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  1. FL-JOE

    KOA Mt. Pleasant SC

    That makes sense Bill. It is just a little disappointing when they claim to have full hookups with 50amp service and guarantee that rigs up to 80' long will have no issues. Then when you arrive you find that as they lead you to your site there are tons of hanging branches that brush your coach, a 50amp plug in that isn't really a true 50amp, plus a 40' run to the sewer. Their excuse is that it is an old outdated park, but they certainly don't warn you of that on their web site or when you call and question them. No big deal, the temps are going down this week and we will make due. While here we will be exploring the area and locate a better CG solution for future visits. We had family move here and will be returning to the Charleston area, just not this run down KOA.
  2. FL-JOE

    KOA Mt. Pleasant SC

    Spending a week in this area and thought we would give this KOA a try. There were a couple of issues upon arrival that I wouldn't go into except one, the power. They have 50amp sites so we get all hooked up and within 10 minutes the pedestal breaker trips. I go out and double check my surge protector and all the lights are green. The breaker feels and looks like it is from the 70's, very weak. I call the office and the yard guy they send over says their 50amp power will only run 1 or 2 a/c units and not 3. I tell him we generally don't have issues in other parts of the country and the breaker looks shot. He calls the office and they agree to send out a maintenance guy. The maintenance guy shows up and changes out the breaker. He tells me that it should hold better and needed changed. However, he also states that the parks wiring is old and we won't be able to run three a/c units. He also suggests that if we are running two a/c units that before using the microwave we shut one a/c off. This certainly sounds to me like they are providing about 30amps of power to a 50amp plug.
  3. Docj, I have a question for you. We don't really need to get our local channels while we travel but would like to have good CBS, NBC, ABC, and the FOX available channels all through DirectTV. For us it would be better to have those networks on a eastern time zone since we winter in SW Florida. So can we just simply go online and change our package from our current residential package to a DNS eastern satellite feed package? If so is it usually cheaper or more expensive?
  4. FL-JOE

    how many flushes

    Based on other RV's we have owned and their tank sizes, I would have to guess you could get anywhere from 48 hours to maybe 72 max if you conserved.
  5. FL-JOE

    Weather where you are?

    We are with two other couples staying in Bristol to do some planned motorcycles rides. One couple is from TN and one is from KY. All of us were looking forward to maybe riding the mountains/hills in some 70 degree temps and seeing the leaves start to change. Not happening. The leaves are still almost all nice and green and yesterday we rode all day in 50 degree temps. We are heading to warmer temps Tuesday (Savanna), they are hanging in here for a few more days. I'm personally done with fall and will be trying to stay in warm temps here on out.
  6. Like someone else already said, what do you want to drive while camped? Add to that, do you want another vehicle with you? Full timing in a Toy Hauler for us would be hard because your actual living area is not that large. Full timing in a regular large fiver would be okay if you are good with just the 1 ton for daily driving. Full timing in a DP can give you about as much living space but it is possible to have a car and motorcycle along, or a car and gulf cart along, or two small cars along. IMHO it is more expensive to maintain a DP and travel in it. We averaged between 10mpg and 13mpg with our F350/fiver combination. Our DP pulling a large trailer is staying between 6mpg and 7mpg. The prices of tires and other things are generally more expensive on a DP. Everyone has their own experiences and ideas. I think you just have to figure out what works best for you as a full timer and go for it.
  7. FL-JOE

    TST Tire Monitor

    Have had my original TST system for just over 7 years. I also increased/updated it last fall to more sensors and the color monitor. I have not had issues with my system but it is good to know they are there if you need them.
  8. I think the bottom line here is pretty simple. If you want to visit a state and end up staying 7 or 8 months, and you are not trying to cheat anyone out of taxes or anything else, then just do it. We have really enjoyed our time in Tennessee this spring and fall. There could be a time when we end up spending more than 6 months here. I'm still a Florida resident but a full time traveler and I'm certainly not going to worry that "someone" is somehow keeping track of how long I stay here and report me. IMHO you have a better chance of winning the lottery on a weekly basis.
  9. FL-JOE

    Clean Up That DoDo

    Exactly, that is why I ignore about 99% of your posts.
  10. I don't think "ethics" has anything to do with this situation. This is America and we can travel and move around from state to state as we see fit. You have to look at the color of the law, in other words, why did a state enact that law, what where their intentions? I can guarantee you that the law makers in Arizona don't care if visitors travel around and spend money in their state all year long. They pass such laws in order to keep folks from permanently moving there but claiming domicile in another state to avoid paying certain taxes and registration fees.
  11. FL-JOE

    Seasonal Camping

    Glad this park got added to public sites after reading about their experiences there. We have been to a couple parks where management pretty much "lets things rip" and anything goes. You can get by if you are only there for a day or two but if you are there long term it would be a nightmare.
  12. Important thing is everyone will survive. Hope you recover from injuries quickly and can get back on the road with a new rig.
  13. FL-JOE

    Clean Up That DoDo

    Don't you think it is just slightly different for a hotel? You generally check in at the front desk and then you check out. At most of the hundreds of campgrounds I have been in you check in and when you leave you simply pack up and leave. It would be a lot harder for CGs to deal with deposits. You don't even want to get me started on motel/hotels that cater to pets, or grocery stores that allow pets in the shopping carts. I would voice my opinion on what I would do if I owned such a business but then I would be advocating something else to offend you. There is a good percentage of RV pet travelers that do not clean up after their little buddies. Most do clean up but many do not. It comes up on different forums all the time and of course no one ever admits to not cleaning up after their pet. So it would seem that everyone who posts on every RV forum always cleans up 100% of the time. But then once and awhile you will get someone who starts freaking out if someone talks about charging extra for pets or charging a deposit. Makes you wonder if those folks aren't the ones who don't clean up.
  14. States like Arizona may challenge more people who decide to stay for 7 months or more. They are a state that charges unbelievable amounts of money for their annual registration fees. But I think you have to apply common sense to the situation. If you are an Oregon resident and decide to winter for 6 months in Arizona, then travel an additional 2 months around Arizona, who is exactly going to keep track of all that and come knocking on your door and insist you become an Arizona resident?
  15. So are you telling me that since I have Florida tags, and I am a Florida resident, that if I decide next year to spend 10 months in Arizona I could be cited by Arizona officials for not changing my registration over? I have a hard time believing that. If I am getting my mail in Florida and a registered voter in Florida, does Arizona have some kind of secret rule that I can't be in their state over a certain number of months? In Illinois if you move there you have a very short window to change over your driver's license and registration. However, you certainly can come through in an RV and stay as long as you want. Now if you rent or buy a residence and get a job then you will probably have an issue convincing anyone you haven't moved there.