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  1. Glenn just copy Mr. Dixon’s set up and be done. You are driving yourself crazy ! Everyone on FB will tell you their setup is the Best!
  2. Google “4 door volvo truck”.
  3. New tires.....? Hmmmmm
  4. Read above a couple of posts and you can read about a possible replacement.
  5. DesertMiner

    Lithium battery

    Interesting videos showing the “guts” of some of the different lithium batteries,,,,,? https://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7bvIB2TPsCjs5Fol7oDwE0k40bpXZBQs
  6. AM Solar PSS would do it. Remember the 5K is really only 4K continuous.
  7. Yep... I can run both roof top A/C’s the microwave and the water heater. That’s about 5k watts. Battery capacity is my only limitation. I don’t usually run all at the same time and usually only run the water heater when needed for showers or washing dishes or clothes. The A/C’s are usually only to cool down after a long drive. I have run the A/C’s for up to 6 hrs. MW runs for short bursts during the day. The residential fridge is on all day and it pulls about 75 watts when running. My system is pretty small by some standards... only 2400 watts of solar and a 400 AH BB setup at 24vdc. We manage our usage according to our capacities.
  8. Thanks I've seen the FB posts I have Multis (24/3000-70--120) running in split phase and I power everything in my rig! No issues (including 2 15k AC's) I updated from a single multi running through the AM Solar PSS and it worked well. I wanted more available inverter power and needed the option of using a 2K genny when required. This allows me to set the input current as low as 7.5 amps so I don't overload the genny. Too bad you can't get by with one 5K Quattro 120 and a 3K 240 unit. Sure would be easier!
  9. Too bad.... that info is a bit slanted! What site were you on when started the chat.
  10. Not my video but the cable is advertised at 39 feet from the camera to the “antenna box”. https://www.haloview.com/haloview-7-720p-wireless-range-dominator-system-rd7-max.html
  11. Glenn who did you talk to at Victron?
  12. You can add a “split phase “ output transformer to convert 30 amp single phase input power. Use a separate shore plug and add a transfer switch. It’s been done
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