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  1. DesertMiner

    California - Fog

    It's been mentioned to the teach.......something about them being too much $$$$$$$. Go figure.......
  2. DesertMiner


    Is that going on your golf cart? Or maybe a traveling example of your fine work?
  3. DesertMiner

    Diesel is $2.77 at Walmart in Hutchinson

    Kansas. Home of the yearly HDT Rally.
  4. DesertMiner

    air brake system acting up

    Might want to see about changing out the air dryer filter if it’s been 3 years.
  5. DesertMiner

    Parts Catalog

    Curious as to the cost at the dealer. Can you share? TIA
  6. DesertMiner

    Compressing compressed air

    Oops... that link takes me to vacuum parts.
  7. Some info here..... https://www.altestore.com/store/charge-controllers/dump-loads-dump-load-controllers/diversion-loadsdump-loads/water-heating-element-for-12v-or-24v-dc-1-npt-male-p2326/
  8. DesertMiner

    ECM Requires Maintenance - Dash Warning Volvo

    Chemical cleaners are not designed to stop the injectors from leaking. Usually if you have a leaking injector it needs to be replaced.
  9. DesertMiner

    I’ll admit it I’m scared.

    Look at your closet space that is available to you in the bedroom. Most front living room floorplans are a bit on the small size compared to the front bedroom designs. Something to concider when spending lots of time living in your portable home.
  10. DesertMiner

    Removing Volvo Cab Visor

  11. DesertMiner

    Direct LInk - Emergency Stop

    If you have an UltraShift and are in "D" then I believe it would depend on your RPM's before it would let you downshift. If you switch to "manual" mode you need to be wary of your "RPM's" before you manually downshift. Have you tried selecting "low" when descending a hill?
  12. DesertMiner

    ECM Requires Maintenance - Dash Warning Volvo

    I would clear all the codes before starting it again and see what you get. You may have a small leak on the injector that was mentioned in the fault codes. Priming usually takes more than 7 strokes if you had an air leak and I’m wondering if you should see fuel coming out of the primer. Primers have known to leak and caused hard starting. Just a thought. Usually an air leak in your fuel line doesn’t trigger an “ECM” code unless the leak is causing another issue that the ECM would care about.
  13. DesertMiner

    ECM Requires Maintenance - Dash Warning Volvo

    You have a diagnostic area in the “drivers information display” (DID) right there on your dash. You should be able to pull up the fault codes under the “diagnostics” page. Write down all of the codes. Might help with some troubleshooting....
  14. DesertMiner

    ECM Requires Maintenance - Dash Warning Volvo

    How many pumps did it take to prime the fuel system? Did you ever check to see what fault codes you might have? Did this problem just happen one day or over a period of time?
  15. DesertMiner


    https://tusonrvbrakes.com/products/direclink-dl-100 https://tusonrvbrakes.com/products/hd-truck-module-kit-9pin You will need these 2 pieces to make it work where you get the best price is your decision!