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  1. hatrack

    DEF tank door

    This is one I've looked at on the web. https://www.bigrigchromeshop.com/stainless-2011-volvo-epa-urea-tank-filler-cover-panel-p-139180.html Ken....
  2. Kirk, TN doesn't accept mailboxes for licenses and registration. We did a change of address a couple years ago and got them to accept it but last year they didn't want to renew my plates and finally agreed if I paid cash and said they may call me during the week to cancel my registration. So far they haven't. When the DW renewed her licenses last year the local office would not renew and sent it in to state to be to be reviewed, it was renewed but no star on the licenses.
  3. Sculptor, There isn't any problems with getting gas or diesel here in crossville the food thing is ok most the the food places are doing carry out or drive thru the food shopping is ok a lot of items have a limit of 2 but most stuff is available except for paper products which are less available and hand santizier isn't available that I can find.. Hope this helps, Ken....
  4. Northwest MS COE just told us we have to be out by Sunday noon. They are closing all the COE's in this area.
  5. hatrack

    BlueFire scanner

    Jack, I think this is what we would need The first link is bluefire and the second is the actual cable for sale. I would also need a splitter for the tucson brake controller. Still haven't found that. https://bluefire-llc.com/store/en/volvo-obd-ii-to-deutsch-9-pin-cable http://obd2allinone.com/products/volvoj1939.asp Ken....
  6. Check out these https://www.rvlock.com/ They came on our DRV and work well with the remote, they are not automatic but push button.
  7. hatrack

    TSLBH head pin key?

    One was installed on a Volvo VNR in Crossville by Riverbend Service LLC. It went for the first trip Sunday and did a great job with the trailer. You're right the handle is too short.
  8. Suite. Drove by a few days ago and they have a sign out front for trailer sales, they still have several hdt trucks siting on the lot and a few mdt trucks. They have a bunch of large trailers setting out front.
  9. We have East and West coast and haven't received the notice.
  10. hatrack

    Last ECR Update

    There's one at marker 288 on I40 about 30 miles west of crossvile. If coming from the east one close to where i75 and I40 come together, exit 369 on i40 there's 2 there pride and blue beacon.
  11. It does sound like the wifi adapter on you pc is going bad. I had a tablet pc that the wifi adapter was going bad I bought an external usb wifi adapter (@ 10-20 dollars) on amazon and disabled the internal one and my signal problems went away. Hope this helps.
  12. Henry, With the ET Junior would you suggest using a 1/4" or 1/8" teflon spacer on the hitch? I have the 1/4" now was thinking about ordering a new on. Thanks, Ken
  13. Thanks suitesuccess for the River Bend info they told me today that they would install the hitch. The ETHitch is now being built by Young Products and sold thru Popup Towing Products, http://popuphitch.com out of Chanute, KS. Jack I wish I could come there but I'll have no way to move my trailer once I get the truck and 12 hours to drop the trailer with my dually and come back to get the truck and 12 hours to bring the truck back is a little too much at this time. I may be contacting you about some other stuff later. Thanks everyone for the replies, Ken
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