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  1. RV_ Thank you so much, this is such great info, I really appreciate it! Alex
  2. Tee Jay, Thank you so much for the help. This is the kind of advice I've been scouring all over the internet for. I have looked and looked and looked and I the unit I have my mind set on (right now) is the Heartland Mallard M185. It's got an enclosed, heated and sealed underbelly and 2'' thick fiberglass insulated walls. On an ultralite, it has been virtually impossible to find anything with an enclosed underbelly, or fiberglass insulation, or walls thicker than 1.25''. The Camping World reps tell me this model is good down to 0 deg F. I know that this does not necessarily include all the water lines, etc, that you mentioned. But with a 20K BTU heater and some extra propane (and maybe some DIY insulation on the windows/doors and water lines), I think I might be okay in April - Sep. What do you think? Again, this advice has been invaluable. Especially the tire recommendation and PEX suggestion. I really appreciate it a lot. And thank you for your service! Alex
  3. Thank you that is excellent advice. All of it. I will have to check out Lance for sure.
  4. I am in the military, about to head up to Fairbanks Alaska for my next assignment. My wife and I were looking to possibly purchase a travel trailer for camping adventures while we are stationed in AK. I would much appreciate this community's help and assistance when it comes to selecting the right make and model. Based on my research so far (I am completely new to the world of RV'ing), this is what I think I need (in order of importance): a.) Less than 5,000 lb dry. This is the towing capacity for '14 my nissan pathfinder. However, once in Alaska, we will have a Yukon XL which has a 8-10K capacity. In other words, we need it to be 5,000 lb for travel to AK but not necessarily for use while in AK. Now, having surveyed possible brands/models, I doubt that we will actually buy anything that encroaches on 5K dry, but it's still something to keep in mind. b.) Not spending more than $15,000. I am fine buying used. c.) Well-insulated and ready for cold weather. I've researched some possible recommendations, like the Heartland Mallard M185, with a temperature rating of 0-100 degrees. That works great. It sounds like fiberglass is the way to go for good insulation, as well as a robust base that's possibly heated. Some other possible brands were Starcraft, and from other research: Bigfoot or Arctic. We won't be roaming around the Alaskan interior during winter, but it would be nice to be able to get some good camping when things are somewhat cold (i.e. not JUST June, July and August). Specific brand/model is where I need the most assistance. d.) This is not absolutely necessary but hopefully we can get something somewhat versatile. I know that truck/camper combos are probably the most versatile, and we don't have a truck, but it would be nice to not be limited to merely straight, paved roads (like a 5th wheel would be, I imagine). How do I outfit the trailer to be more "off" or "rough" road ready? e.) The trailer needs to accommodate 2 adult sleepers and 2 children. I have a 1.5 year old daughter, and am planning on having a second child sometime while in Alaska. It sounds like a bunkbed in the corner is the way to go. I don't know anything about storing or winterizing or really anything else regarding owning and maintaining a travel trailer. With all that said, I am open and ready to receive feedback, suggestions, accusations or whatever. Thank you so much!! Alex __________________
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