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  1. Really shouldn’t make “blanket” statements about every state. Didn’t you mention your wife spent some time living in California? I guess she never registered a vehicle at the DMV!
  2. Hey Suite did this tire position suffer from your earlier disc brake failure?
  3. Did you check to see if maybe your getting low on propane?
  4. A fuse or circuit breaker... please post a link to a resettable “fuse”!
  5. Is there such a thing as a “resettable” fuse in a RV?
  6. It only has a 20 amp breaker? Is it electric or hydraulic? Can you put an “amp meter“ on the wire coming from the breaker and get an amp reading while operating the slide?
  7. Measure your “backside” and verify that seat cushion is wide enough. It appears to have a slight bolster on each side.
  8. Your circuit breaker may be worn out or undersized....replace it.
  9. Call Hendrickson....
  10. You really need to put your butt in the different seats to see how they fit! This is one of those things you need to do in person! and so should the co-pilot!
  11. Just unthread it from the bag!
  12. So what did you end up doing? Extended or retracted? How did it turn out? Results may be helpful to someone else in the same bind.
  13. I replaced my Norcold 811 a few years ago. Best mod ever. I added a 1000 watt inverter to run it while traveling and boondocking. Uses about 3 amps starting and less than an amp while running. Found out while traveling if you keep the door closed it doesn’t drop much in temperature driving for 8 hours. I used a Frigidaire Fftr1222QM as the replacement. That model has been superseded with this model FFET1222UV. Check the dimensions and see if it will fit your cabinet opening and that you can get it through your coaches doorway.
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