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  1. My husband is retired Navy. We are curious as to what other retired military members did with their last uniforms, shadow box, and charge books when they hit the road full-time and sold their sticks and brick home. We do not intend to get a storage unit and had hoped not to burden relatives with care of our stuff. We were just wondering what others chose to do with those types of things.
  2. MrsSquid

    Clean Up That DoDo

    We've stayed at Pinchot. We too liked the pet-free loops for the same reasons. I would love to see that option offered at more places. Maryland State Parks offer pet-free loops on their reservation system. I don't know if it's in all of the state parks, but it's an option for Point Lookout State Park.
  3. MrsSquid

    Going Full Time - Our impressions and advice

    Thank you for sharing. We're hoping to start full-timing in 2020.
  4. I just found out about this program. Sounds like a great deal. https://everykidinapark.gov/
  5. MrsSquid

    Trailer w/o Slides

    I'm thinking that the insulation value in the Ice Castles must be pretty good.
  6. Good question Allentc2. Like you we are aiming for a DP Newmar in the 33' to 36' range for our full-time adventure. We are planning to get a washer and dryer. However, we too wondered about the time and space. Based on the responses thus far, it sounds like the washer and dryer is still the choice for us. We might venture to some laundromat though. My husband is big and tall. I joke that he puts a shirt and a pair of jeans in the laundry basket, and the laundry basket is full. Enjoying the responses. I'll have to remember the hose upgrade.
  7. MrsSquid

    I'm stuck - Class B or Class C?

    Hi! Thanks for letting us see your rig and offering some insights on fulltiming. That was the first time I had been inside a B+. Your rig was a nice fit for you. With my husband's size, we can hardly consider anything other than a Class A or 5er for full-timing purposes. I see in your signature line that you have a blog. Now I've got some more reading to do. That will give me something to do on this muggy day - besides the laundry that I'm still trying to get done! So Jayson, Class B or B+ is possible for some. It's not even a consideration for us though. I too think the regular B's are pricey for the space when you could get a Class C or the same price or less and have more space. I'm thinking of just moving around open space too, not only storage and tank sizes. Maybe you could rent one for a week or so and try it out?
  8. MrsSquid

    I'm stuck - Class B or Class C?

    On our last camping trip, we met a camphost who is fulltiming in a B+. It was a Phoenix Cruiser without slides. She has been fulltiming for four years.
  9. The sequence of events always makes my head spin. Moving and getting our domicile established before purchasing the full-time RV will be key for us.
  10. MrsSquid

    Trailer w/o Slides

    And for something really different, Ice Castle Fish Houses make an RV version. I saw one for the first time on our last camping trip. It certainly stood out from the rest. : )
  11. MrsSquid

    Glass cabinets in RVs

    Thanks all. I'm glad to hear that there have not been any issues. The cabinet in the photo faced the front of the coach as opposed to being on a side wall. It really reminded me of a china hutch. They show some vases in it. Since we're planning to full-time, I can't imagine having room for display items. I was trying to imagine what I would store in there, and figured seasoned Escapees would offer insight.
  12. MrsSquid

    Glass cabinets in RVs

    I've noticed that some RVs have glass display/bar cabinets or what appears to be glass components. One photo I saw had a beautiful cabinet with what appears to be clear glass doors with wood trim. It certainly made the aesthetics of that area of the coach. I wondered about the durability of glass with such things as highway motions and small living space where you might bump into things more frequently. If you have a display/bar cabinet, what do you store in it? Would you get another coach with glass? Thank you in advance for your comments.
  13. MrsSquid

    Length Limits in Campgrounds

    I ran across this recently too. http://www.dcr.virginia.gov/state-parks/bear-creek-lake#cabins_camping When you click the PDF for campsite info, the site length and width are markedly larger than the vehicle length. So, I am quite curious. And we learned to watch site width too. We went camping with friends. We arrived first and selected the sites. Our original site selection would not have been wide enough for our friends with their awnings and slide out.
  14. Thank you Kirk and Barbara. The planning tips on how to budget for yearly maintenance and how to stagger the costs of tires, etc. are helpful. Once we determine our initial "yikes" amount for a repair fund, my husband was thinking of adding the cost of what an extended warranty would cost each year. He figured the house always wins, so whatever amount they would charge should at least be sufficient to keep us on track and hopefully prevent financial disaster. I like the 10% idea, but we'll have to see if we can do that. We may have to start out with less and budget more annually. We're still two to three years out from becoming full-timers. We're hoping my cousin's goal of becoming a Newmar dealer coincides with our purchase timing. In the mean time, we're learning what we can.
  15. Do you add the same amount or percentage each month? After a major expenditure, do you try to add more to keep the fund at a minimum level? We're still in our planning stages, but repairs and maintenance is a category we're having difficulty trying to budget.