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  1. We have had 2 of the Predators for over a year now with the piggy back wiring. They start on the 2 pull almost every time. We have run them all day long with out a hiccup. They are just as or maybe even quieter then the Hondas... If you only need lights and TV you can run one and it is barely noticeable. When running like that it uses very little gas and runs over night. Not sure why folks get all hung up on Hondas other then it must be a status symbol. I use to run one of the those dreaded yellow gens ....used it for years and it too was fairly quiet to the point that people I camped with out in Quartzite didn't even know it was running behind my trailer... Only switched because the 2 2000 watter's are easier to throw up into the truck....Just make sure you change the oil when necessary and they will last a long time.....
  2. That's a mouthful......But is anyone using those flat antennas that claim to just put in your attics or even behind your TV. They claim to have a pretty good range. They now sell them from Walmart to Camping World but I have not seen one work to know if they do what they claim. If they do then it would be super simple since I could just put it in a cabinet behind the TV.
  3. The Nivida Shield box from Best Buy works great. Follow instructions on You Tube to set it up. Once it's set up you will have Kodi, You Tube, programs that stream old movies and access to all the pay channels like Netflix and Amazon. I use mine on the road. You will need fairly decent internet access. If the area where I am is weak then I just Mifi mine off my phone....
  4. Thanks guys....not sure where I got that it had to have the steering unlocked but dumb me didn't think of looking up the manual ....says to lock it ...so be it....
  5. Ok like I said it is a tow Dolly....and it does matter if you lock or unlock the steering wheel. If it is locked the car will track different. If it is unlocked the car will turn on the dolly. I am almost positive that if it is a solid tow dolly the steering wheel must be unlocked. But if it is an Acme dolly that the plates pivot then the steering wheel needs to be locked......Is there anyone that tows with a dolly that can tell me if I am thinking right....Thanks.....
  6. Hi all.... We have a FWD Rav4 with a Stehl tow dolly. My question is since the deck on the dolly is solid and does not move, am I right in that I must leave the steering wheel of the Rav unlocked?? Thanks
  7. Looking for the interior windshield curtains that may fit a Tiffin Allegro....Dave
  8. I agree, Juarez is not a place to go even if they do dental work for free.....
  9. Dave and Jeannie Baney

    2014 Cedar Creek Silverback 5th Wheel

    2010 Dodge Laramie 3500

    and 2 pooches Miss Bella and Kassie Girl

  10. Everyday is Saturday when you're retired.....

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