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  1. Engine Brake and "stop" lights.

    Ok....question for you folks ......."when you use your "engine brake" do the truck/trailer brake lights activate"?
  2. Trailer Brake Application Bar

    Ok....question for you folks that have a "trolley bar", "Johnson bar", "trailer brake application bar" or whatever you call yours......."when you use it to apply the trailer brakes do the truck/trailer brake lights activate"?
  3. Cruise control revisited

  4. Up and Down Vibration at Speed

    Has the rear end been aligned to the front? Rear wheel bearings/seals? Silly one.....are your U-joints on your drive shaft in the correct orientation? Rear tire pressure? Rear shocks? Rear rims checked? Rear suspension spring bushings? What method do you use to "balance" your tires...? Beads, Shot, weights, other?
  5. Is moving axle 10" worth the effort

    Nope.....says he "ran" it on the "divider". He also mentioned "reinstalling" the rear axle. No mention of "swapping" the rear axle to the front or "shortened" position. I assume he will be doing this but you know what happens when you assume! Just trying to see what he really plans to do.
  6. Is moving axle 10" worth the effort

    Are you considering leaving the “front” axle on as the permanent fix? Isn’t that the “ divider” axle? I was under the impression the “divider” axle had some limitations preventing it from being used as a “ normal” everyday drive axle.
  7. Exhaust Leak Flex Line Under Right Seat

    Sorry about the 10 ft quantity ... when I bought mine it came in the right length!
  8. Exhaust Leak Flex Line Under Right Seat

    Napa usually carries the flex pipe or they can order it for you.
  9. Exhaust Leak Flex Line Under Right Seat

    Grab a couple of new clamps.....
  10. Wi-fi Booster Multiple Connections

    Please explain you thoughts on this.....
  11. Electrical problems

    Put a multimeter on the batteries and have someone watch for the voltage drop when you turn the key and try to start the truck.
  12. Input on potential HDT

    Some info on the various models of the ISX... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cummins_ISX
  13. Super Singles Vs Dual Tires

    Think flotation....
  14. Input on potential HDT

    Verify the ISX model year. Verify 13 speed. Most automated tranny’s are 12 speed. Are you ok with super singles? Service/ maintenance records? Pull the top cover and verify condition of cams and related running gear. See if fuel pump has been changed to newer version.
  15. .... keep your receipts! 👍