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  1. Interesting article. Based on our limited travels of about 36 states so far, I would have said worse roads were California and then Illinois. However we haven't been to Rhode Island and aren't hitting West Virginia until later this year so maybe those two are rated where they should be.
  2. FL-JOE

    Single People and Campgrounds

    I'm confused, which is easy these days. I thought you originally said you had never set foot in an RV?
  3. We have never bought into TT. We have considered it twice over the years, stayed in a few of their parks, then decided it wasn't for us. However, it is a popular membership for some folks and fits the way they want to travel/camp. With any type of group you might belong to that has annual dues or fees, if it no longer fits your needs or is worth the money then it is time to say goodbye IMHO.
  4. FL-JOE

    Sewer line slime

    We have 3 different locations (parks) where we will sit in the same site for a month or so. My clear sewer elbows and my stinky-slinky will get a slight build up and not stay perfectly clean no matter how much I rinse while hooked up. About 2 or 3 times a year I will mix up a bucket of Dawn and bleach water and get to work cleaning it all. I let the mixture sit in the sections of stinky-slinky by connecting the ends together. After it sits for an hour or so and I shake it around a little I dump it all out and rinse really good. I let the sections dry in the sun and then coat them with 303 on the outside.
  5. FL-JOE

    Staying in a parking lot

    Good point. If you need to park in a lot (non CG facility) just to sleep then why worry about the level. We can keep our slides in and still shower, sleep, and get to the frig and pantry.
  6. FL-JOE

    Staying in a parking lot

    If a site is too unlevel I have learned just to pass it by. It doesn't matter if it is a Walmart of paid CG. Just not worth the hassle of trying to get level.
  7. FL-JOE

    5th wheel for a newbe?

    In preparation of our first run at full timing we went with a 38' fiver and F350. It was the first RV we had ever owned except a couple tents along the way. The decision was based on floor plan, value, and ease of towing. However, I should point out that I had experience driving truck-tractor-trailer combinations so there wasn't much of a learning curve. Each style of RV has advantages and disadvantages. My only suggestion would be to purchase your first one "gently" used and take your time doing so. We were able to locate what we wanted in another state from a private owner. We ended up only full timing in it for a little over a year before trading but we didn't lose any money.
  8. FL-JOE

    Another CG Ettique Question

    We just happen to be in a CG where every site has fire rings. Two or three evenings a week there ends up being gatherings at one site or another that is having a fire. It is nothing planned, some of us just show up after dinner. There could be 5 or 6 of us, or there could be 15 or 20 of us just sitting around, talking, laughing, telling stories. If I was going to hide inside my RV every night and just read or watch TV I would rather just go back to the sticknbrick. The Florida park we winter in may not allow fire pits but we still get out and spend time with other folks in the evening. It could be playing corn hole, or some card game, or again just sitting around talking. For us this was part of the draw of full timing and why we returned to it. But, like you said, there is a wide range of ways to fulltime.
  9. FL-JOE

    Another CG Ettique Question

    Wow! I suspected the bird seed on the ground could attract other critters but after looking up some information online I didn't know how dangerous it could be. Attracting mice, which pulls in snakes, and could encourage coyotes to start sneaking in. Looks like racoons around those sites will be the least of their worries if this continues.
  10. With all the freaky weather events and temperature extremes the last few years I really don't put much stock in any list of "average" temperatures or "average" snowfall numbers. We became Florida residents for the warm winter temps and to get away from snow and summer tornadoes. In the last 4 years Cape Coral/Ft. Myers has been hammered by a hurricane and two damaging tornado events! But it is still staying warm in the winter I guess.
  11. FL-JOE

    Can't decide: Motor Home & Toad or Travel Trailer

    One of our daughters and her family live on the far north end of Rockford. Rock Cut State Park and a couple other possible camping areas are too small for us, however a 35' motor home pulling a Jeep could probably get a site around there. Just across the border into Wisconsin there are a few possibilities also. Prior to selling our home last year we were part timing in a 38' gas MH. It sat in storage from around October to April. What I liked about the Ford V-10 was it was a proven bullet proof engine and easy for me to change oil on. I think you may have a good plan on looking at MH's in the 35' range. That should be plenty of room for a single traveler and serve you well.
  12. We have met several nice couples in our current summer CG. Two of the couples are located several sites away. There is a local older seasonal camping couple that has a site in between them. The older couple has put out a 2'x4' piece of plywood and loaded it with bird seed. In addition they recently put up a regular bird feeder and a humming bird feeder. There are a lot of trees in this CG and sparrows and black birds are now thick in the sites surrounding the sites around the free food. One couple has to park their toad about 50 yards away in an overflow lot and the other couple just puts up with the birds covering their toad with crap each day. We keep a plastic owl with a swivel head tied to the top of our ladder when stationary and around big trees. It does a good job of keeping the bird crap off. One couple has mentioned to the bird feeding couple how much bird doo-doo is getting on their toad and motor coach but they didn't seem to care. They purchased a plastic owl and the bird feeding couple seemed to get upset and put out more bird feed than ever! Apparently the bird feeding couple is also putting out food for racoons now. Do these neighbors just sit back and put up with the mess on their RVs and toads? The CG manager isn't very approachable but do they start complaining anyway? I feel bad for them because the sites around the bird feeders is really getting nasty looking.
  13. FL-JOE

    Can't decide: Motor Home & Toad or Travel Trailer

    Since you still have several years until retirement you may want to back up your planning even more. You said you will stay summers in the northern Illinois area and winters either in Florida or Arizona. We generally spend 3 months in central Illinois each summer. We have 2 families of kids/grandkids in this area, 1 set in the Rockford area, and 1 set in the Chicago area. What I am getting at is this. Maybe you need to visit some local CG's in that northern Illinois area and get an idea of where you may want to stay for a month at a time while visiting your daughter each summer. I know we have searched in the Chicago/Rockford area for a CG large enough for us and they are few and far between. Also, when we stay someplace for a month or more we want a good cheap monthly rate. So, if it was me I would get an idea of where I could camp for reasonable rates in that summer area and then see what if any size limitations would possibly apply. Each type of RV has it's advantages and disadvantages. Floorplans and having enough space to live full time is important. Our first stint at full timing was with a 1-ton Ford and large fiver. We didn't put much importance on the daily driver part of the equation. This time around we wanted a car for a daily driver plus I didn't want to give up my Harley so we went with a MH and a trailer for a toad. Good luck with your planning and subsequent search!
  14. FL-JOE

    Getting hot going over mountains

    If you are pulling the grades with good high rpms and not lugging the engine down it should not get close to overheating. If the antifreeze is original then it is time to have it flushed and changed like someone else suggested.
  15. A driver would probably take around 5 days to transport your new rig that 2600 to 2700 miles. Labor, fuel, expenses could run anywhere from $2,500 to $4,000 or more depending on where he/she had to come from to start the transport, or return to upon completion. I would think you could possibly find a bored retired full time RVer to take on the job, but it still won't be cheap.