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  1. I tried the Harbor Freight one but it didn't work on 22.5 tires and took way longer on the 35's on my JK Wrangler, so I took it back and bought the Viar , way better!
  2. dmk

    New Exhaust System Plans

    I second this. My truck has a weed burner that points down. Two things, the dust and the right rear tire temps go high in slow traffic. I do hope to change my setup eventually it's just not real high on my priority list right now.
  3. dmk

    Kodiak Brakes

    I also have Kodiak brakes that were installed at MORryde last year, about two months ago noticed issues and upon further investigation found a caliper bolt loose and the other missing on the right rear, all others were good and tight. Ended up replacing a loaded caliper and hub on that side and now check the bolt tightness as part of routine maintenance! Interesting that there might be a recall.... I will look into that as well.
  4. I have also wished that Amazon could automatically ship USPS if you select a General Delivery address for an order. You would think with all thier tech they would be able to do this.... good to know there is a form, but sometimes it's more practical to use UPS or FedEx, so I don't want a permanent change.
  5. After spending 22 years as an auto technician I will tell you In-Force by BG is my go to penetrating oil and PB Blaster is also a great penetrating oil.
  6. Yes, these types of repairs come down to how sharp the individual is doing the diagnostics and their product knowledge of component and wiring layouts. I never would have thought about looking in the location they found the trouble. So glad to have it fixed!
  7. Finally a resolution! Having an automotive background, but not a HDT background, I've learned quite a bit about the data link systems on this Freightliner/Detroit diesel truck. Interesting that it has two different data link systems! The J1939 which basically runs the truck engine and transmission controls (and fortunate for me was not the issue or I would have been on the side of the road!) The second data stream is the J1587/J1708 which runs the smart guages, ABS, HVAC, and satellite systems. First this issue showed up only after getting a wash at a truck wash like Blue Beacon, it would last for 10 minutes or so then everything would come back online and never set any fault codes. A few weeks ago this problem showed up for the first time during rain and high humidity and lasted for 4 days unfortunately I had to keep a timeline traveling to an event and couldn't stop to try to isolate at that point (fortunately I could use my GPS for my speedometer). When I did get stopped it started working again! This would never store fault codes either! During the 4 day period of course I noticed that the A/C would not work, knowing that the system was not flat and noticed that the A/C compressor clutch was not engaging (found no blown fuse's) figured this was all tied altogether with the data link error I was getting. I pulled apart as many connectors as I could find with the data link, and even opened the wiring loom in the engine compartment and pass through s hoping I would find something either by sight or by wiggling the wiring harness around, but nothing seemed to be an issue here! After a few more days I was at my in-laws for a few days and I stopped down to the local Freightliner Dealer near my in-laws Truck Centers, INC in Mt. Vernon, IL, they were great and let me explain my situation with one of their technicians. He had reaffirmed that it was more than likely a short in the J1578/J1708 data stream and that he had seen lots of engine harness issues on the Century's. He seemed really knowledgeable and I would have loved for him to look at it, but I had to get back on the road to another event. Finally a few more weeks went by when the condition reappeared and did not go away this time and had actually set fault codes! I happened to be in Waco working an event and would be here for a few weeks so I checked out the Freightliner dealer here in Waco, Lonestar Truck Group. I again explained what had been going on to the shop foreman giving him as many details as I could. After our visit he was pretty confident they could figure this out in around 3 to 5 hours, so I decided to let them give it a look. Here is what they found. The high leg of the J1708 data link had shorted to ground. they isolated it to the satellite systems leg on the truck. (Not knowing where all the component and wiring locations are is what made trying to do this myself difficult with my event schedule I have to keep and not having access to wiring diagrams and repair manuals). Well they found a chaffed/corroded section of the harness over the passenger side in front of the door, probably from someone yanking out possibly a qualcomm box! Not sure if that would have been the fleet company that owned this truck originally or the company that customized it for the gentleman I purchased it from? The good news is it is fixed now and the guys here at Lonestar Truck Group did an awesome job getting it done reasonably fast and keeping the cost down for a repair that comes down to time and materials.
  8. dmk

