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  1. Great. Thanks for info. Now I have to do the same thing to my father-in-laws rv. Crazy that they build these things with the electrical systems not working correctly. Or atleast some instructions to go with it. Thanks again Ryan
  2. Points taken, I made up the bonding plug and it works fine. I can understand what you are saying, however I am much more likely to forget the plug than a switch, lol. I do have a question when it concerns the generator tho. What if the outlet trips that the bonding plug is in? am I no longer bonded or does it continue to make that connection and only the hot wires are not connected? I'm a contractor and I use generators every day, and I can tell you from experience that I almost never check the breakers when I start it.
  3. No, I'm from PA. But funny coincidence. Thanks for the help. I don' use one of the protection devices, but feel like if it is important enough to make a code for it to be bonded in the panel box, then I should try to follow that the best I can.
  4. Thanks. I' obviously not an electrician, but I understand how it works. I' better with 12v stuff. I don' understand why it would be better to use the bonded plug vs a switch, but I understand what you are saying about special knowledge.
  5. Thanks for the info guys. So here is the question at hand now. I disconnected the ground bond, but would it be better to make a plug for the generator, or to add a switch next to the panel to make the feouns/neutral connection when it is needed. Im already adding an outlet there anyway, so pretty easy to use a double box and add the switch
  6. very interesting read, thank you. Im not sure if my generator is a floating neutral, but thats next on my list to check out
  7. I just bought a car hauler with an onboard electrical system similar to an rv. It has a 30 amp 120v volt panel and a dual battery 12v system also. I have a Honda 3000w generator for use when no shore power is available. It does not have a transfer switch, I just plug the shore power cord into the generator instead. The problem I am having is that when plugged into a gfi outlet it trips the gfi. Everything works fine when using the generator or a non gfi outlet. So I took the cover off the trailers 30 amp panel and it has two separate bus bars for the neutral and ground, but they tied it together. When I separate them, they don't trip the gfi, but I want to know if this is safe to leave it that way both when I'm plugged into shore power and also generator power. Thanks Ryan
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