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  1. It wasn't damaged. I actually have some pictures of it before we changed it. We just didn't like the typical rv look it had with beige carpet and wood tones. We were going to live in it so we went all out haha. It definitely took some time to complete.
  2. Southwestern would have a lot more of a woody look to it wouldn't you think? My bus I am doing a southwestern theme and have been using the cedar wood v-blanking to give it a nice feel. I am working on getting an authentic bulls head with paintings by the Seminole Indian tribe.
  3. New Horizon is still for sale. If anyone is interested considering all offers. -Mark
  4. No Reserve kids! https://www.ebay.com/itm/273258332647?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  5. No need to Lou, all the Prevosts I am looking at are from the 90's with a Scarface theme, I actually asked the one salesman if the coach on consignment came with a mirror and straw. He didn't get the joke....
  6. https://www.rvt.com/New-Horizons-37-RLTSS-2010-Belmar-NJ-ID7919336-UX259233
  7. https://www.rvtrader.com/listing/2010-New+Horizons-MAJESTIC+102-F37RLTSS-5001905091
  8. Hello fellow forum members! Does anyone know what setting I need to change so that I will be notified when there is activity on my listing thread? So I am starting to get the idea that my white interior is less then desirable...... :-/ Well here's the scoop... I took the carpet out because it was this ugly boring off white and put in this dark java hickory vinyl planking. The dark wood made the cabinets appear to have more red tones to them which for me was undesirable. So I took all the doors off the cabinets, sprayed the doors with about five coats of acrylyd paint through an Earlex LPHV spray gun and preceded to paint the cabinets. The white I think made the interior space seem bigger but that's subjective. I am actually a HVACR/Plumbing contractor so I occasionally get to see some customs homes and noticed they used a great deal of white cabinetry, white marble tops, wainscoting etc. I figured it was the up and co ming. Granted I am located in a coastal town in central Jersey so I am sure te style is different in Junction City Ks as is Newport Ca or Yuma Az . The wainscoting on the wall with the trim I added as well. There are no hookups for washer dryer but there is a space and could be added pretty easily. The LP range/oven is going back in no more glass cooktop. As for the Prevost, well the deal fell through on the coach I put a deposit on, front A/C didn't work, big dent in rear door and air bags needed to be replaced $$. I found these things out upon arrival of a 1200 mile car ride but that's just how it is you know. The search continues... I can tell you one thing, the vintage of Prevosts I am looking at have the gaudiest interiors I have ever seen. I am talking all gold, all pink, purples, floral everything, glossy white (you guys would probably think I would love that) Formica and mirrors. So basically if any buddy decides to jump ship and look to buy a Prevost from 1995-99 be prepared for Miami Vice - Scarface like you wouldn't believe! Back to the New Horizon, it's still for sale and I reduced the price to $42,000. I am paying storage now so it's costing me money now. If it doesn't sell by Mothers Day I am giving it to my mother for mothers day, she loves the interior!
  9. Dropped price to 49,000.00!! Much lower than NADA. Leaving Friday to pick up my new to me Prevost that's why I am selling it so cheap. Paying $100.00 month rent to store it because neighbors were getting irate and blogging about it (boring lives I guess). 732 804 4371
  10. If anyone is interested here is the imgur link to the album with interior and exterior photos. https://imgur.com/a/48o67
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