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  1. DesertMiner

    DRV water intrusion poll

    I apologize for adding to the chatter. Was not the intention.!
  2. DesertMiner

    DRV water intrusion poll

    Doesn’t your rig stay in a nice garage? I thought you showed everyone the nice pictures of it a while back. So how many days or nights has your rig actually been exposed to a heavy pouring rain since you got your DRV? I’m guessing most folks that are having an issue either are full time in the outdoor elements or folks that store their rig in that same outdoors. Apples to apples?
  3. 👍 if I can help just let me know. I have a larger lithium based solar system on my trailer that’s still growing! Lots of the folks at the WCR will also love to show off their solar systems
  4. DesertMiner

    Hmm.........Old Goat again.

    Let me make a guess.... would that be for one of those new fangled slider (moveable) HDT hitches?
  5. Here’s what I use to supply a charging voltage to my 4 batteries when in storage. It also works when running my small 4.0 fridge in the truck. If you buy the “blue tooth” version it lets you change setting and view the operation of the controller from your smart phone I really enjoy this feature. https://www.victronenergy.com/solar-charge-controllers/smartsolar-mppt-75-10-75-15-100-15-100-20 I use a 100 watt panel I bought years ago...and I just set it out where it gets the best sun. If one panel isn’t enough then you can add a second. https://www.hqsolarpower.com/100W-12V-Monocrystalline-Solar-Panel-p/hqst-100d.htm Panels are going down in price. Amazon has some good prices with free shipping. This is a nice “starter” set to get you into the solar world and you can expand from there if need be.
  6. DesertMiner

    Breaker box location

    Bathroom, under bed, rear closet, kitchen?
  7. DesertMiner

    Best Cell Booster

    Could you attach the antenna to a extendable pole and clip the pole to your RV ladder?
  8. DesertMiner

    Solar controller recommendation

  9. DesertMiner

    Mobile RV repair in Livingston, TX.

    What type of work did he do for ya?
  10. DesertMiner

    Mini split amount revisited

    Is New Horizons now offering the mini-split HVAC as an option?
  11. DesertMiner

    VIN specific parts #s

  12. DesertMiner

    VIN specific parts #s

    Please share....Volvo part numbers are superseded quite often. New part numbers for the "same" item Happen all the time. The numbers I have may just be the "older" numbers. In you pix of your cab air bags it looked like you didn't have the "large spacers' at the top of the bag...it looks like you picked up some. Are they are required for you VIN?
  13. DesertMiner

    VIN specific parts #s

    I’ve replaced all of the parts on my truck. I try to keep good records of everything I’ve “touched” on my truck. I have the “4 shock” setup on the cab. The shock numbers I have won’t help much.. If I need to go to the parts department at my local dealership I show up Sunday morning when it’s a bit slow.. with donuts!
  14. DesertMiner

    VIN specific parts #s

    These are part numbers I have used for a 2005 780. YMMV Cab level valve older Volvo # 20724370 Newer Volvo #’s (20470002) / 85104648 Generic # Hadley H0060024 Cab level valve control rod 20462337 Cab air bag(s) generic #GYR1S6058 Volvo #’s 21165209/20462624/8078390 Cab air bag spacer plate 8082346 Do you have 4 shocks or 2 shocks with a torsion spring and rod? I also seem to remember Mr. ET using the same cab leveling valve for his creations. Don't know about the expansion tank ... I have a “red” motor. You might get the part number off of the tank. Here is a Volvo # Expansion Tank- 20519037 check and see if this is the type you have.
  15. DesertMiner

    Unloading front axel?

    What do the numbers say without the trailer hooked up?