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  1. Georgianne

    RV survey

    Any time you have feedback for the club, you can use the Contact Us form on escapees.com https://www.escapees.com/about-escapees/contact-us/. The drop down menu allows you to direct it to any of a number of departments within our club and staff. Regarding the phishing concerns- we did not intentionally disguise the link. I understand what has been said- no one accused us of phishing. However, the programs we use, between our Club News distribution and SurveyMonkey (who hosts the census) are likely responsible as they are the programs that insert the tracking codes. We have had this issue in the past (it's very common), so some mail servers have flagged clubbusiness@escapees.com already. The best advice we can offer is that you add clubbusiness@escapees.com to your address book so your email provider is more aware that our emails are welcome.
  2. Georgianne

    Cost of Events

    Hi there! Chiming in from National staff- I appreciate your feedback about the Head-Out Program pricing structure. Others have already pointed out that the price includes more than just the camping costs, so I won't go into that in detail. Understandably, HOPs aren't everyone's cup of tea. Those who enjoy them tend to sign up because they look forward to not having to plan their own vacation. With each HOP, paid National staff take the time to coordinate with service providers for catered meals, bus tours, excursions, etc so that attendees don't have to worry over the details. They simply wake up, get dressed, and meet the host to head out for the next adventure. I can assure you that our HOPs Director spends copious amounts of time researching providers and negotiating to get the best deals possible to keep costs as low as possible. We are working to bring more low-cost HOPs to SKPs in the next year as we expand and grow the program. Maybe one of those will appeal to you down the road. If not, we understand! Not everyone prefers to have things planned for them
  3. Georgianne

    FMCA PPO plan

    Good morning, all! I want to take a moment to let you know I have read your comments. Thank you for your input, it is genuinely appreciated. Before I post a full response, I want to do some research and make sure I have my facts in order so I don't mislead or create confusion. I'm also looking into some of your suggestions to see how we can clarify language on our website without creating other false impressions. Topics like insurance and finance are tricky, as there are legal repercussions for even accidental misinformation.
  4. Georgianne

    FMCA PPO plan

    That guide was produced by RVer Insurance Exchange. Our logo appears as "In partnership with" at the top of the website due to a longstanding business agreement, but we did not write this guide. It was created a distributed by the owners of RVer Insurance Exchange.
  5. Georgianne

    FMCA PPO plan

    Hello again! I received an email this morning from Theda. I'm copying it below because she doesn't currently have an account on RVNetwork. Hi everyone, I’m Theda @ Friesen-Strain Insurance and servicing agent for Escapees Healthcare Solutions products. Some of you may already be aware the primary requirement for writing a group health plan is there must be an employer/employee relationship and documents to support this relationship are required with group enrollment. You may find Association health plans that are available to doctors, lawyers, ministers etc.. available through their respective Associations/Unions. Associations are difficult to write as I have tried for several years to find one that would consider Escapees. The issue faced with various carriers is one of membership being too broad. We are hopeful the Department of Labor’s final ruling issued on June 19th will expand options available regarding Associations. In searching for plans for Escapee members, Independent Truckers Group agreed to allow Escapee members the option of coming under the umbrella of the plans they offer truckers. No, it isn’t a major medical plan, but, it does offer some benefits to those that refuse to pay outrageous premiums or for those that just don’t want traditional insurance. Until we can find a major medical plan, this does offer a viable option. As of now, the penalty for not having insurance is still the law. For those that have felt the sting of this penalty at tax time, you understand the need for viable options. Also, if a plan was written prior to the law’s signing, it is considered “grandfathered” and exempt from some of the requirements. ACA - Individual mandate – the requirement for everyone to have insurance or face tax penalty when filing yearly taxes. ACA compliant – refers to specific set of benefits - EHB’s(ambulatory patient services, emergency services, hospitalization, maternity and newborn care, mental health and substance abuse disorder services, prescription drugs, rehabilitative services, lab services, preventive and wellness services, pediatric services including oral and vision care) that must be included in plans to be considered ACA compliant. Please note: some “grandfathered” plans are exempt from some of the requirements. The WellMEC plan will give you preventive care, immunizations and satisfies the Individual mandate so you will not be penalized for not having an ACA plan. Also available is My Healthpass Plus – this plan gives you access to unlimited teledoc services wherever you are traveling, and if a prescription is needed, will call in medications at a discounted price. There are other benefits to this program such as some in home labs, interactive health assessments, savings on diabetic supplies, monthly supply of multivitamins etc.. Another option available in most states is Axis HealthCare Assist – a limited medical plan, you can choose the level of benefit you want, the max being $10,000. This is not a cumulative amount, plan will pay up to $10,000 for each service - hospital, critical illness, out-patient care, accidental death & dismemberment and it also has teledoc services built into this plan. For those states this plan is not available, we have other options. There are also dental and vision plans that are available for members. All are guaranteed issue – no health questions asked. Please keep in mind that does not mean there are no waiting periods for certain services. Please feel free to call or e-mail any questions or if I can be of assistance in any way. Thank you. Theda She can be reached via the information on https://www.escapees.com/benefits/escapees-healthcare-solutions/
  6. Georgianne

