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  1. avafluty

    EZ pass mini

    Great Catch. Thanks
  2. avafluty

    MN and MI travel

    THIS IS AWSOME!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! Exactly what we were looking for. We have never traveled this neck of the woods an have no idea what to see. We are boomers that love to site see, learn history, and hike. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS!!!! Ava
  3. avafluty

    EZ pass mini

    This is what is on the EZ Pass web site: https://www.cfxway.com/e-pass/get-e-pass/ This suggest it works on all roadways. Can I use E-PASS on other toll roads in Florida? Yes, E-PASS can be used on all toll roads and most tolled bridges in Florida as well as in North Carolina and Georgia. Just look for the E-PASS, SunPass or LeeWay logo as you enter a toll road in Florida.
  4. avafluty

    EZ pass mini

    Thanks!! We appreciate the feedback.
  5. avafluty

    EZ pass mini

    Thanks. 2 in from top of windshield would work.
  6. avafluty

    EZ pass mini

    We have a Class A motorhome, no rear view mirror
  7. avafluty

    MN and MI travel

    We plan to visit friends in Chanhassen MN this summer and move east from there. I would appreciate any and all suggestions for sites to see and routes in MN on the way to MI and what to see in MI besides Mackinac Island. Thanks! Ava
  8. avafluty

    EZ pass mini

    We just ordered the EZ Pass mini from Fl. (the free sticker) I can find no where on the internet where to mount it for a Class A motorhome. All directions are for a rear view mirror. In a Class A motorhome we have no rear view mirror. I called the Customer number and the lady said to put it one index finger from the top of the windshield, is this correct??? Could someone that has this "mini sticker" give me the exact measurements from top or bottom of windshield? Lots of people talk about it not working. Thanks!