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  1. I have a 2015 Thor Challenger 37ND. I'm having electrical problems in the bedroom outlets. The problem was identified when devices plugged into the bedroom outlets started coming on and off. They would be on for about 60 sec, then go off for a few seconds. Then stay on for a few minutes then go off for 30-40 secs (times are not exact). A day later there is no power. I've checked breakers and fuses and all is as it should be except no power. I've identified that it affects three outlets in the bedroom (except the one the TV is plugged in to) and now outlets on the left side of the RV and the bathroom GFCI outlet. I'v learned that the 3 bedroom outlets and 2 outlets above the sofa on the left side of the RV are wired together. Any suggestions?
  2. grnberet18f

    Atwood Water Heater

  3. grnberet18f

    Atwood Water Heater

    Oh, I forgot to thank everyone who responded. This has been very informative. As a retired green beret I'e learned many things. RV repairs wasn't one of them 😉 Thank you
  4. grnberet18f

    Atwood Water Heater

    I have the double switch on the inside of my motorhome with a pilot light out indicator (red light). I'm conducting the 120v test with the multimeter today.
  5. grnberet18f

    Atwood Water Heater

    Whew! I'm not much of a DIYer but I did understand much of it. I have individual switches on my inside panel for propane and electric. I tried to send a photo but it was too big. I will check for 120v and the breaker.
  6. grnberet18f

    Atwood Water Heater

    Thank you. I will.
  7. grnberet18f

    Atwood Water Heater

    Thanks Kirk. The water heater only heats when the propane and electric are on. It doesn't ignite anymore if only the electric is selected.
  8. grnberet18f

    Atwood Water Heater

    I have an Atwood water heater propane/electric GC6AA-10E. I'm not receiving a light on the display panel and the electric ignition doesn't work but the propane does. I've changed the ECO & TSTAT sensors. Still I get no panel light inside or electric ignition, only propane ignition. Anyone have an idea what my problem may be?