    FMCA PPO plan

    You've made some really great points! I've reached out to Shawn, our CEO, and asked him to weigh in on some of the history behind why we don't currently offer a major medical option. In a nutshell, it's because we haven't yet been able to create an association that an insurance company will recognize as valid for their purposes. It has to do with insurance companies protecting themselves from individuals signing up for something just to get major medical coverage, which can cost them much more than they receive in premiums. However, Shawn has had more in-depth conversations that allow him to divulge details more accurately. Additionally, we're reaching out to Theda, our liaison with Friesen-Strain and ITG, to clarify the difference between ACA compliant and plans that satisfy the ACA mandate, as well as some other questions. Unfortunately, she is out of the office until Monday. To address the warning banner of "not major medical," my apologies- I didn't intend to make light of the frustration you're feeling about not being able to find coverage, and I can definitely see how my remark could have been taken as disrespect. The reason we haven't taken that substantial of a measure is that these options DO work for quite a few. Not the majority, at this point, because of our struggles with obtaining a major medical option, but there are many who have signed up for WellMEC and Healthcare Assist, as well as the other options, because those plans actually do meet their needs. We want people to take the time and read through the options for themselves, in case there is something there that works for them. I have since added a note to the introductory paragraph that does state these are not major medical insurance plans, and will work with our team to see if we can edit some of the documents available on this page to make that clearer, too. Please trust that we are actively working on establishing a major medical option for our members. We know the need is there, and we wouldn't live up to our values if we didn't try to meet it. This has been an ongoing conversation for quite awhile as we work with different contacts to research all available options and methods for securing major medical coverage for those who cannot obtain coverage through their employers or Medicare.
  7. Georgianne

    FMCA PPO plan

    As marketing director, and someone who cares deeply about our members, I agree with you. I want people to understand what they are signing up for when they subscribe to our WellMEC or other healthcare plans. I pulled this directly from our website: "WellMEC is an affordable, innovative healthcare plan that provides preventive care, vaccinations, and wellness services. Additionally, WellMEC is compliant with the minimum essential coverage requirements of the Affordable Care Act." I ask this sincerely, because I want to ensure that we are being as clear as possible in our communication of this plan (without putting a big red flashing banner that says "not major medical" across the top of the page )- what does the quoted sentence above mean to you, or leave you questioning? If you're suspicious that we're hiding something, then that means I haven't done my job well enough.
  8. Georgianne

    FMCA PPO plan

    Most of what has been said here is correct. I am not well-versed on the plan referenced in the OP's first post (the PPO that may/may not be sponsored by FMCA) but I will definitely confirm that, at this point, what we offer through Escapees Healthcare Solutions are NOT major medical plans. We have not claimed that they are in any way, shape, or form because, aside from being dishonest, we do not want to mislead people into thinking they have more coverage than they actually do. There is no worse feeling than being in a position of needing something you think you have provided for, only to realize you really don't have the safety net you thought you did. MEC stands for Minimum Essential Coverage. This phrase refers to a class of healthcare coverage that includes preventative care, basic wellness services, and a few other things, but NOT major medical coverage. Every plan I've seen out there (even outside of our own offerings) that includes "MEC" in the name is a minimum essential coverage plan. What that refers to is that MEC plans are enough coverage that you do not need to worry about the tax penalty that comes with not having health insurance. MEC plans meet the minimum essential coverage rules set out in the Affordable Care Act, so their members/patients are exempted from the penalty.
  9. Georgianne

    Escapees Roadside Assistance

    Hi all! Thank you for your feedback about ERA. To get caught up on the current conversation: 1) Thank you for the request to include the fine print on the website. I'm currently at Escapade, and believe Ed Thor will be here as well. I'll meet with him to discuss some of the general concerns I've read here and elsewhere, and will see about getting the fine print to add to our resources. Our CEO, Shawn, is also here and will likely have a more in-depth conversation about the success of our partnership so far. 2) I have been in touch with GaryN about addressing his situation. Ed has been informed, too, and we're working together to get Gary a resolution. 3) I appreciate all of you who have considered ERA, even if you opted to go with another company. Please keep your feedback coming- we can't make a program better if we don't know it's weak points.
  10. Georgianne

    Escapees Roadside Assistance

    Also, we've had members asking in other forums "why the difference in price between Escapees and FMCA?" and "why leave Coach-Net?" In case you're curious about either of these as well, here is the answer that was shared with someone earlier today: We think it is important that you understand a little bit more about the history of this program and how it came to be. Roadside assistance services, such as Coach-Net, began to increase in price. Along with this, they no longer offered special membership services or special support. We felt the need to look elsewhere or create an alternative solution for the benefit of our membership directly. As such, we created a relationship with SafeRide in order to provide a roadside assistance program directly to our members. During the course of our negotiations with SafeRide, we negotiated the least expensive Roadside Assistance Service in the market. However, that changed when FMCA lowered their prices. Please know we pursued the best deal possible. The only way for Escapees to provide a cheaper rate would be for Escapees to directly subsidize the program. While this could be possible, it would mean increasing membership dues. This is not something we are comfortable doing because we understand that not all members would want to use the Escapees Roadside Assistance program. And, therefore, some members should not have to pay to cover the costs of others.
  11. Georgianne

