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  1. Thanks suitesuccess for the River Bend info they told me today that they would install the hitch. The ETHitch is now being built by Young Products and sold thru Popup Towing Products, http://popuphitch.com out of Chanute, KS. Jack I wish I could come there but I'll have no way to move my trailer once I get the truck and 12 hours to drop the trailer with my dually and come back to get the truck and 12 hours to bring the truck back is a little too much at this time. I may be contacting you about some other stuff later. Thanks everyone for the replies, Ken
  2. Henry That's the one I saw, I will go by there on Monday to see if they will install it. I will also go by River Bend to see what they say. Star Dreamer I don't have a mag drill or anyplace to do it myself we are fulltime and got rid of almost all my bigger tool to do this kind of work. If people are interested in doing the install at the rally, I could rent one in town I think. Would also need an engine hoist, which could also be rented. The park I'm at doesn't want people working on there truck except maybe checking fluids and minor stuff. I would still need a place to ship it too. Glenwest new truck no hole in it yet!! Thanks everyone,
  3. J&K will not do it they told me one stop accessories would but they won't either, they told me that a welding shop on Peavine would but they are no longer there and there voice mail is full. They also told me about Phoenix Conversion in Knoxville but they will only work on up to one ton. I see a towing shop / truck repair beside the xpressway just west of gensis rd I'm going by there monday to talk to them. I can go from knoxville to nashville if anyone knows of someone in any of those areas. Thank On edit I'll go by River Bend in the morning if they're not open I'll go over Monday and talk to them.
  4. Thanks suitesuccess I'll drive over and talk to them.
  5. I'm having EThitch build me a hitch for a new VNR 640 Volvo and I'm in Crossville trying to find an installer . I see that suitesuccess used JW Morgan's Custom Welding and was looking for there contact information but all I can find is a Facebook page but no contact info, would anyone have that or is he too far from Crossville to install? I'm also wanting a DROM box built and some tool boxes installed. I'm at Spring Lake RV and will be here until sometime in June, hope to see the HDT trucks while I'm here. Would love to attend the rally but too much to do getting the truck ready to travel. Thank you, Ken
  6. Could something like this be what you are talking about? https://www.amazon.com/AGPTEK-Player-Remote-Optical-output/dp/B01CCRYIN8/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1544151930&sr=8-3&keywords=hdmi+hard+drive I've never used one but you could use a 2.5" usb drive and put the movies on with a computer and than plug it into the usb to hdmi adapter..
  7. I want to Thank all of you for sharing this information on the unlimited plan and the 8800l jetpack. I got one today at a local store and it took a while to convince them that this plan was in effect. I had to come to this forum and get the plan number so they could find it. Thanks for posting the plan number or it would not have happened. Thanks, Ken....
  8. Big5er, Here's one with it included. https://www.amazon.com/Milwaukee-2763-22-Torque-Impact-Friction/dp/B01J05SWI2/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1542159358&sr=8-8&keywords=friction+ring
  9. Thanks Suite for the info and the link, I'll order one when we get our truck next year. Thanks, Ken....
  10. May I ask where you got these and can they be stored or pulled up after you enter the truck? Thanks , Ken....
  11. hatrack

    Parts Catalog

    This might be it: https://truckpartsinventory.com/parts/details/82083725 or: http://www.premiumtruckpartsusa.com/Volvo_Heat_Shield_Kit_20767679.html
  12. eddie, I'll tell you what I did with my directv when we went fulltime @ 2 years ago. We brought the small dish and a receiver from home, we bought a cheap tri-pod on amazon $50.00 and 50' of coax( if I were to do this again I think I would get the better tri-pod from the rv4tv web site). The tri-pod came with a compass and level, I had never set the thing up before this the first time took me a little while to get right on the satalite but it wasn't that bad after a couple of months we want HD so I call Directv and asked about a movers upgrade to new receiver and dish, they sent a installer to the rv park we were at and he install the new dish on our tri-pod and installed the new receiver in the rv. The new dish isn't any harder to set up than the old one and we use a 5 gal bucket full of water to hold in place with a couple s hooks and a piece of chain, also downloaded a free app for the phone to help aim the dish and like someone else said it only take a few minutes to setup now that I'm use to it. My wife watch the signal while I adjust and talk over the phone, some people do it by their self with a baby monitor or a second phone in front of the tv to see the signal on screen. Hope this helps you
  13. You are seeing this because the site isn't a https site and when you login you are sending data across an unsure bandwidth so the data could be grabbed because it isn't secure. Hope this helps explain it.
  14. Portable version. ttp://www.portablefreeware.com/index.php?id=2055
  15. If you don't mind a refurb here are some deals that I got in a E-Mail. http://www.tigerdirect.com/email/3WWEBEML1967.asp?MobileOptOut=1&SRCCODE=3WWEBEML1967&utm_source=EML&utm_medium=main&utm_campaign=3WWEBEML1967&ecm=nDE3kKjHOuELvNnQ%2BfhYgtzbeBgvugyWX%2FC3uMCTkKp%2B29VVAbKRoUo9XcS4MwW4&elqTrackId=0006b6974820478db7c349e3d8703c0c&elq=3cf0007a8f984d938f50f5d91268d321&elqaid=6650&elqat=1&elqCampaignId=5881
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