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  1. Google is your friend.....
  2. Doesn’t CA also require first trailer to be 5th wheel connected? Is length on the “first trailer” restricted? What about the “second trailer” only allowed to be a boat trailer? Heard from a friend.....LOL
  3. It’s the other way around.... fuel in the oil is an indication of a possible bad injector(s). Usually it’s the “injector cup” that goes bad and allows the fuel to get into the oil system. Cups on older Volvo’s were made of copper and were prone to failure. Newer updated cups are made of stainless steel.
  4. You might be fighting a loosing battle.... in some earlier year models “gages” and other “accessories” have PTC fittings that do not have removable “brass collets”. This type of PTC cannot be rebuilt.
  5. Any chance you can “share” the “how to” and a parts list for those of us that won’t be at the ECR? TIA
  6. Here is a link to the video... give it a try and see what happens! https://m.facebook.com/groups/163040000390459?view=permalink&id=2617208524973582&ref=bookmarks
  7. I believe members “runaway parents” also have their HDT registered as a RV in WA.
  8. How is the truck registered? In what state? TIA
  9. DesertMiner

    ABS Fault code

    Thanks for the follow-up! Sure wish more folks that post problems would let us know what fixed it!
  10. You’ve most likely seperated the embedded nutplate from its plastic enclosure... cut the head off.
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