    Escapees Roadside Assistance

    GlennWest- I'm not sure if the modifications you've made would change the way SafeRide categorizes your HDT. It may be worth a call to them to see.
  12. Georgianne

    Escapees Roadside Assistance

    I have an answer from Ed: This hardly ever comes up but there is no problem on medium duty because they do not usually have ‘sleeping quarters’. Some HD trucks do have ‘sleeping quarters’. It has been our policy that if the vehicle has sleeping quarters it is an RV and the towable unit is also an RV so 2 policies. Only 1 RV per policy. Still this combined cost of $189/yr is far below what they would pay in the marketplace. So, if your HDT also has a sleeper cab, you will need a second policy for it. If it does not, you are fine with a single policy.
  13. Georgianne

    Escapees Roadside Assistance

    Hi all! I hope I can help answer some of the questions I see floating around here, as well as any new ones you may come up with I hosted the webinar/interview with Ed Thor earlier this week. Most of the questions here were answered in that interview. You can review the FAQ that came out of that session here: https://www.escapees.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=498 First off- there is no ill will between Coach-Net and Escapees RV Club. We wanted to bring our own product to our members for a long time, and the opportunity finally arose to do so. Because we cannot legally promote our program and theirs per contracts, we had to break ties with Coach-Net. On comparing Good Sam, AAA, Coach-Net and others to Escapees Roadside Assistance- you will find that most of these programs offer the same benefits. Towing, jump-starts, technical assistance, mobile repair, trip interruption, etc are all standard offerings. What makes SafeRide different is the depth of coverage. Before repair centers can be considered 'qualified' by SafeRide, they have to pass a multi-point review that includes liability insurance, availability of equipment commonly needed for RV repairs, etc. There is no cap on the number of times you can request assistance, unlike other companies. SafeRide is also more willing to 'meet in the middle' when a member needs help outside of SafeRide's typical services. I mentioned above the issue with Mexico and how SafeRide can take over from the border. They will also do things like tow you to an RV park for the weekend when you've broken down after hours on Friday, then pick you up and tow you to the repair center on Monday, all covered by your policy. Regarding Cheifneon's Alaska experience, I can't say for sure how SafeRide would handle it. Though it doesn't feel good saying this, I understand why GoodSam didn't cover it initially. With most roadside assistance companies, they have agreements in place with service providers and they prefer to stick to those with whom they have an arrangement. I also understand why you did what you did, given the lack of cell signal. And, because their priority is safety, the officials needed to remove your rig from the roadway, so they took initiative to make it happen. Something similar happened to my husband a few years ago with a hit and run on Thanksgiving day- his disabled vehicle was in the middle of the highway and the officer called a tow company before he even spoke with my husband. Thankfully, after some persistence, our insurance company covered the tow. Typically, there is not a universal answer to situations like this, as they are the exception and not the norm. If you all have any other questions, feel free to take a look at the FAQ to see if they're answered there, or to shoot me a message. If I can't answer your question, I'll relay it to Ed for his input. Georgianne
  14. Georgianne

    Escapees Roadside Assistance

    Hi there! I am the marketing director for Escapees, and earlier this week, hosted a live interview with Ed Thor, the manager of RV services for SafeRide. SafeRide is the servicing company for Escapees Roadside Assistance. Allow me to apologize for the misinformation you received. The questions you asked above were posed to Ed during our interview, with different answers than what you told by our call center. I will share that with them. Also, depending on when you called, it may have been while the office was closed due to inclement weather last month. But to get to your questions- "Almost anywhere" refers to the fact that SafeRide does NOT cover Mexico. We at Escapees know our members enjoy traveling all over North America, and didn't want to mislead anyone. SafeRide will cover you from Alaska, through Canada, down to the Mexico border, but not across it. Per Ed, if you have a breakdown in Mexico and can get your vehicle or rig across the border, SafeRide can assist you from there. To support what our operator told you, the speed and efficacy of the service you request will be affected by the area in which you are stranded. As Ed pointed out, there are some extremely remote areas in our country which attract RVers. For example, you can travel for hours on highways through Montana and not see a hint of a town. SafeRide has also experienced difficulty in assisting members in some national parks, where the size of tow vehicle needed to assist you is prohibited within the park. They have still been able to help in those situations, but it wasn't a straightforward resolution. Regarding HDTs and MDTs- they are covered by SafeRide's services. Ed and I spoke about this in depth, both on and off the broadcast. In all of our conversation on the topic, he didn't once state that an additional policy would be needed. However, to confirm this, I'll reach out to him with the direct question and update you. I appreciate you sharing your concerns! Georgianne