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  1. Do you plan on running the genny while it is under the fairing? What about the exhaust? Cooling air? Noise and vibration? There are some nice generator slide trays that might work. https://www.morryde.com/products/93-utility-sliding-trays?return=%2Fproduct-category%2F2-sliding-trays%3F
  2. Did you check the fuses to the LCM?
  3. Did you get it fixed?
  4. What about this...... https://fifthwheelst.com/automated-safety-hitch-system.html
  5. Something I happened across on the Gen 2 trucks is the drivers side is the “Brains” and the passenger is the “child”! Everything goes though the drivers side switch to operate the function. Pull the switches on both sides and remove the connectors and spray some electric contact cleaner on the switch and the connectors. On Gen 2 trucks the switch panels are just snapped in. Can be removed without removing the door panel. Not sure if this pertains to Gen 1 trucks so if not just disregard!
  6. Here's a picture of a sample "cassette" style mounting of a mini-split....
  7. This shop has some good reviews for rebuilding of HDT turbos of various brands. https://www.ebay.com/str/yiyitosturboservices
  8. If you look at the cover side of the mirror do you see two little “buttons” if so you can remove them and find some screws. Remove the screws and remove the cover. If you have the “newer style” you can use the YouTube video for help.
  9. Call http://www.coltontruckterminalgarage.com/service.html. They have a good reputation in this area. I haven’t had a need to use them yet. If they can’t help you then maybe they can refer you to someone else. Sorry it’s not in Riverside proper but close by. Lots of truck shops and dealerships in Fontana and the surrounding areas. Still close by...
  10. I wish I could get that good of a deal! That seems about 1/2 of what I have paid. But to be fair I think my 780’s glass may be a bit bigger.
  11. DesertMiner

    HDT Insurance

    What state?
  12. I thought the highest voltage set point was 14.4. Have you tried using something less than 14.8? If I read the manual right 12.6 is the default setting for a full battery. Are you pushing the enter button twice to activate the auto mode?
  13. Give these guys a call.... https://www.gcrtires.com/locations/638/mississippi-richland.amp
  14. Google is your friend.....
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