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  1. mrymarz

    Flatbed trailering behind a class A

    HI Joe - Thanks again. Your post had some good information and made me do some research on this to understand the tag axle and how it helps. Kind of narrowing our search down to a used 38' Monaco diesel pusher. Does not have a tag axle but is a very nice machine and seems very capable of pulling what we need. Looked at a ton of RV's. Gas, Diesel, Class A, class C and after lots of research think the used class A diesel pusher is going to best fit our long term needs. Now, just excited to get it and get on the road. Happy trails to you Joe and enjoy your travels.
  2. mrymarz

    Flatbed trailering behind a class A

    Joe - Thank you so much for your detailed response. My wife and I both read it several times and there is a lot of really useful information here. I had thought about getting an enclosed trailer and based upon your feedback, I am leaning even more towards that. Really like the idea of keeping the Harley better protected as we drag it around the country. Also, great information on overall length considerations. My wife and I are so happy about how sharing and friendly all the folks in this forum and the community have been so far. Thanks again for taking time to share your experiences and I wish you all the bes tin your travels.
  3. Hi everyone - My wife and I are new to the community. This is my first posting here so hopefully this will turn out okay. We will be full timing it in a class A (36' - 40') starting in a few months. We will be towing her small SUV and my Harley behind us on a 22'-0 flatbed trailer. The SUV will have a hitch where I can unhook the trailer and hook to the SUV to move the trailer around short distances at campsites. Seems cumbersome and I know the combined length will limit us somewhat, but want a TOAD and definitely bringing the Harley for some epic rides around the west and in Alaska. Have looked at several Harley carriers that attached to the hitch and also allow for flat towing the TOAD but they put a lot of load into the RV frame and are pretty expensive. My question is for those on here who have a class A and also pull a flatbed. Have you found this problematic? Do most Passport America type camps have spots to store the flatbed? Long pull thru spots will be fine and boondocking will be fine, just a little nervous about how much of an issue this is gonna be. Really don't want to flat tow the newer SUV and having a Harley as well really makes that not a good option for us. Thanks in advance for any feedback and we really look forward to starting this new adventure.