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  1. And you don't know how many times I've had to remind myself of that the last couple of days. : )
  2. Yes, we were looking at fulltimers policies and adding a personal umbrella. Thank you. We currently have Progressive through USAA. We were surprised when we asked about the cost for a fulltimers policy for Rainbows End. We knew it would be more, but were a bit surprised at just how much more the TX address and fulltimers insurance was. We have called FCIS. They quoted 4 different insurances, including Progressive, and forwarded us the National General quote for consideration. That quote, with higher coverages, is around 38% less than the Progressive quote we received on our own. Thanks everyone for your help.
  3. Thank you. My search attempt didn't yield the results I was expecting.
  4. We are starting to get quotes for full-timers rv insurance for our diesel pusher using the Escapees Rainbows End address. I am curious as to what insurance company others in similar situations used. Thank you.
  5. Thank you. That helped. I like that they are gimbaled and can swivel.
  6. Do you have a photo of what the mug buoys look like? When I searched "mug buoys" I get tons of photos of mugs with buoys in their design. I saw a couple of pontoon cup holders and wondered if those were what you were talking about. Thanks.
  7. Our motor home did not have enough cup holders. We bought a $3 Shower tote. Plenty of choices around since stores are gearing for college students.
  8. I am curious as to what people use to store spices. Do you keep them in a rack or carousel, in a cabinet or drawer? There are so many options.
  9. We joined last year before the price increase to give it a try. I thought I'd rather do something like that than a parking lot en route since I don't like expensive campgrounds for overnighting. Our first HH use will be next month. We plan to overnight at an antique car museum. They ask that you buy an admission ticket to the museum. We'll buy two at $12.50 each. I'm not sure we'll renew next year. Like others said, there are often state parks or other options.
  10. Thanks for your feedback Linda. I may wait until the last minute on those. If there's room, include them intact. If not, scan them as best I can.
  11. I confess it never occurred to me that our printer software may have had that scan and split capability already. I checked after the fact. I can't find it if it does. I would have been slightly annoyed if it had. $20 is $20.
  12. Yes, you can try it for free. However, as noted on the guarantee page, the photos will have watermarks until you register the software by paying for it. I was satisfied with the software and think it was $20 well spent. I didn't want Adobe photoshop, and I didn't notice an option with the printer software. Most of the scanning is done. I think I'm down to wedding albums and keepsake baby books. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them.
  13. I know it's an older thread, but since we're scanning photos now, I thought I'd share. We found an online software to download called Autosplitter. It's a one-time fee of $20.00 It allows you to do what Barbaraok described. You scan as many photos you can get on a flatbed scanner, leaving some space among them. The software recognizes individual photos that you can tweak, rotate, etc. before saving.
  14. While there are trailers with bunkhouses, I don't think many are going to fit your towing capacity limits. As SWharton said, I'd look at popups and consider a tent for the older kids. Our Coleman/Fleetwood Utah popup has two king beds, a dinette bed, and a gaucho couch. We've slept 6 in it. The brochure claims you could sleep 9, with 3 on the king bunk ends (a little too cozy for us).
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