    Teton Parts

    I would try reaching out to these folks. http://www.seamerica.com/ I contacted them on their website contact form. They got back to me real quick asked for some pictures and sent new swipe seals out free of charge! I have a Keystone RV, but these are the OEM manufactures of their shower enclosures, worth a try...
  9. I met Gene the a few weeks back in Mitchell, SD. I had to stop by and visit as I knew I had seen that truck somewhere before! Very nice folks! He had said you were going to stop by for a visit.
  10. This seems to be can bus related. Truck, runs, shifts, etc. After checking pass thru connections and can bus connections in the engine compartment yesterday, all is working well today. Intermittent electronics can be tuff to get to the root cause. We'll keep searching....
  11. Still trying to track this issue down, the big problem until about 4 days ago it would only happen for about 5 minutes after a truck wash then everything would return to normal operation. Running in the rain didn't seem to make a difference either only after a wash. Last Tuesday on the info display screen "alert no data link" came back on and this time has stayed on, but also noticed the A/C compressor clutch not engaging (coincidence, or related? Didn't notice that before, but it would only last for 5 minutes or less). I hit a pretty good bump Thursday and I felt cool air coming from the dash vents and looked down to see the alert had gone away on the info display screen and the gauges working again for a few more minutes, then the alert came back and the warm air started flowing again! (Makes me think there may be some relation) Tried wiggling wires around in the engine compartment and by the firewall pass throughs, but could not seem to change anything. I need to look at the wiring schematic to see if there are any common connectors they run through, or even a common ground. The truck would always start, run, shift up and down and speed control would work. Everything seemed to work except the speedo, temp and oil press gauges, and all the mechanical gauges air & fuel seem to work all the time. Inspected chassis grounds and battery connections. Seems to be an issue on the can bus wires somewhere between the engine ECU and the instrument cluster, (especially since the truck starts, runs and shifts). The main cab to chassis ground looks clean and is tight. It may be time to start pulling the dash apart and looking behind there.... I'll keep looking, corrosion or a bad piece of wire somewhere.... just gotta find it!
  12. I had my work done at Solar Bill's, they did a very good job for me. I did stop in at Starlight Solar in Yuma and Discount Solar in Q, neither would hardly give me the time of day. Solar Bill's even though they were extremely busy was friendly, competitively priced, and took care of my needs in a timely manner and with quality workmanship. I would not hesitate using them again in the future. Not sure why people don't seem to mind talking bad about this place and especially when they heard it second hand with no first hand experience! I have plenty of electrical & mechanical experience to know a quality job when I see it. Would've done my own installation if my tools weren't 1500 miles away.
  13. I have stayed in quartzsite for a few weeks the past two winters. the first time split between the Qual Run RV park just North of town when I had my battery bank & solar installed. Then boondocked at Dome Rocks it was nice. This year we stayed on two seperate occasions north of town off of Plamosa Road. I have had no issues boondocking although I am shorter at 61' the only thing is that you need to pay attention to make sure it's solid where you are going. As long as you do that you should not have any trouble. Enjoy! We really like it and will most likely return at some point again this winter!
  14. dmk

    Tire ?

    Sounds by the tire wear that you could have an axle or spindle issue. Have you ever had your rig weighed? An overweight axle can camber causing uneven tire wear also. I was having issues with my Toy Hauler front left and right rear, wasn't overloaded but couldn't keep tires on it, so I went hog wild had a MORryde 8K IS & disc brake upgrade and went from 16" wheels to 17.5" wheels and 215 75/ R 17.5 Goodyear G114's, an H rated 16 ply commercial grade tire. The smoother ride and the ability to align are two of the main reasons I opted for the IS upgrade, the disc brakes for the safety and of course tires that have a solid reputation and a company that stands behind them. Sailun S687 have a good reputation, but will they pay for damage to your 5'er if one blows out? Goodyear says they will.
  15. dmk

    Super Class C GVWR

    Curious as to what the "R" endorsement is?
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