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  1. Not sure if you were addressing me with the above but I will try your suggestion. I refilled the DEF tank after 2000 miles since I got it from the dealer and it took a gallon of DEF. This is mostly city driving. And you're right, MB dealers will charge you as much as they can. BTW, the first dealer (MB of Melbourne FL) refunded me the full amount of what they charged me for resetting the CEL after I wrote an email and sent it to their GM. Thank you MB of Melbourne FL! My Sprinter has been running trouble free and I hope it stays that way......knock on wood!
  2. I recently bought a 2015 MB Sprinter 2500 pass van with the intent of converting it to a class B rv. 1 week after purchase, low DEF warning. I bought DEF from AutoZone, they said it's approved for MB Sprinters. Topped off the tank (less than 1/2 gal) and drove off thinking message will clear after a few minutes. Instead, countdown started! Took it to MB dealer, told them what happened and asked if DEF I used was ok and they blessed it. They cleared CEL and countdown, billed me $266 then sent me off. The following day, low DEF and countdown pop up. Took it back, this time they said maybe bad sensors or Adblue system issues. Since van was still under warranty, no worries. They kept van for 3 days to wait for parts. After 3 days, they called, said van was fixed. All parts ok they just reset with new code from MB. Told me to top off DEF every 5000 mi. I top off every other fuel fill up. 1500 mi later, same thing. This time, I ended taking it to another dealer as I was about 100 mi from the previous one. First, they reset it, told me to use only MB DEF, dinged me $355.00. 50 miles later, low DEF and countdown again!!! New dealer ended up replacing catalytic converter and NOX sensors, under warranty. It's been 500 miles as of this writing and so far it's good (keeping my fingers crossed)! I found this on eBay MERCEDES cars & Sprinter BlueTec Adblue... Item ID: 252485713121 Quantity: 1 Estimated delivery: Tue. Mar. 27 - Thu. Apr. 12 This is a Countdown Eraser that you plug into the OBDII receptacle. Will not erase low DEF warning but give you time to bring van to have error reset by dealer(?) I'll let you know if it's worth the money.
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