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  1. Safe charge current

    I think I've got it figured took me a while of working out the best route to go down for my use Nice chatting to you to very friendly people on here
  2. Safe charge current

    Thanks for the input but the I don't intend to use the 110v system just the 240v system although I'm a bit lost as to weather your saying it will work or won't? And the rules differ some what about power and safety in the UK Am I correct in stating that in the US you don't have fused plugs ?
  3. Safe charge current

    Thank you very much I will try and contact them at some point and see what they have to say
  4. Safe charge current

    Yep I knew exactly what you ment It does have 110 outlets but that only for job site work tools
  5. Safe charge current

    Sorry should have specified from the UK so we only use 240v
  6. Safe charge current

    Thats what i thought its fitted with a 240v 32amp plug so i thought it prety capable thanks for all the help if I have any other questions I know where to come
  7. Safe charge current

    So basically the max input amps should not be more than 10% total cappacity got ya thanks for that thats what i was looking for the inverter has a ups function built in so already have the charger was running shore power/generator though the inverter saves having change over levers so would start the genny if the voltages got low and would continue like normal till I was finished the genny is 5000w/6000w so should cope fine charging the batteries at 50amp total bank size 500ah and running stuff at the same time
  8. Safe charge current

    Thanks for the info and yes it is is programmable I did have some ideas of voltages as I found that data and the was thinking of having it like that but will have around 14.6v/13.4v for the 30amp battery to battery charge controller from the vans battery it dose have a solar input but it is pretty pointless in the UK due to lack of good sun maybe i might get one or 2 when the summer comes and the inverter/charger would be at 14.4v/13.4v it's amps max out at 70amp would that be too much for this size of bank Or are we talking more like 35amps thanks for all the help much appreciated
  9. Safe charge current

    Thank you very much for your input I have looked for a data sheet but can't find anything relating to charging just discharging and the inverter I'm using is a inverter charger combo was hoping to not to get another charger will have to see if I can find another way Thanks once again
  10. Safe charge current

    Hi I was wondering if someone could help me out again I have already decided what type of batteries to go with help previous has made it clear that 6v deep cycles are better for the intended use has but a question now sprung to Mind I'm going to be using 4x AGM- 6210 connected to get 12v I was wondering what would be the safe max charge current as not to do any damage to the batteries any advice would be helpfull thanks in advance
  11. 6v vs 12v

    You have all been very useful and that is very useful info to know I will remember that for when I have the money and have the passport but most importantly have the time to visit the US i will most likely get a IDP from the post ofice and i will have to get some recommendations from you all closer to that time for now I'm still seeing the UK
  12. 6v vs 12v

    Thanks for the reply that is your small At 13000lbs way over my limit atm limited to 7000lbs so need to up my licence to a class 2 but it's on my list at some point although I don't really know how the licencing laws transfer
  13. 6v vs 12v

    Not confusing at all mate its good to learn now I sort of understand why our 240v equipment is not directly compatible with yours what waight class RV are we talking here?
  14. 6v vs 12v

    Its cool to know how you have 2 seprate live lines to make up the 240v is that still single phase? It's always interesting how different country's have different methods, We use 230 +/- 10v in all house hold applications except bathroom shavers We use 110v for work sites due to strict safety regulations And use 480v for industrial instalments As for coming to America I will do at some point when I get a passport and a upgraded driver licence due to the fact that your RVs are huge
  15. 6v vs 12v

    Had a ford Mondeo (fusion) come into the work shop with steam coming from under the bonnet (hood) opened it up to find the alternator was pumping out a constant 16v and had blown the valve clean off the battery not AGM but still impressive made a hell of a mess of the engine bay but in nearly all cases it never gets that far