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  1. Also just got my first bill, it states I'll be paying $57.20 for two per month... or $28.60 each. Item cost broke down per the bill; $40.00; 2ea connected car plan $4.66; Other AT&T Surcharges $3.44; State & Local Tax $3.98; Admin Fee $3.12; Fed Univ Serv Fee $1.25; Reg recovery charge $0.75; 911 Fee So is this inline with what most people pay? I know the taxes (and 911?) are a local item, not sure what other fees could be driven by local entities... But the surcharge and admin fee seem "large" And see what others are reporting as their monthly cost per device, I just had to ask about this...
  2. I'm also using one at home... have the SIM in a Netgear Nighthawk M1 MR1100 4GX Gigabit LTE Mobile WiFi Router that I bought on ebay. Avg about 10meg's down at the S&B, more that enough to run my network. I do understand that AT&T could block the use of the NightHawk at some point, very happy at this point.
  3. I do and feel it's worth every penny. The insider notices when something happens in the cell phone industry means your ahead of the crowd. And there is an Escapees discount to join.
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