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  1. I should have been more clear I was talking more about people that forget to remove all traces of propane and then start to weld mounting brackets onto them NOT TO MENTION THE SMELL i didnt know the pressure limits on propane tanks now I do thanks for that but I had a fealing it was higher than a compressor tank
  2. Good idea I was just going to buy the pump or maybe 2 and piggy back it onto a existing cheep 110/240v compressor with a 24l tank and swap the pumps and add a 12 pressure switch at 120psi cut off seams to work out cheaper a tank is just a tank as long as it was originally designed for that purpose hell I've seen people bolt compressors to empty propane tanks NOT ADVISED but I've seen it done
  3. Yeah looks like the one I've been looking at I figured as long as I has a 100% duty cycle i can't go wrong
  4. That's a a good Idea but a friend of mine pointed out a solution that i dont know why i didnt think of, that I get rid of the 240v air compressor and get a 12v heavy duty off road compressor meaning I can easily cope with 2kw gen or maybe a 3kw
  5. Maybe so it would definitely clean you out all jokes aside I will try the sta-bil and if I don't get on with it I'll try the B*S one
  6. Is it good for the hair too at the prices over here it better be liquid gold maybe right for some but not for me
  7. Thanks for that I might go with the sta-bil just for the reason of it seams easy to get then try the B*S and see what I get on with The reason why I'm looking a 5kw is I've tried my compressor on a 3kw unit that a mate has for tent camping and it works fine when it's empty but under load ie when full it didn't like it one bit and the cost and the waight difference is hardly changes So is seafoam more of a carb cleaner than a fuel stabilizer
  8. Wow lots questions where to start Well it will be used to charge battery bank instead of starting up the van and used for a small air compressor for tyre inflating and the like and a few other electrics the compressor is the most powerhungry Seafoam is not common here is it new if so might not have quite made the leap across the pond thanks for the input I can find lots of places that sell sta-bil and at a reasonable price that might be the awnser do you know from experience how long it will keep a tank good I did mean the fuel stabilizer from what I've heard B*S generators have gone down hill since there good old days It's not a suitcase gen I'm looking at getting it's ib the 5kw range I know it's heavy and big taken that into account won't be on board for every trip only ones I know that I will need it and the noise levels won't be a problem for 2 reasons one it will only really be used when I don't have hook up and the battery bank is dead not close to others and the other thing is im making an external bolt on muffler to take some of the resenence out of it
  9. Thanks for the advice Would a Briggs and Stratton product be good quality?
  10. Thank you I think I've taken that all in I think I know what to do now thanks
  11. Thank you ever so much, One more question sorry if I'm being a pain are duel fuel gen sets worth it or do you suggest sticking to petrol btw it wont be used that often as i will be hooked up most of the time I've heard of problems with ethanol in petrol and carburetors when sat for long periods never had any experience with carbs
  12. Hit the nail on the head Honda and Yamaha gen sets almost twice the cost for the the mid range £2000 is a bit out of my price range I just done a list of what I could find in the price range and power output Or the other alternative is a diesel generator but I'm not sure about that
  13. I had a fealing i could count on you for a straight forward reply Thank you very much I will try and find the data sheets for them and see what I find
  14. Hi I was wondering if anyone could help me I've got 3 different makes of gen sets I'm looking at one is a ford im not sure if its out sorced one is champion and the other is hyundai all are more than capable in the power department for my needs but I'm just wondering if anyone has advice on reliability Many thanks Chris
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