TIME RV'ING. We're wondering...why is RARE to find just a couple in our search of many, many, many MOTORHOMES with already installed Solar Panels? BTW! We just got our Escapee Membership cards! Won't be long til we'll be on the road! Thanks! Nate and Lily
  14. Lily


    Thank you everybody for your help! Sorry it took me so long to respond!
  15. Chris-n-Dennis!

    THANK YOU...THANK YOU....THANK YOU! For your hard work in creating an est. RV exp. report!  YOU have NO idea how much that meant to us!!

    We are sold on ther NEWELL or COUNTRY COACH Class A motorhomes.  In the process of looking at used options for long time RVing. 

    Looking into Health, vehicle , and life insurance, maybe even appliance insurance as we CONTINUALLY are having issues with our home appliances!

    Sooooooooo sorry, it took us so long to notify you of our appreciation of your information!  Please forgive!

    Any OTHER pieces of wisdom you may have to offer, would be deeply appreciated!

    We JUST became "Escapee" members, so as to prepare ourselves for the RV life!  


    Nate & Lily 

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