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  1. DesertMiner

    8.3 Cummins turbo whine

    Check the gasket area where the turbo connects to the exhaust manifold for appearance of soot or oil. Next check the exhaust manifold gasket for leaks
  2. DesertMiner

    Splitter woes

    Wiring harness is a “known” issue with the earlier models. X-Y shifter? Road speed sensor on tranny and one on the truck. Check your fuses at the battery location. Low voltages? http://www.roadranger.com/ecm/idcplg?IdcService=GET_FILE&allowInterrupt=1&RevisionSelectionMethod=LatestReleased&Rendition=Primary&dDocName=RR_TRTS-0930
  3. DesertMiner

    Sewer pipe cap losses

    Leave the cap off. Problem fixed!
  4. DesertMiner

    Need some Autoshift Information

    Was this bad wire the wire to the reverse sensor or something else?
  5. DesertMiner

    Freightliner Toterhomes

    Try this...... http://photoposting.is-great.net/?i=3
  6. DesertMiner

    Residential Refridgerator

    I have a 11.5 residential fridge in my 5er and I power it with 1000 watt PSW inverter and it works fine. If possible find out the specs on your fridge before ordering an inverter.
  7. DesertMiner

    Welding box to rv plug

    Here ya go... I installed one of these years ago and it worked out great. Every type of power is covered with breakers...., http://www.rvparksupplies.com/p/503020AMPSMPOWER/
  8. DesertMiner

    Steering Wheels - Volvo

    Try replacing one of the switches... your choice!
  9. DesertMiner

    Volvo running warm

    What type and location of hills when running hot? Year of truck? Engine? Tranny? Trailer make and model and weight? Last time you cleaned out the radiator fins? Coolant type, color and last changed? Are you loosing coolant? Any maintenance done to the truck lately?
  10. DesertMiner

    Need some Autoshift Information

    Some info..... http://www.rvnetwork.com/topic/125665-1999-volvo-gen-1-transmission-problem/?tab=comments#comment-872681
  11. DesertMiner

    10 Speed Autoshift ain't so Auto any more

    On that model of trans is a two piece clutch brake disc available? I heard those are a lot easier to change out when replacement time comes along.
  12. Was it the slide rail that failed or the slide clips?
  13. DesertMiner

    Luxe 5th Wheels

    Is this what you are looking for.....? https://thervfactory.com/luxe-luxury-fifth-wheels-5th-wheel-toy-haulers
  14. DesertMiner

    Windshield Replacement