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  1. With the departure of manufacturing, most of the innovation on the planet occurs elsewhere.
  2. That's because Americans are great at SERVICING things. Innovation? Not any more.
  3. Near West Yellowstone, I'll be over in Idaho at Henry's lake, pulling out all the lunker Brown trout. Love me trout fishin'.
  4. I used to fly and I'll keep a daily log of driving. I will have maintenance logs (again, aviation style) for both the house and the truck (separate).
  5. Back when you and I were nippers, the earth didn't have twice as many people as it can support. If you want to save the species, don't have kids. You can't compare the two eras. You can be nostalgic, but it'll never be like that, again.
  6. Yeah, pretty much. Not a fit? Other places await!!!
  7. When the truth is a lie, we've always been at war with whomever, and up is down, responsibility gets confused with blame. They are not always synonymous. George was just 30 years ahead, as usual.
  8. #SMH It. Was. A Lie. How real is any lie? Kind of tells you about the minds of those millions. As for their hearts... H.L. Mencken, as usual, was right then, and he's right, now. I especially like the first post.
  9. They never existed. They were actors. That kind of family never existed. Most American families put the fun in dysfunctional. I'd share my story but I don't think the forum would appreciate the TMI. As for "god," if he's there at all (not very likely), he needs to get his ass out of the cheap seats and quit being a G-D spectator. I do not like religion in any way. America doesn't need religion as much as it needs simple, rational thought. Religion belongs in schools about as much as guns do. They often have similar effects
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