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  1. DesertMiner

    Rear air springs(bags)

    Try these.....Goodyear 1r12-615
  2. DesertMiner

    Teton Landing Gear Inquiry

  3. DesertMiner

    Alternator charge gauge/amp meter

    X2 on the Scangage D.... it has some nice features and can also clear fault codes.
  4. DesertMiner

    High Desert RV Park near Albuquerque

    X2 on Enchanted Trails.... just stayed there last week solo in my truck. Nice folks. Used PA. Lots of long term folks. Check on there availability for monthly stay.
  5. DesertMiner

    Mexico travel

    It seems he doesn’t need an “import permit” for the truck or his 5er because he goes to a RV park in Puerto Penasco MX which is in the “free zone”. Don’t know anything about the “free zone”!
  6. DesertMiner

    Mexico travel

    That's the story I heard....but I know a fella that uses his MDT to pull his 5er into Mexico every year for some time now. Have to ask him how he does it!
  7. DesertMiner

    Upper console door repair/replacement

    Opps...... try 20379114
  8. DesertMiner

    Turn Signal Cover

    Part Number 20895320
  9. DesertMiner

    Upper console door repair/replacement

    Try this part number for the door panel 20379114 If you look on the inside of the door panel you should find the part number.
  10. DesertMiner

    What happened to my shocks?

    Tire malfunction at some point?
  11. DesertMiner

    ET Senior RV 5th wheel hitch for sale

    Is this still available! Location?
  12. DesertMiner

    Heavy haulers rv camp ground guide

  13. DesertMiner

    Air leak help

    Lots of “accessories” run off of the front tanks! Seats, all of your airbags, sometimes air operated shifting, also check parking brake valve assy, engine fan, most of your solenoid operated items.
  14. DesertMiner

    Changing out the STD 5th wheel ????

    This Might help.... https://genyhitch.com/product-category/boss-torsion-flex-drop-hitches/
  15. DesertMiner

    Air leak help

    Some cool info......