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  1. All great info, thanks for that information Lou. That makes sense as to what we’ve been seeing at parks. yes, we plan to live in the RV. Called KOA today, they said they have long term parking but are booked into 2020. Gonna keep calling around to see if anyone allows stays longer than 6 months. Thanksgor the website Kirk will check that out as well!
  2. Thanks for the info! I called Fiddlers Cove yesterday and their max stay is a month. There are a few places I’ve found with a max stay of 6 months(Admiral Baker). I will look into the KOA!
  3. Hi All, wondering if anyone can suggest resources for long term parking options? I will be leaving Florida soon to head to San Diego, CA where I’ll be stationed for 3ish years. Moving from a small town and a quiet RV park, I’m a bit nervous about finding a good place to park the RV. A bit worried about crime and generally not having as much peace of mind in a bigger city. Anyone know of websites/information to help find a good long term site to park? I’ve been mostly browsing Craigslist for RV parks. Thanks!
  4. Has anyone had glass randomly break in their RV? I came home to a glass section of my shower shattered this evening. There are four glass sections and the other three are fine(for now). The only idea I can come up with is it being heat or humidity related. I turned off the AC earlier in the day and left it off while I was gone. I don’t think indoor temperatures reached 90 degrees F though. Mainly trying to figure out what happened so it doesn’t happen again. Also, anyone know how to go about replacing the broken glass section? Thanks. I will try to resize the file size of photos to post.
  5. Ok, what I’m gathering from this is I should try to find an RV Park on little road trips until I can budget a G or so for a generator. Thanks for all the information!!
  6. Ok I see, thanks for all the info. So a generator and inverter are the same things? Sorry this is all new to me 🙈. I know Atlanta has a specific parking lot for RVs according to their website, but with them and other venues who accommodate RVs, I imagine there typically is not full hook ups. Thanks for the tips on food 😋
  7. **I didn’t see a post covering this specifically, but if there is feel free to delete this** I’m a new owner of a toy hauler travel trailer, living full time in it, and hoping to take road trips here and there. I’m wondering what I need to keep in mind when staying somewhere without full hookups. For example, I’d like to get to an Atlanta Braves game this year and spend the night at their RV lot. I also plan to drive a few hours and take my motorcycle to track days around the area. The main thing I’d be concerned about is electricity for AC, I’m sure the gray/black water tanks are fine for a couple days. Would the best option be to buy a generator? Any other boondocking tips would be appreciated! Thanks.
  8. Well do you specify with them you are full timers? Idk, they asked if it would be stationary or if I would be on the road. I said I’m a full timer, will be stationary for 6-9 months, then they asked where I’d be keeping it.
  9. I’m currently stationed in Texas but will be heading to my new duty station in west Florida at the end of May. Due to being in the military I’m not required to register vehicles, get a new drivers license, etc while I’m in that state. I will be in Florida for the next 9 months or so training. My drivers license has my parents old address in California. I think the issue with Progressive was that state I’d be keeping the trailer in(Florida and/or Texas). I will check out those other companies thanks!
  10. Probably wilI use my parents address in California or the RV park address we stay at for mail
  11. So after being shut down for full time coverage from Progressive and USAA, I thought I would be going with Geico for RV insurance. When I told them I’d be living close to the Gulf in Florida(Pensacola/Milton area) he let me know they can not write policies for locations around the gulf coast. He recommended finding a local insurance broker in that area. Anybody have any suggestions for this situation? I’m nervous any local broker will be very expensive. Are they any big insurance companies that may accommodate this situation? Also I need coverage for the next month or so while I’m in Texas before heading that way. Thanks for any advance! Didn’t see a post covering this topic but if there is one sorry!
  12. That sounds awesome! Haven’t heard of RV parks having their own golf courses before, although I am pretty new to this haha
  13. Thanks for all the responses! I guess the main issue for us is finding specific washer/dryer combos that don't need traditional hookups, or that can use an adapter with a faucet. When browsing certain models, it is difficult to tell if it can be hooked up to a faucet. Big Greg, I hear you about looking for RVs that are already equipped, definitely something to consider.
  14. Hello All. For background, I'm currently looking at trailers(toy haulers mostly) to move in to live in full time. We recently decided on going with a travel trailer instead of a generally more expensive RVIA certified tiny house and currently looking at a 2017 Heartland Prowler 261TH. One thing I'm having trouble with is how to hook up a washer/dryer in the trailer. Can anyone recommend a washer/dryer combo that can be hooked up to a faucet and standard 120V outlet? I read one article recommending a Splendide model, but wrinkles seemed to be an issue with that one. Wondering if anyone has had good luck with any others in particular? Just to clarify, there are no traditional hook ups in the trailers we've been looking at. I searched around a bit and couldn't find much on here regarding this topic, sorry if it's been covered previously. Thanks in advance!
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