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  1. Still just dreaming, planning for future HDT adventures... I love the idea of carrying a CanAm Spyder RT on the back. The new ones, loaded up for two, are 111” tip to tail. That’s too wide for the road, yes? Any way to solve for this, other than have two shorter Spyders and a lift?
  2. I just saw this... https://www.cnet.com/roadshow/news/daimler-ceo-kallenius-considering-killing-smart/ . Without smart cars, what's the next best option for a car sitting atop an RV hauler? Nothing else is that short. Jeeps are popular, but have to sit front-to back with the truck, adding much length. Anyone been thinking about this? (I'm inclined to use a singled-short HDT as a daily driver, or convince my wife that a Can-Am Spyder would be a good idea...?) I'm still years away from pulling the trigger on an HDT, which means smart cars will be long gone by then...
  3. Thanks again for giving me the demo ride at last year's WCR, Larry! She's a beautiful truck, and that ride inspired me to save my pennies for my own HDT someday... 13 years to go! 🤣
  4. I had to head out this morning, but thank you all for your warm welcome, for showing me your amazing HDTs, and showing off your beautiful 5ers. I learned a ton in just a day and a half with you. Next time, I’ll bring Nicole with me and plan to stay longer. You’ve cured me of my thoughts of pulling 24000lbs with an F-450. 😆
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