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  1. FL-JOE

    Best Cell Booster

    Docj, not sure which one you are using. When you do a search for "sleek" cell phone booster you get a ton of stuff. We are in our winter spot in SW Florida and for some reason this year our Verizon signal stays between 1 and 2 bars. Our MiFi works okay but now I'm considering boosting it as we leave Florida and begin our 2019 travels. Can you post a link of what you have?
  2. FL-JOE

    Breaker box location

    When something like that comes up in the future you might try calling Newmar Customer Service. It won't matter if your coach is a month old or 20 years old they will help you out.
  3. FL-JOE

    Major Problem - 2019 Entegra Vision 26x

    Over the years I have know of broken rear leaf springs on pickup trucks from overloading and age, but on a new gas motorhome I would guess that is rare. However, not sure on the F53 suspension what else it could be. The only other thing that comes to mind is if someone tinkered around and did the CHF (cheap handling fix) and either didn't get a bolt tightened or did something else wrong.
  4. FL-JOE

    Costco vs Sams Club

    It may or may not depending on your set up. In our case we can hold a ton of extra paper goods and canned goods in our enclosed trailer. Our 3-door residential size frig also holds more than most RVs. But really even if you can't take advantage of buying much of their bulk items it appears just visiting Sam's for certain "non member" purchases could save everyone some money from time to time. Probably for the majority of full timers it would not be worth having a Sam's or Cosco membership, but again could be worth visits at Sam's for those certain items when needed.
  5. FL-JOE

    Costco vs Sams Club

    If one of the main reasons you may be joining Sam's or one of the other clubs is to save money on booze, then be sure to check closer for the states you may be living in or traveling in. In Florida the booze is in a separate addition to the building, only beer and wine can be sold in the grocery section. When you go into the booze building at Sam's in Florida you do not need your Sam's membership card, the price is the same for everyone.
  6. FL-JOE

    Stuck waste tank valve

    If you are continuing to have a gate valve issue and not a cable issue time and time again then look at how you are maintaining your gray tank. Even though in your description you stated "kitchen sink waste tank valve", I assume most of your 5 new fivers were plumbed with all gray water going into one gray tank thus through one gray gate valve. As careful as you are with that kitchen sink it could be issues from shower soaps, hair, or almost anything. Do you leave the gray open most of the time or closed most of the time? Do you have a w/d? If so the washer no doubt drains into the same gray tank. My point is everyone's gray tank is going to have different "stuff". I would first purchase a Flush King by Valterra. This will enable you to close off your black tank valve, open your gray tank valve, and back flush your gray for a good cleaning on a regular basis. Because you are back flushing from the outside up through and past the gate valve it will clean that area also. The other thing I would start doing is when you travel between point A and B have about 10 or 15 gallons of gray water in that tank. Add one of the cleaning agents available for gray tanks. When you get set up at your next site dump that gray tank and back flush it a couple times. When we were full timing in our fivers we pretty much followed this procedure and never had gate valve issues or gray tank odors. Good luck.
  7. FL-JOE

    RV for commercial use

    Once you start to figure out all your power needs and solutions it will no doubt point you in a certain direction on a more exact size and model of RV for your business. The next major hurdle in my mind is once you go on the road in that company RV aren't you a commercial vehicle instead of a recreational vehicle? That will open up a whole list of different issues that you will have to address but should be considered in your budget.
  8. FL-JOE

    Ground hog lied

    Just got up and checked, yep.....34 degrees (inside of frig). Heading out for my morning walk and it is 65 degrees heading toward 80. I love the little hog dude!
  9. Probably 10 years ago if a person had issues walking distance, then a golf cart could have been a good idea. However, now with all the battery powered bicycles and scooters out there you have many more choices. If wanting a golf cart just for 4 or 5 months while wintering in Florida I would consider renting instead of purchasing. My DW had both of her knees done in her late 60's. She doesn't like to walk long distances so she rides her bicycle for everything including daily exercise.
  10. FL-JOE

    Costco vs Sams Club

    We have had both but that was when we were in the sticknbrick. Now we only maintain the Sam's membership. We may only visit one once a month but can easily save the membership fees early in the year.
  11. FL-JOE

    camp resorts

    I can't speak for her, plus I don't have a dog in this fight.....but I personally don't read very many blogs. I usually have found them extremely boring with folks just wanting to talk about themselves. Not sure if yours falls into this category or not because I'm not going to read it either. Sorry, don't want to offend you just stating the facts.
  12. I have read all 5 pages of comments/ideas. There has been some pretty good information put forth from people that used to full time and from people that are currently full timing. In the end though it just boils down to "what is the perfect RV for me". The first time we "sold out" and went full timing our goal was to travel and see the U.S.A. We went with the 1-ton diesel truck and larger fiver. It was workable and we enjoyed it but there were times when it would have certainly been nice to have a small car or our Harley to run around on. What we finally realized was that our RV was only our living quarters. We needed it to get us from point A to point B, hold most of our belongings, and allow us to live comfortably inside of it. Our running around the sightseeing was going to be done in our toad or towing vehicle. We made the transition to a Class A and couldn't be happier. In 14 months we did have two occasions where it was in a shop and we had to be out of it for a night. I don't expect that to happen again this year though. But things can happen even if you are full timing in a fiver. A buddy of mine blew up his tranny and was out of his truck for 5 or 6 days once. He may have still had his fiver at a CG but he couldn't move it plus they had to rent a car. So Larry about the only thing you can do is continue with your research. Find a good floorplan that fits your needs and go for it. Full time traveling in an RV is the best way I have found to spend my retirement years!
  13. FL-JOE

    camp resorts

    🍿 standing by.
  14. FL-JOE


    Sounds like another reason to equip your RV with a w/d.
  15. Winegard CS sent me a replacement cable also. Just got it in the mail. When I called initially she said I would need to email her my proof of purchase. I didn't ask her but I figured that was why you registered these things on line with serial numbers in the first place so they could keep track, guess not. Anyway, I did as she requested. The only place my old cable looked any different than the new cable was where it went through a loop which helped secure it from moving around too much. I may add a little extra protection to that small area when I install the new one.