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  1. Or you could mount something like Sliding tray
  2. Try removing the “supply side” lines from the valve one by one. See if leak changes. If you have a bad brake chamber it could leak as you described.
  3. Is this it....Kodiak Brake Recall ?
  4. My older Cummins ISX sometimes has problems with asphaltene and the only additive I have found that is designed to address this called Penray. Ive been using it at each fill up and it’s seems to have decreased the amount of black particles in my Davco fuel/water separator. As the info states it does add lubricity as well as a cetene booster. I’ve also used Opti-Lube products and they get good reviews here. Diesel Kleen products also work well as Brad mentioned.
  5. Can't speak to the other states requirements but in California a medical card is required. It's a "self certify" and renewable every two years.
  6. Are you still licensed in California? Might want to get that license upgraded if you are over 15k. If not, it’s a moot point and you can chalk it up to the DMV! The rules are pretty black and white as they stand today. I don’t think California has a “grandfather” clause when it comes to licensing for different classes of vehicles I pretty sure you need to have the current class of license for the vehicle you are driving. And as always YMMV. As a side note CHP has been known to stop folks at some of the more popular desert ATV spots and weight folks and it’s a long walk home! The funny thing is most folks have no idea about the weight classes and don’t even realize they are not legal pulling that toy-hauler.
  7. How long ago was that? https://www.dmv.ca.gov/portal/dmv/detail/pubs/dl648/dl648toc
  8. You might also check the turbo actuator to see if you have full movement. Might explain low turbo boost pressure. Could be why your Jake isn’t working properly. What where your EGT’s with boost at 20 psi when pulling those hills?
  9. Best to get the truck first and then do the measurements. Then decide your next move.
  10. Ever watch Rawze's series of videos on maintaining the ISX? Lots of things could cause your problems.....most likely sensor related if you haven't changed them in a while. Soot is not your friend.....
  11. Do DRV’s come wired to activate the “scare lights” when the TV is put in reverse or is this an added option?
  12. The “lights” ECM is called the “LCM”. Some LED bulbs are “polarity sensitive” and will only work in a socket that is wired with the correct polarity. Incandescent bulbs are not as sensitive and can work in a socket that is wired with incorrect polarity. Your trailer lights may be wired wrong but still work but not when connected to the truck. The LCM May be “seeing” the wrong polarity or might see it as a direct short. Can you remove the bulbs in the scare lights to see if the bulbs are causing the problem? Are the scare lights hooked up so they cannot come on when hooked up to the truck? Might be a wiring “disagreement”! Are you using a “Jackalopee” and running the reserve light circuit through it?
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