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  1. So we just called the licensing place, the message said we need "2 documents showing residential address". I assume this is any mail received perhaps? I haven't received any mail at this address because we haven't gone through any of the domicile procedures, so kind of a catch 22 situation. I guess I could have someone mail me anything at our Box Elder address, such as a post card or such?
  2. Hi, We're interested in looking at a few escape coop parks to possibly put some money down on a waiting list. For anyone owning one, what is the total out of pocket we are looking at? In other words, in addition to the purchase of the lot itself, are there property taxes, electricity, utilities etc that are billed? How does that work? We are particularly interested in the WA and OR coop parks, but Benson AZ is a possibility as well. Thanks for any info.
  3. Hi, We've gone through the process of signing up for escapees mail service and have secured a South Dakota "home" address and a TX mailing address. On the guide for getting a drivers license in the state of South Dakota, it says: "Bring proof of your residential address: Residency Affidavit Campground/RV park receipt or hotel/motel receipt One document (not more than one year old) proving your personal mailbox (PMB) address. Escapees Mail Service members will receive an email with the South Dakota address." So for #3, what documents would be acceptable? Would a voters registration card be acceptable? What has worked for anyone going through this process? Thanks!
  4. Awesome thanks all. For some reason I got the idea we had to change our financial institutions to "cut ties" with our old state, for domicile change reasons. We do like our current credit union, we'll just stay put for now. Thanks!
  5. Hi, We are moving from WA, starting to full time RV, and have registered our SD residence address. I want to cut all ties with WA, and establish our banking in SD as well. What bank/credit union has worked for you all in SD? I'm looking into Black Hills Credit Union but thought I'd ask here what experiences you have all had with your financial institutions in SD. Thanks!
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